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November 18, 2010 at 4:00 PM - Policy Committee

1. Call to Order
2. Welcome
3. Citizen's Comments (10 Minutes)
4. Items for Discussion
4.A. Board of Education
4.A.1. Policy 2:70-E    Exhibit - Checklist for Filling Board Vacancies by Appointment
4.B. Operational Services
4.B.1. Policy 4:60-E    Exhibit - Notice to Contractors
4.C. General Personnel 
4.C.1. Policy 5:20    Workplace Harassment Prohibited 
4.C.2. Policy 5:290    Employment Termination and Suspensions
4.D. Instruction
4.D.1. Policy 6:320    Credit for Proficiency
4.E. Students
4.E.1. Policy 7:20    Harassment of Students Prohibited
4.E.2. Policy 7:180    Preventing Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment
4.E.3. Policy 7:190    Student Discipline
4.E.4. Policy 7:285    Food Allergy Management Program
5. Items for Recommendation to Regular Board of Education
6. New Business / Future Agenda Items
7. Adjournment
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