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June 14, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Business Meeting

Call to Order: Chair
Pledge of Allegiance
Statement of Mission
to become a justice-center school community who fuels the unique genius of each student. 
Approve Agenda for Regular Business Meeting
Approve Minutes 
Open Forum:  See procedures that apply to the public comment at Brooklyn Center Schools regular board meetings on the back of the request card. The request card available at the sign-in table.
Budget Update
May 2021 Financial Reports
May 2021 Check Register
May 2021 Journal Entries
2021- 2022 Original Budget
Approve use of the pricing from the Ramsey County contract for construction services with Rak Construction, Inc., contract dates 6/26/2019 to 6/25/2024
Approve FY21 Amended Budget Resolution for Fund 01 and Fund 06
Approve FY22 Original Budget Resolution
Approve Resolution of Long- Term Facilities Maintenance Revenue Expenditure Application and Statement of Assurances
FY 2023 LTFM Revenue Statement of Assurances Form
FY 23 LTFM 10- Year Expenditures Application
FY 23 LTFM Ten- Year Revenue Projection
Quality Compensation Program Review by Gail Graiewski- Traxler (20-25 minutes)
Communicating in a Constant State of Crisis by Tara Drey, Director of Communications
and Bob Noyed, Vice President at CESO Communications.
Consent Agenda
Treasurer's Report: Action on payment of the bills as attached.
Personnel, Non Resident Students and Donations
HR Consent Agenda
Approval of the Consent Agenda
Discussion Items
Action Items
Approve Interim Superintendent Contract
Approve Superintendent MOUs for Vacation Carry Over, Vacation Buy Back, and Incentive Pay Change
Approve Merit Matrix
Approve First Read of Policy 533 Wellness Policy Revision
Wellness Policy Revision Notes
Approve ISMN Admissions Policy
Student School Board Representative Report
School Board Member Reports
Superintendent Report
Leadership Reports
Brooklyn Center Elementary STEAM: Principal Jeff Wilson
Early College Academy: Principal Dr. Constance Robinson
Director of Early Learning: Jessica Richter
Director of Operations: Jim Langevin
Director of Community Engagement
Director of Data and Accountability: Michelle Ford
Data Scorecard
Director of Communications: Tara Drey
May CESO Report
Director of Human Resources: Tammy Albers
Insight Online School: Principal John Huber
ISMN Admissions Policy
Director of Curriculum and Instruction: Jena Carlson
Director of Special Services: Deirdra Yarbro
Brooklyn Center Secondary STEAM: Principal Josh Fraser
Upcoming Events
Student Art
Next Meeting

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