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June 16, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Roll Call
IV. Audience
V. Consent Agenda **
Description:  Minutes of regular meeting held May 19, 2022
Minutes of closed meeting held May 19, 2022
June Bills Payable
May Treasurer's Report
Destruction of open meeting audio recording from December 17, 2020
VI. Superintendent’s Report
VI.A. Faculty Recognition
Description:  Counselor Jill Schroeder will be in attendance to be recognized for her selection as the 2022 Outstanding Educator of the Year.
VI.B. Excellence in Education Award – 4th Quarter
Description:  Tom Evans will be in attendance to recognize his receipt of the 4th quarter Excellence in Education Award.
VI.C. Co-Curricular Update – 2nd Semester
Description:  An update on student activities participation for the spring is included for your review.  Participation in activities increased 2.5% from fall to spring.
VI.D. Annual School Data Retreat Update
Description:  An annual District data retreat is an important component of the new MTSS framework.  I am happy to report the data retreat took place on May 24th, with the administrative team, teacher leaders, DM Group Guiding Coalition members and Equity Team members.  It was important to have participation by all of those groups as there is a great deal of overlap with our academic, social-emotional, and equity efforts.  I am sharing the outline that was utilized for the day.  We analyzed academic data, as well as climate and culture data.  Several action steps were developed based on the group’s evaluation of the data and I will share more information regarding those at the meeting.
VI.E. Board of Education Student Representative
Description:  The administration would like to discuss with the Board the possibility of creating a student representative position that would serve as a liaison between students and the Board of Education.  A proposal with details is included for your review.
VI.F. Demographic Study **
Description:  There are just two years remaining on the demographic study completed back in 2013/14.  The District’s demographic studies, all completed by Dr. John Kasarda, have been instrumental in long term planning for enrollment changes over the past 20+ years.  Knowing this is a valuable planning resource, I am recommending we contract with Dr. Kasarda for an updated demographic study and enrollment projections through the year 2031/32.  The cost of the study, projections and written report will be $8,800 and available within approximately 60 days of formal approval.  Recommend approval of a contract with Dr. Kasarda in the amount of $8,800.
VI.G. Travel and Overnight Trips **
Description:  Three members of the Special Olympics Team recently earned gold medals at the Regional Competition and qualified to compete at the State Special Olympics Meet.  The students and three coaches will travel, if approved, to Illinois State University (ISU) June 17 - 19 for the competition.  Costs are minimal as students are traveling with family members and housing is provided free of charge for coaches by ISU.  The projected District costs to attend and compete are estimated at $1,243.62.   

Two Tech Campus students recently qualified to compete in the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference.  The students will travel, if approved, to Atlanta, Georgia June 20 - 24 for the competition with two Tech Campus faculty members.  The Tech Campus and Grant would split the student costs evenly.  The projected District costs to attend and compete are estimated at $1,408.00.
VI.H. Personnel **
Description:  Recommend the employment of the following individuals:
  • Leidys Janneau, Full-time Bilingual Teacher, BA+15 Step 0, 2022/23
  • Leslie Gillengerten, Full-time MTSS & Inclusion Coordinator, $107,179 for 220 days, 2022/23
  • Liz Rohrbach, Full-time School Counselor, MA+15 Step 2, 2022/23
  • Drew Talbot, Full-time Math Teacher, MA Step 0
  • Virginia Voelker, Full-time Substitute, BA Step 1, 2022/23
  • Jim Cramer, Asst. Football Coach
  • Alex Sullivan, Asst. Girls’ Volleyball Coach
  • Andrew Hrncar, Temporary Summer Grounds, $14.00/hr., starting 6/13/22
  • Frank Milella, Summer School Teacher, $51.66/hr., 6/6/2022
  • Ekaterina Everhart, Summer School Teacher, $51.66/hr., 6/6/2022

Recommend accepting the resignation letters from the following:
  • Anna Bartels, Math Teacher, effective immediately
  • Anna Bartels, Head Girls Basketball Coach, effective 8/1/22
  • Dana Oddo, Career Counselor, effective end of 2021/22 year
  • James Buss, Freshman Football Coach, effective immediately
  • AJ Havenga, JV Softball Coach, effective immediately
  • Chris Prostka, Asst. Football Coach, effective immediately

