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November 12, 2020 at 4:30 PM - Policy Committee Meeting Meeting

I. I. Topic of Discussion
A. Attorney Teri Engler will be present to address the questions and provide insight to        the FAQ’s, attached, regarding the District’s School Resource Officer.

B.   The committee will review and discuss the following policies:
  • 2:140    Communications To and From the Board
  • 2:240    Board Policy Development
  • 2:250    Access to District Public Records
  • 4:120    Food Services
  • 4:130    Free and Reduced-Price Food Services
  • 4:160    Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds
  • 5:100    Professional Development Program
  • 6:50      School Wellness
  • 7:260    Exemption from Physical Activity
C. At the October 22, 2020 governing meeting the following policies were pulled from         the consent agenda as President Little had questions regarding some of the                   policies. The Committee will review Dr. Little’s questions and bring the policies back       to the full Board for consideration for adoption at the November 19, 2020 governing       meeting.
  • 4:60      Purchases and Contracts
  • 4:80      Accounting and Audits
  • 4:150    Facility Management and Building Programs
  • 4:180    Pandemic Preparedness
  • 5:120    Ethics
  • 5:125    Use of Personal Technology and Social Media
  • 7:340    Student Records
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