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January 11, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Business Meeting

Call to Order: Chair
Pledge of Allegiance
Statement of Mission
Our mission is to equip every student with the knowledge, life skills, and global perspectives to contribute to society and respond to the needs of an ever-changing world.
Oath of Office- Amy Bailey
Oath of Office- Ruthie Dallas
Oath of Office- Jeff Palm
Oath of Office- Student School Board Representatives: Joana Enriquez Lopez and Shakira Norris
Approve Agenda for Regular Business Meeting
Election of Officers
Approve Minutes 
Approve minutes from the December 14, 2020 Regular Business Meeting
Open Forum:  See procedures that apply to the public comment at Brooklyn Center Schools regular board meetings on the back of the request card. The request card available at the sign-in table.
Budget Update: Sara Bratsch, Director of Finance
Journal Entries, Dec 2020
Check Register, Dec 2020
Financial Reports, Nov 2020
Actions Teams- LMR
Jena Carlson, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Audit Results
Aaron Neilsen, MMKR
Consent Agenda
Treasurer's Report: Action on payment of the bills as attached.
Personnel, Non Resident Students and Donations
Authorize 2021 Investment accounts for the district with the Minnesota School District Liquid Asset Fund (MSDLAF) and Bremer Bank; and PMA Financial Network, Inc. and PFM Asset Management LLC as Investment advisors to the district
Resolution to Designate Official Signatures for District Checks/ Payroll; School Board Chair, School Board Vice Chair and School Board Treasurer
Authorize Superintendent to secure legal counsel as needed
Appoint Superintendent to Assistant Treasurer to act on behalf of the board and authorize her to pay claims that cannot be deferred
Authorize Superintendent (or designee) to sign contracts on behalf of the board
Authorize Signatures for bank accounts; Bremer Bank Account: School Board Chair, School Board Vice Chair, School Board Treasurer, and Superintendent Carly Baker.
Set official Board Meeting 2nd Monday of each month, 6:30pm unless otherwise scheduled
Set School Board Salaries for 2021, Currently $5,600
Designate the Sun Post as the legal school newspaper for the upcoming year
Resolution Directing Superintendent to make recommendations for adjustment in curriculum, programs, and staff for the following year
Adopt IRS standard mileage rates of 56 cents per mile for 2021
School Board Committee Assignment list
ISD 286 Resolution Establishing Combined Polling Place for School District Elections Not Held on the Date of Statewide Elections
Approval of the Consent Agenda
Discussion Items
Action Items
Acceptance of Office and Oath of Office
Approve Rescheduling of the February 5, 2021 Teacher Professional Day to January 29, 2021
First Read of Policies
406 Public and Private Personnel Data
Second Read of Policies
501 School Weapons Policy
502 Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions, and Student's Person
208 Development, Adoption and Implementation of Policies
Approve 2021-22 ISMN Academic Calendar
Approval of the Insight Contract Amendment
Recognize the 2020 Student School Board Representatives, Nayeli Williams and Arianna Conway
Student School Board Representative Report
School Board Member Reports
Superintendent Report
Leadership Reports
Brooklyn Center Elementary STEAM: Principal Jeff Wilson
Insight Online School: Principal John Huber
Brooklyn Center Early College Academy: Principal Constance Robinson
Director of Communications: Tara Drey
Director of Operations: Jim Langevin
Director of Curriculum and Instruction: Jena Carlson
Community Engagement Director: Seth Ryan
Director of Human Resources: Tammy Albers
Director of Data and Accountability: Michelle Ford
Director of Special Services: Deirdra Yarbro
Director of Early Learning: Jessica Richter
Brooklyn Center Middle School & Brooklyn Center High School STEAM: Principal Josh Fraser
Upcoming Events
Student Art
Next Meeting

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