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December 16, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Roll Call
IV. Audience
V. Consent Agenda **
Description:  Minutes of regular meeting held November 18, 2021
Minutes of closed meeting held November 18, 2021
December Bills Payable
November Treasurer's Report
Destruction of open and closed meeting audio recording from June 18, 2020
VI. Superintendent’s Report
VI.A. Student Recognition
Description:  Kyle Splitt will be in attendance so that we may recognize his accomplishments in being selected as the December Student of the Month.

Alyssa Manthi will be in attendance so that we may recognize her accomplishment in receiving a full scholarship to the University of Chicago as a Quest Scholar in the National College Match Program.
VI.B. Student Performance Update
Description:  Dr. Stacie Noisey, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, will be in attendance to review student performance results for the PSAT Suite of Assessments and last year’s Advanced Placement testing.
VI.C. Multi-Tiered System of Supports / DMG Update
Description:  A guiding coalition has been meeting this school year to continue development of the District’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports.  After a pause of the guiding coalition during COVID, we have resumed our planning efforts in earnest and have expanded our scope to include both academics and social-emotional supports.  A brief summary of implementation planning is attached.
VI.D. Calendar 2022/23 **
Description:  After receiving staff input and comparing to county calendars, we are recommending we move forward with a 2022/23 calendar that aligns with the Lake County High Schools Technology Campus calendar for winter break and both the Regional Office of Education and Tech Campus calendars for spring break.  Our calendar has been shared with our feeder districts and I know they will align as closely as is possible for them.  Recommend approval of the 2022/23 calendar as presented.
VI.E. District E-Learning Plans **
Description:  Back in the fall of 2019 when the Board of Education approved our first E-Learning Plan, we had no idea how important that foundation would be to future e-learning planning.  We built off of that initial E-Learning Plan to develop an Extended E-Learning Plan and then various iterations of a Blended Learning Plan when we were able to phase in in-person learning.  We have incorporated much of what we learned about what worked well over the last two years into the proposed plans being presented for your consideration.  Only the Emergency Day E-Learning Plan is required to be formally approved by the Board of Education, but both are equally important as in the event they are needed they would replace our traditional learning mode.  Recommend approval of the District E-Learning Plans as presented.
VI.F. School Board Policy Modifications – First Reading **
Description:  I am recommending changes to the following School Board Policies based on direction from the Illinois Association of School Boards and legal counsel.   The PRESS Update Memo is included to provide supporting information for all proposed changes.  The Board may determine to review as a first reading or vote upon if no additional time to consider is necessary. 

Section 200 School Board
2:20          Powers and Duties of the School Board; Indemnification
2:110        Qualifications, Term, and Duties of Board Officers
2:120        Board Member Development
2:220        School Board Meeting Procedure
2:260        Uniform Grievance Procedure

Section 300 General School Administration
3:40          Superintendent

Section 400 Operational Services
4:60          Purchases and Contracts
4:160        Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds
4:165        Awareness and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Grooming
Behaviors - New Policy
4:170        Safety
4:175        Convicted Child Sex Offender; Screening; Notifications

Section 500 Personnel
5:10          Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment
5:20          Workplace Harassment Prohibited
5:30          Hiring Process and Criteria
5:50          Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace; E-Cigarette, Tobacco, and
Cannabis Prohibition
5:90          Abused and Neglected Child Reporting
5:100        Staff Development Program
5:120        Employee Ethics; Conduct; and Conflict of Interest
5:125        Personal Technology and Social Media; Usage and Conduct
5:150        Personnel Records
5:185        Family and Medical Leave
5:200        Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal
5:220        Substitute Teachers
5:250        Leaves of Absence
5:330        Sick Days, Vacation, Holidays, and Leaves

Section 600 Instruction
6:20          School Year Calendar and Day
6:50          School Wellness
6:60          Curriculum Content
6:120        Education of Children with Disabilities
6:135        Accelerated Placement Program

