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December 13, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

1. 6:00 Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
2. Approval of Previous Regular Meeting Minutes
3. Approval of Previous Meeting Executive Session Minutes
4. Reports
4.A. A.E.R.O. Report
4.B. Superintendent's Report:  LEAD Presentation, 2021 Levy Presentation and December Monthly Financials
5. Consent Agenda
5.A. Facilities Usage Request
1. Bedford Park Police, Walker School (Training exercises 1/4, 1/5 and 1/17)
5.B. Requisitions over $5,000
1. Midwest Laundries Inc. - $12,300.00 (Industrial Clothes Washer)
2. Shorewood Auto $6,715.75 (Parts & Snow Removal Equipment)
3. Lexia Learning Software, $23,800 (Walker & Walsh Title I Funds)
4. United Radio Communications, $6,000 (Two-way Radios Title 4 Grant Funds)
5. Mindsight, $9,580.00 (IT Network Security Risk Assessment)
6. CDW Governament, $12,999.30 (5 SMART Boards & Support STEM Labs)
5.C. Imprest Fund
5.D. Activity Fund
6. Action Items
6.A. 2021 Tax Levy Resolution
6.B. RESOLUTION providing for the abatement of a portion of the taxes heretofore levied for future levy years with respect to certain outstanding bonds of the school district and authorizing the execution of an escrow agreement in connection therewith.
6.C. LED, HVAC, STEM Lab and Maintenance Garage Leases Refinance
6.D. Certified and Classified Payrolls
6.E. Monthly Bills
7. Public Comment [5 minute time limit/individual]
8. Non-Action Items
8.A. Out of School Suspension Report
8.B. Board Comments
8.C. Future Live Streaming of Meetings
8.D. Board Policy Committee Meeting Date
9. Request to conduct a Closed Session pursuant to Chapter 102 of the Statutes of the 
State of Illinois for the purpose of:
9.A. Consideration of Information of the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body, or legal counsel for the public body, litigation.
10. Action Items
10.A. Approval of Personnel Report
1. Employment: Nora Ramirez, Recess Monitor at Wharton; Maria Ostio, Lunch Monitor at Walsh
2. Extra Duty: Rebecca Puhr, Cheerleading Season 2 Coach ($4,223); Jessica Torringa, Cheerleading Season 2 Assistant Coach ($3,167); Dawn Balicki, National Junior Honor Society, Monica Cardenas, HMS Student Council, Monica Cardenas & Colleen Foltz, HMS Yearbook Sponsors; Rachel Marroquin, Walsh Student Council; Tara Steele, Wharton Student Council
3.Leave: Yovana Garcia, Recess Monitor at Graves; Jill Walker, Teacher at Walsh; Scott Forman, Dean, Medical Leave
4. Retirement: Celia Ojeda, HMS Secretary (11/2023)
5. Resignation: Karina Enriquez, Paraprofessional at Graves; Julissa Escoto, Paraprofessional at Walsh; AnaKaren Munoz, Dual Language Teacher at Graves; Mayra Tode, Paraprofessional at Wharton
6. Club Proposal: Eva Manzke, Winter Running Club; William Vavrin, Drama Club
10.B. Decision of Board Policy 2:260
1) Appeal # 21-22-01
2) Appeal # 21-22-02
10.C. Adjourn

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