Recommend leave of absence for Michele Keenan, 2022/23 Girls’ Volleyball Coach

Notification of Family and Medical Leave Act for the following:
  • Jamie Martin, revised dates 7/27/2022 - 10/18/2022
  • Michele Keenan, effective dates 4/4/2022 - 9/14/2022
Linda Jacobs, Transportation, effective 8/10/22 - 11-4-2022
VI.I. Principal’s Report
Description:  Mr. Schmidt will give his monthly Principal’s Report.
VII. Business Affairs
VII.A. CLIC – Renewal of Workers’ Compensation and Liability Insurance **
Description:  We received our renewal for workers’ compensation as well as the liability insurance through the Collective Liability Insurance Cooperative (CLIC).  Worker’s Compensation shows a slight increase of 4.65%, which is primarily due to rising fixed costs and increasing payrolls.  The liability/property/casualty package is decreasing 7.01%, but does not yet include the Cyber Liability/Identity Theft policy.  CLIC expects a high increase for that line item tied to increased cyber-attacks and cyber thefts across all businesses. Recommend approval of the Workers’ Compensation and Liability Insurance renewal as presented.
VII.B. Medical Rate Renewal **
Description:  As members of the Lakes Region Benefit Cooperative, last year, we held medical rates steady.  This year, we have seen a rise in claims, but our reserves have held steady due to increased lives on the plan. Lakes Region Benefit Cooperative met with us, and we have over 180 days of reserves.  There is a slight increase in monthly premiums tied to fixed fees increasing, which is tied primarily to our stop loss policy renewal. We are recommending a slight rate increase this year.

I am recommending the monthly rates for 2022-23 as shown below:

Plan B                                          Current 21/22                        Proposed 22/23
Employee                                    $   763.07                              $   767.15  
Employee+Child                         $2,006.51                              $2,011.19

Employee+Spouse                    $2,170.67                              $2,175.35
Family                                          $2,547.65                              $2,552.33

Plan C                                          Current 21/22                        Proposed 22/23
Employee                                    $   689.47                              $   694.15
Employee+Child                         $1,815.32                              $1,820.00
Employee+Spouse                    $1,961.83                              $1,966.51
Family                                          $2,106.87                              $2,111.55

High Deductible Plan                Current 21/22                        Proposed 22/23
Employee                                    $   419.76                              $   428.13  
Employee+Child                        $1,096.30                              $1,096.30

Employee+Spouse              $1,184.34                              $1,184.34
Family                                    $1,271.51                              $1,271.51
VII.C. 2022/23 Budget **
Description:  Attached is the tentative 2022/2023 budget.  There are still some unknowns tied to our cyber liability policy which is part of property/casualty/liability renewal, hiring recent resignation replacements, and federal funding tied to ESSER funds.  We will update the tentative budget as soon as they are known.  Per statute, the tentative budget must be on display for the statutory 30 days.  It will be on the July agenda for hearing and approval. Recommend placing the tentative 2022/23 budget on display for the statutory 30 days.
VII.D. Parchment Contract/Services **
Description:  Parchment is a digital credentialing company.  We currently use their Parchment Send service that allows schools/districts to take requests for credentials and then send the credential digitally.  This allowed for us to lessen the amount of paper requests and mailings we were doing.  The attached quote is for the other core service that they provide for school districts, which is Scan & Index.  This is to help schools/districts digitize their legacy records. Typically, a district would digitize their records for storage constraints, security and retention, and/or access.  We are experiencing struggles with at least two of these areas and would like to begin the process of digitizing the legacy records.  The quote attached is to begin the process as we are looking to begin with the most recent records and move back to the 60 years of records that we are required to keep.  Recommend approval of the Parchment quote for Scan & Index up to $32,850.
VII.E. 2021/2022 Amended Final Budget **
Description:  Attached is the 2021/2022 amended budget for your review.  Per statute, the amended budget has been on display for the statutory 30 days.  Recommend approval of the amended 2021/2022 budget.
VII.F. Trade Package 31b Re-Bid – New Parking Lot and Sidewalk Replacement **
Description:  Bids for the summer construction of the new parking lot and sidewalk replacement at 285 E Grand Avenue were received June 2.  I have provided you with bid tabulation sheet for Trade Package 31b.  I recommend approval of the bid for Trade Package 31b:  Parking Lot and Sidewalk Replacement.  IHC has interviewed the bidder, and I have included their recommendation for your review.
VII.G. Quest Food Management Services Proposal **
Description:  Last month, I presented the report of findings from the Quest Food Management Services evaluation of our current food service program.  In their report they provided recommendations for changes to our program to make it more self-service, more efficient, more economical and using fresh food options instead of pre-cooked and re-heated options.  I’ve shared with you a proposal from Quest for their consulting services, and to have one of their staff onsite every day with our staff for the 2022-2023 school year.  This person will mentor and train our Food Service Supervisor as well as leading the implementation of the changes we are looking to incorporate.  The total cost to the District is $147,500.  Recommend approval of the Quest Food Management Services Proposal for the 2022-23 school year in the amount of $147,500.
VII.H. 5-Year Financial Projections
Description:  Annually, we develop the financial projections for the District using known and projected data.  I will have the 5-Year District Financial Projections to review with you at the meeting.
VIII. Other Business
IX. Closed Session
IX.A. The appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance or dismissal of specific employees. 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1) **
X. Action items from closed session discussion
X.A. Potential Board action regarding personnel **
XI. Adjourn

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