Section 700 Students
7:60          Residence
7:70          Attendance and Truancy
7:80          Release Time for Religious Instruction/ Observance
7:150        Agency and Police Interviews
7:160        Student Appearance
7:180        Prevention of and Response to Bullying, Intimidation, and
7:190        Student Behavior
7:200        Suspension Procedures
7:210        Expulsion Procedures
7:240        Conduct Code for Participants in Extracurricular Activities
7:250        Student Support Services
7:260        Exemption from Physical Education
7:290        Suicide and Depression Awareness and Prevention
7:315        Restrictions on Publications; High Schools
7:340        Student Records

Recommend approval of the policies as presented or let this serve as a first reading of policy changes with recommended approval at the January meeting.
VI.G. Joint Conference Session Debrief
Description:  I have included this as an agenda item for any interested Board members to share information learned in Joint Conference professional development sessions.
VI.H. Overnight Travel Request **
Description:  The Speech Team is requesting an overnight trip to attend the IHSA Sectionals tournament from February 11 to February 12, 2022.  The tournament will take place at DeKalb High School.  The District will pay competition entry fees and the Speech Team will pay travel expenses with student activity funds.  Students will be responsible for their own meal costs.  Recommend approval of the overnight trip as presented.
VI.I. Personnel **              ** REVISED**
Description:  Recommend the employment of the following individuals:
  • Rachel Bicknase, Full-time Science, BA Step 0, effective November 1, 2021.
  • Lonnie Bible, Interim Assistant Director of Activities & Athletics, rate of $40/hr., effective November 30. 2021.
  • Kathryn Queeney Bartels, Food Service, $12/hr., starting 1/3/2022.
  • Susanne Mora, Food Service, $12/hr., starting 1/3/2022.

Recommend accepting the retirement letter and resignations from the following:
  • Gloria Roedl, Food Service, retiring at the end of the 2021/22 school year.
  • Rosa Ramirez, Food Service, resignation effective 10/26/21.
  • Wendy Schuette, Head Cook, effective 12/14/2021.
  • Kelly Mandala, Prep Cook, effective 12/14/2021.
  • Noemi Zavala, Attendance Secretary, resignation effective 11/18/21.
  • Shea Wintersteen, Girls’ Tennis Coach, resignation effective immediately.

Notification of FMLA requests from the following:
  • Rachel Lesiak, beginning February 2, 2022 and ending March 18, 2022.
  • Will Schmadeke, beginning February 28, 2022 and ending April 8, 2022.
VI.J. Principal’s Report
Description:  Mr. Schmidt will give his monthly Principal’s Report.
VII. Business Affairs
VII.A. Food Service – Proposal for In-Depth Review from Quest Food Management Services **
Description:  Last month we discussed the proposal from Quest Food Management Services to do an in-depth review of our food service program.  They will look at everything from uniforms and sanitation to dollars spent and the cost to go off the National School Lunch Program.  Recommend approval of the proposal from Quest Food Management Services for an in-depth review and report of our food service program.
VIII. Other Business
IX. Closed Session
IX.A. The appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance or dismissal of specific employees. 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1) **
IX.B. The purchase or lease of real property for the use of the public body 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(5) **
IX.C. Student disciplinary cases 5 ILCS 120/2 (c)(9) **
IX.D. Litigation, when an action against, affecting or on behalf of the particular public body has been filed and is pending before a court or administrative tribunal, or when the public body finds that an action is probable or imminent, in which case the basis for the finding shall be recorded and entered into the minutes of the closed meeting. 5 ILCS 120/2 (c)(11).
IX.E. Security procedures, school building safety and security, and the use of personnel and equipment to respond to an actual, a threatened, or a reasonably potential danger to the safety of employees, students, staff, the public, or public property. 5 ILCS 120/2 (c)(8).
X. Action Items from Closed Session Discussion
X.A. Potential Board action regarding personnel **
X.B. Potential Board action regarding the purchase of property **
X.C. Potential Board action regarding student discipline **
XI. Adjourn

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