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September 23, 2020 at 4:15 PM - Regular Meeting

IV. APPROVE THE AGENDA (Additions or deletions to the agenda may be made at this time)
V. RECESS TO CLOSED SESSION to discuss the appointment, employment, compensation,
discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the District or legal counsel
for the District, including hearing testimony on a complaint lodged against an employee or
against legal counsel for the District to determine its validity 5ILCS 120/2(c)(1) 
VI. RETURN TO OPEN SESSION - Approve any Action from Closed Session
Description:  5:30 p.m. (approx.)
VII.A. Superintendent
VII.A.1. Reyes-Landeweer Fundraiser/Kindness Day - September 26 (Culture)
VII.A.2. American Heart Association Recognition - Whitney Smyser (Culture)
VII.A.3. Artsonia's Artist of the Week - Nathan Hamberlin - NE (Culture)
VII.A.4. National Custodial Worker Day Recognition - October 2 (Culture)
VII.A.5. Someone You Should Know - Michael Freewalt (Culture, Technology)
VII.A.6. 5Essentials (Culture, C&I, Facilities, Financial Health, Technology)
VII.A.7. Threat Assessment Team (Culture, Facilities)
Presenter:  Dr. Matt Banach and Mrs. Veda Newman
VII.A.8. 2020-2021 Elementary Career Development Program Plan (Culture, Curriculum and Instruction)
VII.A.9. Extended Day Program Student Enrollment and Staff Assisting with Lunch Service (Culture, C&I, Facilities, Financial Health, Technology)
VII.A.10. Article "Parents Overwhelmingly Want In-Person Classes" Overview and Summary (Culture, C&I, Technology)
VII.A.11. Calendar Revisions for the 2020-2021 School Year (Culture, C&I, Facilities, Technology)
VII.A.11.a. November 3 Election Day
VII.A.11.b. Reschedule Parent Teacher Conferences 
VII.A.11.c. Modify Calendar Adding Day at End of the Year
VII.B. Business Office
Presenter:  Mr. Tim Kostecki
VII.B.1. Monthly Financial Report (Financial Health)
VII.C. Curriculum and Instruction
VII.C.1. Summer School Report (Curriculum & Instruction)
Presenter:  Ms. Denise McField
VII.D. Food Service Department
VII.D.1. Breakfast and Lunch for All District 124 Students - Deb Michicich (Culture, Financial Health)
VIII. PUBLIC COMMENTS (on agenda/non-agenda items) if you wish to submit a question/comment for the Members of the Board, please go to our website, click on the Board of Education tab, then Submit a Public Comment.
VIII.A. Union Co-Presidents Katie Patras and JoAnn Reilly 
IX.A. A.E.R.O. Governing Board Report - Gina Canon (Culture)
IX.B. Policy Committee Meeting of September 9 - Colleen Klimczak (Culture, C&I, Facilities,
Financial Health, Technology)
IX.C. Superintendent Search Update - Kim Leonard (Culture, Curriculum and Instruction, Facilities, Financial Health, Technology)
X.A. Consent Agenda (Culture, C&I, Facilities, Financial Health, Technology)
X.A.1. Approve Monthly Transaction Reports for August 2020
X.A.2. Approve Fund Balance Reports for August 2020
X.A.3. Approve Expenditure Report and Projected Payroll Report for September 2020
X.A.4. Approve the Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting of August 13, 2020
X.A.5. Approve Board Minutes from the Regular Meeting of August 19, 2020
X.A.6. Approve the Closed Session Minutes from the Regular Meeting of August 19, 2020
X.A.7. Approve Board Minutes from the Special Meeting of August 25, 2020
X.A.8. Approve the Closed Session Minutes from the Special Meeting of August 25, 2020
X.A.9. Approve Destruction of Closed Session Tapes from June 2016
X.A.10. Personnel Recommendations:
X.A.10.a. Additions:
X.A.10.a.1. Evelyn Guerrero, Health Aide - SW, effective August 31, 2020
X.A.10.a.2. Rachel Zielinski, Educational Interpreter - SW, effective September 1, 2020
X.A.10.a.3. Isaac Blalock Jr., Paraprofessional - CMS, effective September 3, 2020
X.A.10.a.4. Rosemary Scanlon, Paraprofessional - NW, effective September 8, 2020
X.A.10.a.5. Christine Reuter, Paraprofessional - NE, effective September 2020
X.A.10.b. Extended Leave of Absence Without Pay:
X.A.10.b.1. Alexsandra De La Rosa, EC/PreK Special Education Teacher - NE, effective February, 2021
X.A.10.c. FFCRA - Leave of Absence:
X.A.10.c.1. Lisa Schleyer, Kindergarten Teacher - NE, efffective August, 2020
X.A.10.c.2. Mary Eisenbraun, 3rd Grade Teacher - NE, effective August, 2020
X.A.10.d. FMLA - Leave of Absence:
X.A.10.d.1. Jill Laskero, Paraprofessional - SW, effective September 3, 2020
X.A.10.e. Resignation with Intent to Retire:
X.A.10.e.1. Mary Ellen Zagorski, Health Aide - NW, effective June 7, 2021
X.A.10.e.2. Patricia Cronin, Media Aide - NW, effective June 14, 2021
X.A.10.f. Resignations:
X.A.10.f.1. Megan Snyder, Paraprofessional - CMS, effective July 28, 2020
X.A.10.f.2. Camille Graham, Paraprofessional - SW, effective August 26, 2020
X.A.10.g. Transfer:
X.A.10.g.1. Thomas Messina, Day Custodian - SW to District Maintenance, effective September 24, 2020
X.B. APPROVE Resignation Request from Kristina Wallner, 6th Grade ELA Teacher - CMS, effective August 27, 2020
X.C. APPROVE Three New Paraprofessional Positions at Southwest School (Culture, C&I, Financial Health, Technology)
X.D. APPROVE Ed-Tech Support Extracurricular Positions (Culture, C&I, Financial Health)
X.E. APPROVE MOU Regarding Synchronized Teaching (Culture, C&I, Financial Health)
X.F. APPROVE Calendar Revisions for 2020-2021 School Year (Culture, C&I, Facilities, Technology)
X.G. APPROVE Threat Assessment (Culture, C&I, Facilities)
X.H. APPROVE Career Grant (Culture, C&I, Financial Health)
X.I. APPROVE the FY21 Budget - T. Kostecki (Financial Health)
X.J. APPROVE 1st Reading of Revised Board Policies 2:150, 2:220, 4:180, 5:10, 5:20, 5:100, 5:185, 5:200, 5:330, 6:20, 7:10, 7:20, 7:40, 7:180, 7:185, 7:190, 7:220, 7:340, 7:345, as recommended by the Illinois Association of School Boards (Culture, C&I, Facilities, Financial Health, Technology)
X.K. APPROVE 1st Reading of Revised Board Policies 2:260 and 5:30 as recommended by the Board Policy Committee (Culture, C&I, Facilities, Financial Health, Technology)

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