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August 24, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Approve Minutes
Submitted as Board Report No. 3 are the minutes of the regular meeting, or meetings, of the Board of Education. The Board of Education must approve these minutes with corrections if desired.
The Minutes of the Board transactions then become a part of the formal District 70 records and are available for examination by District 70 residents, auditors and State authorities.
The motion to approve Board minutes can be by voice vote.
4. Finance Reports

The following monthly Financial Reports are intended to provide the Board with essential information which will enable them to exercise informed stewardship over the financial operation of Libertyville Public Schools, District No, 70.

A Budgetary Report and a Treasurer’s Report may appear solely for Board information but a List of Bills and a Payroll Report must be brought before the Board each month for their action. Board Reports No. 4.1 and 4.2 do require a motion. Board Reports No. 4.3 and 4.4 do not require a motion.

A need for clarification or additional information can be accommodated by contracting either John Herrin or the Superintendent.

Reports No. 4.1 and 4.2 do require a motion. Reports No. 4.3 and 4.4 do not require a motion.

4.1. Agenda of Bills

This Board Report presents the bills recommended for payment by the Board of Education. Upon formal approval by the Board, the Administration shall make payment to the appropriate parties or vendors.

This Report requires a formal roll call vote.

I move that the Board of Education approve the bills listed and presented for payment in the following amounts:

EDUCATION                                 $ 295,016.91
DEBT SERVICE                           $ 197.92
CAPITAL PROJECTS                  $ 591,203.00

IMPREST                                     $ 831.22

4.2. Payroll

This Board Report presents the payroll expenditures for the month of JULY 2020, along with the administration’s recommendation for Board approval. The payroll expenditures are by specific fund.

This Report requires a formal roll call vote.

I move that the Board of Education approve the payroll requests for the months of JULY 2020.
                                                        JULY 2020
EDUCATION                                   $ 276,860.98

TOTAL PAYROLL                           $ 375,985.25

4.3. Budgetary
The Budgetary Reports reflect the transactions completed by JULY 2020.
4.4. Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer’s Report set forth in the following pages represents the most up-to-date information related to transactions for the period ending JULY 2020.

The data has been organized for your information and convenience and does not require Board of Education action. A motion is not required.

Inquires or questions relative to this report should be personally directed to John Herrin, Chief School Business Official; or the Superintendent, prior to the regular Board Meeting.

5. Presentations from the Floor
This item on the Board of Education Agenda permits interested community members to address the Board as has been past practice.

The administration recommends that they be given an opportunity to deal with any presented problems, complaints or suggestions of an educational nature if they have not had the opportunity to do so.

The administration wishes the Board to recognize that they are most willing to discuss any school related matter with anyone desirous of such a meeting.  We take "the open door" and "open telephone" policy very seriously and make ourselves readily available to all interested parties.

Also, if you encounter a parent or community members apart from the Board meeting with a question or concern, never hesitate to recommend that they give the Superintendent or one of his assistants a call.  We will then consider it obligatory to get back to you with the outcome of the conversation and any action taken.

6. Superintendent's Report
6.1. Report from Dr. Barbini
This agenda item will give Dr. Barbini an opportunity to provide any last minute updates to information currently in the Board of Education Packet
6.2. FOIA Requests
This agenda allows the superintendent to offer insight into any recent Libertyville School District 70 Freedom Of Information Act requests received, as well as responses offered.

7. Action Items
7.1. Personnel Report
The Personnel Report contained herein includes transactions requiring Board action. The administration recommends that the Board of Education approve the recommended actions concerning licensed and/or non-licensed personnel.

8. Information Item
8.1. New Teacher and Tenured Staff Recognition
8.2. First Reading of Changes to Board of Education Policies

To accurately reflect legislative actions, routine updates and/or current District 70 practice, Dr. Bean will present the following School Board Policies:

4:180 OPERATIONAL SERVICES: Pandemic Preparedness
6:235 INSTRUCTION: Access to Electronic Networks and Internet Safety
 NEW 7:345 STUDENTS: Use of Educational Technologies; Student Data Privacy and Security

Description:  Information Item
8.3. Fiscal Year 2021 Educational Fund

The following is a copy of the budget for the Education Fund. Dr. Kurt Valentin prepared all of this with the exception of the IDEA grant monies. Now that we have received our award notification, Mr. Herrin updated those lines and made any necessary salary adjustments as well.

As is past practice, Dr. Valentin presented these sheets as informational items as you worked on each fund. At the September 21 Board meeting, the meeting will begin with a formal Budget Hearing as required by law. At that hearing, Mr. Herrin will make a full presentation on the entire budget.

8.4. Review and Discussion about 2020-2021 Student Fees

John Herrin will initiate a conversation with the Board regarding a history of student fees in the District, the current status of those fees, and options moving forward.

8.5. sSchool Overview

August 24, 2020 marked the first official day of student attendance for the 2020-2021 school year and the official launch of District 70’s eSchool program. eSchool is very different from the experience that students received in the spring. There is now much more live instruction, greater accountability, and consistency. We have learned from last spring and have applied these lessons to our eSchool program. This evening, the administration will present the school board with an overview of our eSchool program.  
9. Board of Education Committee and Professional Development Report

Board members may use this opportunity to report and share updates regarding participation in Committee or attendance at Professional Development activities.
10. Board of Education Correspondence
11. Other Items
12. Call for Closed Session to discuss employment, compensation, and performance of specific employees
13. Adjournment
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