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October 21, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance 
III. Roll Call
IV. Audience
V. Consent Agenda **
Description:  Minutes of regular meeting held September 16, 2021
Minutes of closed meeting held September 16, 2021
October Bills Payable
September Treasurer's Report
Quarterly list of authorized depositories, investment managers, dealers and brokers
VI. Superintendent's Report
VI.A. Student Recognition
Description:  Camron Hinkle will be in attendance to be recognized for his selection as the October Student of the Month.
VI.B. Student Support Services Data
Tina Sonders, Director of Special Education, and Ryan Geist, Assistant Principal, will be in attendance to provide the Board of Education an overview of the Student Services Department and the social/emotional supports they are providing students.  The presentation will include data on the District’s suicide prevention program, risk assessments conducted, students receiving school counseling services, and interventions/supports provided to students.
VI.C. Transitional English
Description:  Our Advanced English 12 teachers have been collaborating with the College of Lake County (CLC) in revising our curriculum to meet the new State competencies to not only offer at our high school, but also to submit as a potential representative course for the State Portability Panel.  We are happy to report that our course, among others from area schools, was chosen as the representative course for the State. 

Throughout this process, the group focused on core competencies that students should master, and determined activities and assessments that align with those competencies.  Through the completion of a portfolio, students will be able to showcase their college reading and writing readiness standards in the hopes of meeting requirements prior to beginning their college English courses.

A special thanks goes out to Divisional Administrator Veronica Lukemeyer and English 12 teachers Ashley Gaura, Garrett Olsen, Emmy Diana, and Bob Schmitt for all of the work they've completed throughout this process.  We were fortunate to collaborate with Kathy Kusiak, CLC Lake County High Schools English Liaison, who was incredibly helpful in guiding us along the way.
VI.D. Curriculum Changes for 2022/23 **
Description:  I am presenting to you a number of curriculum changes for the 2022/23 school year.  The proposed changes are as follows:

Course Deletion:
  1. Website Design II

Course Revisions:
  1. Advanced Health prerequisite change
  2. Advanced Lifestyle Fitness from 1 semester to 2 semesters (.5 to 1.0 credit)
  3. Advanced Team Sports from 1 semester to 2 semesters (.5 to 1.0 credit)
  4. Personal Fitness and Nutrition from 2 semesters to 1 semester (1.0 to .5 credit)
  5. Applied Math (1.0 credit) split into two different courses:
    1. Applied Math I (.5 credit)
    2. Applied Math II (.5 credit)

Course Additions:
  1. PLTW Engineering Design and Development
  2. Academic Tutor
  3. Career Internship
  4. Peer Mentor
  5. Student Aide

Recommend approval of the course deletion, revisions, and additions as presented. 

Next month, we will be presenting new course proposals for the 2023/24 school year, following our traditional two-year approval process.
VI.E. School Report Card Update
The 2021 Illinois School Report Cards will be released on October 29th.  Given the pandemic, this will continue to be an unusual reporting year.  I have provided an attachment outlining all of the changes we can expect with this year’s Report Card.
VI.F. 6th Day Enrollment
I have provided you with a summary of 6th day enrollment numbers for Grant and our feeder districts.  Enrollment increased from 1,812 to 1,830, which closely aligns with the District’s demographic study.  Enrollment at feeder districts collectively increased a total of 63 students, however total enrollment is still less than pre-pandemic levels, similar to GCHS.  We will continue to closely monitor feeder district enrollment to determine what, if any, impact that may have on our future enrollment numbers.
VI.G. Homecoming – 2022 **
Homecoming 2022 has been set for Friday, September 30th.  In order to align the Board of Education with homecoming week and the Hall of Fame induction, it is necessary to reschedule the September Board of Education meeting.  Recommend approval of a change in the Board of Education meeting date from September 15, 2022 to September 29, 2022.
VI.H. Overnight Travel Requests **
The Speech Team is requesting an overnight trip from January 21 to January 22, 2022.  They will be attending a two-day speech tournament held at Downers Grove South High School.  The District will pay expenses to attend. 

