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November 16, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Opening of Meeting
2. Recognition of Visitors
3. Resolution for State Qualifiers
Presenter:  Board Members
Description:  The Board will recognize the Falcon Marching Band State Qualifiers. 
4. Recognition of Employee
Presenter:  Board Members
Description:  The Administration and Board members will recognize the 4th, 8th, 11th and 12th  grade teachers for their hard work and dedication to the students of Bushland ISD.
4th Grade Teachers: Darbi Koller, Michelle Cogburn, Jennifer Daniel, Tiffany Vokes, Jill Elliott.

8th Grade Teachers: Mandi Browning, Madyson Lane, John Block, Katie Billstrom, Z'Ann Allison, Kirk Merrell, Jessica Patterson, Jennifer Chapman,

11th Grade Teachers: Kelcy Albracht, Kendall Cogburn, Jason Culpepper, Jennifer Griffin, Brandi Knoll, Michelle Lancaster, Ty Mayfield, Amber Parkhurst, Scott Rankin, Audra Sherman, Ginger Sims.

12th Grade Teachers:  Kim Bentley, Laura Escudero, Tiffany Fisk, Megan Guyer, Judy Harvel, Bonnie Joslin, Joel Love, Emily Reagan, Josh Reynolds, Kelsey Vincent.
5. Employee of the Month
Presenter:  Principals
Description:  The Principal of each campus will announce their employee of the month.

Middle School: 
High School: 
6. Limited Public Comments: 
Description:  If a visitor is signed up to speak, they will have up to 5 minutes to share their concern. 
7. Delegate Assembly Report 
Presenter:  Shell Stewart
Description:  Shell Stewart, Board Member will provide the board with information from the Delegate Assembly. 
8. Administrative Reports
Presenter:  Principals and Directors
Description:  The principals and directors will provide updated information about their campus or department to the Board of Trustees.
  1. Brandi Rankin - Elementary Principal
  2. Jessica Garrett - Middle School Principal
  3. Kristi Culpepper - High School Principal 
  4. Josh Reynolds- Athletic Director
  5. Ivan Lopez - Technology Director
  6. SRO
  7. Billy Maple - Food Service Director

9. Elementary Targeted Improvement Plan (T.I.P.) 
Presenter:  Brandi Rankin
Description:  Brandi Rankin  will share information on the elementary Targeted Improvement Plan (T.I.P.)
10. Update on Senate Bill 9 and changes to the District Improvement Plan (DIP) 
Presenter:  Dr. Giles
Description:  Dr. Giles will update the Board on Senate Bill 9 explaining the change to the District Improvement Plan (DIP) 
11.A. Consent Agenda
Description:  All items on the consent agenda will be presented all at once for approval. 

1. Approve Minutes from October 19, 2021, Regular Board Meeting and Public Hearing 
2. Approve Donations and Amendments.
3. Approve Financial Report
11.A.1. Donations and Amendments
11.A.2. Financial Report
11.A.3. Approve the minutes from October 19, 2021 Regular Board Meeting, October 19, 2021 Public Hearing, and November 8, 2021 Special Meeting.
11.B. Discussion and Possible Adoption of  Policy Update 118 (LOCAL)
Presenter:  Dr. Tom Giles
Description:  The Board will consider adopting TASB initiated localized updates:
Policy Update 118, affecting local policies as follows: 
CDF(LOCAL): Accounting: Activity Funds Management
CQB(LOCAL):Technology Resources: Cybersecurity
DEF(LOCAL): Termination of Employment: Resignation
DP (LOCAL): Personnel Positions
EHAA(LOCAL) Basic Instructional Program: Required Instruction (All Levels)
EHBC (LOCAL) Special Programs: Compensatory/Accelerated Services
EIE (LOCAL) Academic Achievement: Retention and Promotion
FDE (LOCAL) Admissions: School Safety Transfers
FEA (LOCAL): Attendance: Compulsory Attendance
FEC (LOCAL) Attendance Attendance For Credit
FFG (LOCAL) Student Welfare: Child Abuse and Neglect
FL (LOCAL): Student Records
11.C. Resolution of the Board to Convene the District's School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) to Recommend Curriculum Materials for Human Sexuality Instructions.
Presenter:  Dr. Tom Giles
Description:  The Board of Trustees will consider adopting the resolution to convene the Local District's SHAC for the purpose of  making  recommendations regarding curriculum materials for  human sexuality instruction. 
11.D. Personnel
Description:  The Board may meet in closed session under the authority of Texas Government code 551.074 to discuss personnel matters. 
11.E. The Board of Trustees will Vote for the Potter and Randall County Appraisal District Board of Directors 
Presenter:  Chris Wigington
Description:  Attached is a resolution for casting votes for the nominees for the Potter County and Randall County Appraisal District Board of Directors.  A ballot is also attached for each county listing the candidates.  The board will need to decide how they want their votes distributed between the candidates. After the votes have been cast, the board of trustees will need to adopt the Resolution Casting Votes for the members of the Board of the Board of Directors of Potter County appraisal district and a Resolution Casting votes for the members of the Board of Directors of Randall County Appraisal District.
11.F. Discussion and possible adoption of Policies EHB (LOCAL) and EHBAA (LOCAL)
Presenter:  Chris Wigington
Description:  The board will consider adopting the following policies.

1.  EHB (LOCAL):  Curriculum Design for Special Programs. 
2. EHBAA (LOCAL) : Special Education Identification, Evaluation, and Eligibility

11.G. Consideration and Possible Action for Oldham County 4-H Extra-Curricular Status Request and Adjunct Faculty Request. 
Presenter:  Chris Wigington
Description:  The Board will consider approving the Resolution for Oldham county, TX 4-H, to recognize them as approved Adjunct Faculty and eligible for extra-curricular status. 
12. Superintendent Report
12.A. Financial
12.B. Facilities
12.C. Enrollment
Description:  Total Enrollment as of Friday, November 12, 2021
Elementary-  518
Middle School- 502
High School- 507
Total Enrollment: 1527 - up 94 from last year. 
Pre-K- 23
Total Enrollment with Pre-K- 1550 -  Up 107 from last year
12.D. Information
Description:  Move the February board meeting from Tuesday, February 15th to Tuesday, February 22nd.
12.E. Accountability
Presenter:  Dr. Tom Giles
Description:  Dr. Giles shared information on accountability.
13. Adjourn
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