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January 11, 2016 at 6:30 PM - Regular

Call to Order: Chair
Pledge of Allegiance
Statement of Mission
The mission of Brooklyn Center, ISD 286, is to empower each learner to excel academically, socially and emotionally, while capitalizing on the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the students, staff and community.
Seat New Board Members -Swear in New Board Members
Approve Agenda of the Regular meeting of January 11, 2016
Board Organization Meeting
Elect/Appoint Board Officers
School Board committee assignments for 2016
Approve Minutes of the Regular meeting of December 14, 2015
Budget Update: Sara Bratsch, Finance Director 
Open Forum:  See procedures that apply to the public comment at Brooklyn Center Schools regular board meetings on the back of the request card. The request card available at the sign-in table.
Centaur Spirit Recognition
Progressive Discipline 
Request for Removing Items from the Consent Agenda
Consent Agenda:
Treasurer's Report.  Action on payment of the bills as attached.
Personnel, Non Resident Students and Donations.
Resolution to Designate Official Signatures for District Checks/ Payroll: School Board Chair, School Board Vice Chair and School Board Treasurer.
Authorize Superintendent to secure legal counsel as needed.
Appoint Superintendent to Assistant Treasurer to act on behalf of the board and authorize him to pay claims that cannot be deferred.
Authorize Superintendent to sign contracts on behalf of the board
Authorize 2016 Investment sites for the district: MSDLAF and Bremer and PMA Financial Network, Inc. Investment advisors to the district. 
Authorize signatures for bank accounts: Bremer Bank Account: School Board Chair, School Board Vice Chair, School Board Treasurer, and Superintendent Mark Bonine. 
Set official Board meeting 2nd Monday of each month, 6:30 p.m. unless otherwise scheduled. 
Establish Board Salaries for 2016, currently $4,530 annually, paid on the regular payroll cycle. 
Designate the Sun Post as the legal school newspaper for the upcoming year. 
Review enrollment projections. 
Resolution directing superintendent to make recommendations for adjustments in curriculum, programs and staff for the following school year. 
Adopt IRS standard mileage rates of 54 cents per mile for 2016
Approval of the Consent Agenda
Discussion Items:
Action Items:
Second Reading and Approval of Policy 308 Chain of Command, 431 Code of Conduct, 432 Overtime, 506 Student Discipline, 506AP Administrative Procedure: Student Discipline, 522 Student Gender or Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination,525AP Administrative Procedure: Violence Prevention, 
School Board Member Reports
Superintendent Report
Executive Director of Teaching & Learning Report
Leadership Reports
BCHS: Carly Jarva
EB Elementary: Frannie Becquer
BCA: Randy Koch
Insight Online School: Principal Huber
Director of Early Learning and Community Education: Michelle Trelstad
Director of Human Resources: Tammy Albers
Director of Operations: Dan Krekelberg
Director of Special Services: Nicole Norton
Director of Community Schools and Family/Community Engagement: Patrice Howard
Director of Data and Accountability: Michelle Ford
Other Board Business/Board Discussion
Discuss School Board Dates (March)
Upcoming Events
Next Meeting January 28, 2016 (Topic: School Start Times *additional topics may be added)

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