The theater teacher and theater set director are requesting to travel to the Illinois Theater Festival January 6 through January 8.  There will be 2 adults chaperoning 2 senior theater students.  Students will be responsible for their registration and trip expenses.  The District will pay for registration, meals, and a hotel room for the adult chaperones. 

Recommend approval of the overnight trips as presented.
VI.I. Out of State Travel
The District has received several requests for out-of-state travel.  Numerous factors have been taken into consideration in reviewing these requests.  However, at this time, the administration has made the difficult decision to not forward these out-of-state requests to the Board of Education for your approval.  The administration would like to briefly discuss travel guidelines and factors considered.  Additionally, we would like to discuss recent developments in regard to spring foreign language trips. 
VI.J. Winter Coaches **
Description:  Recommend approval of the winter coaching staff as presented.
VI.K. Personnel **
Description:  Recommend the employment of the following individuals:
  • Danielle Graffeo, Transitions Job Coach, $16.07/hr., starting 10/4/2021
  • Rosa Ramirez, split position Food Services at $12/hr. and Custodian at $14/hr. starting 10/4/2021

VI.L. Illinois Association of School Board Lake Division Dinner Meeting & Member Recognition
Several Board of Education members attended the IASB Fall Division Meeting last week along with District leadership.  The annual business of the association was completed followed by engaging speaker, PJ Caposey.  GCHS Board of Education member Kathy Kusiak was recognized as a Level 1 Master Board Member!
VI.M. Joint Conference Planning
The IASB/IASA/IASBO Joint Annual Conference will take place November 19-21.  Pre-conference workshops begin the morning of November 19th.  However, with social distancing requirements, most are sold out already.  The first general session begins at 3:30 on Friday.  Information on all general session speakers has been shared.  Conference details can be found at  You are encouraged to identify your planned sessions and sync them to your phone or calendar.  If the Board wishes to try and coordinate session attendance, we can discuss that at this meeting.   It may be beneficial to share our session highlights from the various sessions attended at the December meeting.  Additionally, resolutions up for discussion at the Delegate Assembly will be a November agenda item.
VI.N. Principal’s Report
Description:  Mr. Schmidt will give his monthly Principal’s Report.
VII. Business Affairs
VII.A. Audit 2020/21
Description:  The 2020/21 audit is currently delayed due to a personal medical issue experienced by our auditor.  As soon as Evoy, Kamschulte, Jacobs & Co. LLP has it completed, I will bring it to you for approval.  We have requested extensions with all agencies that require copies of the audit.
VII.B. 2021 Tentative Tax Levy
Description:  Attached please find the tentative 2021 Certificate of Tax Levy.  The county is predicting that our equalized assessed value will increase from $951,966,797 in 2020 to $996,578,225.  This is a 4.69% increase from the previous year including new construction.  They are projecting our new construction to be $6,218,860, which is a decrease of 20.55%.  In November, I will bring the resolutions and recommendation for approval of the final 2021 tax levy.
VII.C. Referral Incentive for Food Service Employees **
Description:  Like many other employers, we have struggled to fill positions this year.  The majority of our departments are fully staffed, but we have seven open positions in our food service department.  These positions are part-time cashier/servers.  I’d like to create a referral incentive for the food service department staff.  For each cashier/server they refer, and we hire, they can earn $100 paid at the end of the school year once the person they referred completes the school year.  With seven open positions, the maximum cost to the District this year is $700.
VII.D. Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) - Docket 20-06541.001-C-3 thru 20-03541.003-C-3 **
Description:  The Timber Oaks apartment complex has filed an appeal of their 2020 assessment at the state property tax appeal board.  We have joined with Gavin District 37, the Village of Fox Lake, Fox Lake Fire Protection District and Grant Township to intervene in the appeal.  Our legal counsel is recommending we take the next step and hire an appraiser.  If all parties agree, we will split the cost of the appraisal.  Recommend approval to hire an appraiser up to a maximum of $6,500 for an appraisal of the Timber Oaks apartment complex.
VIII. Other Business
IX. Closed Session
X. Action Items from Closed Session Discussion
X.A. Potential Board action regarding student discipline **
X.B. Potential Board action regarding personnel **
X.C. Potential Board action regarding property **
XI. Adjourn

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