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May 11, 2021 at 10:00 AM - Regular Meeting

A. Pledge of Allegiance
B. Roll Call
C. Adoption of Agenda
D. Presentation of Agenda Items & Questions/Comments from the Public
Description:  Public comments are limited to three (3) minutes per person.  At this time, the Board President will call on those who have requested to make Public Comment.  Please understand that the Board will not respond to comments made during Public Comment but may direct the Superintendent to address the matter at a later time. 
E. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes
F. Financial Reports: Consent Agenda Items: 
F.1. Accounts Payable Report
F.2. Payroll Report
4/1/2021 678,229.71
4/16/2021 676,417.88
4/22/2021 677,508.63
Total April 2021 2,032,156.22
G. Committee Reports
Description:  The ECHO Standing Committee Chairpersons or their designee will report on items presently in progress.
G.1. Policy Committee
G.2. Joint Finance & Personnel and Building Ad Hoc Committee
G.3. Curriculum Committee
H. Administrator's Reports
Description:  The Board will be updated on items presently in progress by the ECHO Central Office Administrators.
H.1. ECHO Central Office Administrators
H.1.a. Dr. Celia Arresola, Assistant Superintendent, HR & Curriculum 
H.1.a.I. Program Enrollments/Staff Vacancy Reports
H.1.a.II. Covid-19 Vaccination Update
H.1.a.III. FY22 Preliminary Budget
H.1.a.IV. Curriculum
H.1.a.V. ESY Hybrid Program
H.1.a.VI. Learning Loss Mitigation Program/Social & Emotional Support
H.1.a.VII. Roosevelt University Dual Language Teacher Leadership Program
H.1.b. Ms. Tarra Batts, Director of Finance & Operations/CSBO
H.1.b.I. Financials
H.1.b.I.a. Fund Balance Projections
H.1.b.I.b. Tuition Payments
H.1.b.II. FY22 Security Contract
H.1.b.III. District 144 Updated Lease Agreement
H.1.b.IV. FY22 Preliminary Budget
H.1.b.V. FY22 Auditor
H.1.b.VI. PRESS Plus Subscription
H.1.c. Mr. Calvin Harden, Director of Technology
H.1.c.I. Remote Learning Expenses
H.1.c.II. Bandwidth Upgrades
H.1.c.III. Status of Installation of Wireless Networks
H.1.c.IV. Preliminary Technology Budget
H.1.c.V. Summer Projects - Temporary Wireless Upgrades (PACE/ABLE)
H.1.d. Mr. Brian Paczesny, Buildings & Grounds Coordinator
H.1.d.I. PPE Updates
H.1.d.II. Preliminary Budget -- Covid Expenses; Facility Plan
H.1.d.III. Moving Update
H.1.d.IV. Summer Projects & Cleaning
H.1.d.V. New ECHO Vehicle
H.1.d.VI. Quotes
H.1.d.VI.a. Lockers - ECHO School
H.1.d.VI.b. Playground Mulch Removal -- ECHO School
H.2. Superintendent's Report
H.2.a. Capital Improvement Update
H.2.b. FY22 Meeting Dates of the ECHO Executive Board of Directors
I. Unfinished Business
J. New Business
J.1. Nomination & Approval of the FY22 Officers of the ECHO Executive Board of Directors
J.2. Appointment of Members to Standing Board Committees
J.3. Designation of Joint Agreement Administrative District 
J.4. Approval of Contract with Illinois Security Professionals
J.5. Approval of Engagement Agreement with Lauterbach & Amen, LLP
J.6. Approval of Policy Manual Customization Agreement with Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB).
J.7. Approval of Purchase of New Cargo Van from Morrow Brothers Ford
J.8. Approval to Enter into a Contract with Larson Equipment & Furniture Company
J.9. Approval to Enter into a Contract with Roy Zenere Trucking & Excavation, Inc.
J.10. Approval of Personnel Items
J.10.a. Resignations
J.10.b. Retiree Notifications:
K. Closed Session
Description:  RECOMMENDATION:  Motion to adjourn to Closed Session pursuant to Section 2 (c)(1)(2)(5) of the Open Meetings Act, matters related to the for the purposes of consideration of the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the Joint Agreement; and matters related to the Collective Bargaining Agreements.
L. Possible Actions after Closed Session
M. Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting - June 8, 2021
N. Adjournment
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