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January 20, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Roll Call
IV. Audience
V. Consent Agenda **
Description:  Minutes of regular meeting held December 16, 2021
Minutes of closed meeting held December 16, 2021
January Bills Payable
December Treasurer's Report
Quarterly list of authorized depositories, investment managers, dealers and brokers
VI. Superintendent’s Report
VI.A. Student Recognition
Description:  Heli Viramgami will be in attendance so that we may recognize her accomplishments in being selected as the January Student of the Month.
VI.B. Excellence in Education Award Winner Recognition
Description:  Jeff Durlak will be in attendance to recognize his receipt of the 2nd quarter Excellence in Education Award.
VI.C. Fall Athletic Season Update
Description:  Athletic Director Tom Ross will be in attendance to highlight fall athletic accomplishments.
VI.D. Semester One Activities Update
Description:  Assistant Principal Nathan Miller has prepared a Fall Student Activities Report for your review.  The report highlights participation rates for all clubs and activities and students recognized for outstanding participation in multiple co-curricular activities.
VI.E. English Learner – Bilingual Education Program **
Description:  The English Learner (EL) -Bilingual Education program is designed for students whose primary language is one other than English.  Schools are required to provide equal access for all students to a high-quality education and the opportunity to achieve their full academic potential.  The state of Illinois has guidelines for EL caseload sizes of approximately 25-30 students per EL teacher.  Based on current enrollment in the EL program along with a projected increase in numbers for next year, ISBE has granted conditional approval of our EL-Bilingual Service Plan based on the addition of another bilingual teacher for next year.  Recommend expansion of the EL - Bilingual Education program by 1 FTE for the 2022/23 school year.
VI.F. COVID-19 Update
Description:  It has been a busy end to the first semester and beginning of the second semester related to COVID-19 planning.  There are a number of items I would like to provide a brief update on:
  • Booster vaccine opportunities provided to students and staff
  • Quarantine changes based on booster status
  • Testing volume / staffing of COVID Contact Tracing Team 
  • Adaptive pause for specific athletic teams/activities
  • IDPH/ISBE shift to shortened quarantine and isolation

VI.G. Village of Fox Lake – Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment
Description:  On December 17th, I attended two different Joint Review Board meetings at the Village of Fox Lake.  The Village is considering two new Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Redevelopment Project Areas.  The first is titled Route 12 North and is immediately adjacent to the existing TIF area along Route 12.  The Route 12 North TIF is intended to include all commercial development.  The second TIF, titled Route 12 South, includes both the NW corner of Route 12/Big Hollow Road and the NE corner Route 12/Route 134.  The Route 12 South TIF is intended to include 150-175, 1 and 2-bedroom, luxury apartment units in addition to commercial buildings.  I did express my concerns at the meeting that the apartment units will likely generate additional students while not providing any additional revenue for the cost to educate those students.  Given those concerns, I did abstain from voting regarding the Route 12 South TIF.  I will keep you updated on developments regarding both of these TIF’s as they make their way through the legal process.  I have included copies of the Draft Reports provided by the Village.
VI.H. Property Purchase **
Description:  With the support of the Board of Education, I have been working with a local property owner to potentially expand student parking opportunities.  I have included details on current parking constraints that was discussed last month.  We are aware that there will be further parking constraints once the Route 59/Grand Avenue road improvement project begins this spring.  The purchase of 248 E. Grand Avenue would provide an ancillary student parking lot capable of providing a minimum of 61 additional parking spaces.  It is possible we may be able to accommodate additional spaces, depending on the outcome of variances that would be requested through the Village of Fox Lake Planning and Zoning process.  

Recommend approval of the Contract for Sale for 248 E. Grand Avenue at a purchase price of $65,000 and Resolution Authorizing Purchase of Real Property.
VI.I. Spring Coaching Recommendations **
Description:  Recommend approval of the spring athletic coaches as presented.
VI.J. Personnel **                 *REVISED*
Description:  Recommend the employment of the following individuals:
  • Therese Feuling, Attendance Secretary, $15/hr., starting 1/3/2022
  • Claudia Hinestrosa, Head Cook, $18/hr, starting 1/3/2022
  • Rosa Ramirez, Prep Cook, $15/hr., starting 1/3/2022
  • Kim Nelson, Food Service, position change from part-time server/cashier to full-time Fruit Prep/Dish Room
  • Linda Markiewicz, Food Service, position change from part-time server/ cashier to full-time Breakfast/Utility

Recommend accepting the retirement letter from:
  • Mary Bidlack, Special Education Secretary, effective June 20, 2022

Recommend accepting the resignations from the following individuals:
  • Nick Jones, Teacher Aide, effective 12/14/2021
  • Beth Suehr, Fall Play Director, effective immediately
  • Jessica Strom, Front Desk Receptionist, effective 2/1/2022.

Notification of FMLA request from Ed Gilbertsen, Transportation, from January 11, 2022 to February 11, 2022.
VI.K. Principal’s Report
Description:  Mr. Schmidt will give his monthly Principal’s Report.
VII. Business Affairs
VII.A. PerMar Security Hourly Wage Recommendation **
Description:  The District utilizes PerMar Security & Research Corp. to provide security guards in the building.  This is part of the District’s commitment to welcoming all to a safe and secure environment.  This year, we have struggled to fill positions.  We are recommending raising the hourly wage for starting guards to $15.00 with no experience and $15.50 with experience.  The total cost to the District is $14,868.  I will go over this recommendation with you at the meeting.
VII.B. Food Service Hourly Wage Recommendation **
Description:  The District has struggled to find food service staff this year.  Our starting rate of pay in that department is $12.00 per hour.  For most of the year, we have been down seven (7) part-time staff and one (1) on-call sub.  In an effort to fill those positions, we are recommending increasing the starting hourly rate to $14.00 per hour.  The estimated cost with making adjustments to current staff is $18,728.25.  Recommend approval of the Food Service Hourly Wage Recommendation as presented.
VII.C. Auditing Services Requests for Proposals
Description:  The District has not done a request for proposals for auditing services in some time.  I’d like to start that process shortly, and will go over that with you at the meeting.
VIII. Other Business
IX. Closed Session
IX.A. The appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance or dismissal of specific employees. 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1) **
IX.B. Student disciplinary cases 5 ILCS 120/2 (c)(9) **
X. Action items from closed session discussion
X.A. Potential Board action regarding personnel **
XI. Adjourn

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