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May 16, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Call to Order
Description:  The Board President or his/her designee will call the meeting to order.
B. Roll Call
Description:  The Board President or his/her designee will call the roll of members.
C. Student Led Pledge of Allegiance
Description:  Students from Smithville Elementary will lead the group virtually in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The third grade has earned more points than any other grade level this year.  These are the top earning students in third grade:

Saige Cooke
Ben Metcalf
Tyson Kristynik
Cason Herschap
Aldre Borjas
Andres Rivera
Savannah Marx
Dawsyn Behrens
Ruth Haney
Hannah Flores
Bexley Berger
Noeh Abascal
Finley Welch
Andrea Reveles
Eli Cox
D. Administer Statement of Officer to Elected Trustees
Description:  Article XVI, section 1 of the Texas Constitution requires all elected or appointed state and local officers to take the official oath of office and to subscribe to the anti-bribery statement (Form 2201-Statement of Officer) before entering upon the duties of their office.  Local officers must retain the signed statement with the official records of the office.
Attachments: (1)
E. Oath of Office for New Board Members
Description:  "Before entering upon the duties of the office of Board of Trustee, the Trustee shall take the oath or affirmation of office and shall file it with the President of the Board."  Education Code 11.061; Tex. Const. Art. XVI, Sec. 1

At the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees in January the Board called for its regular election to be held on May 7, 2022.  In accordance with the election code, the newly elected Board members, Candice Parsons, Place 5, Josh Magden, Place 6 and Michael Hancock, Place 7 will be sworn in at the next regular meeting following the regular election date, which is May 16, 2022.
Denise Behrens, acting in her capacity as a public notary, will administer the oath of office for the newly elected School Board Trustees.
F. Reorganization of the Board of Trustees
Description:  Board policies BDAA [Legal] and BDAA [Local] specify that the Board will elect a president, vice-president, and secretary at the first meeting after each election and qualification of Trustees.

Board Operating Procedures adopted by the Board in June of 2021 specify the criteria for Board officers and the process for selecting Board officers.  Any member of the Board may nominate a trustee member for an officer position.  No Board member can hold an officer position without one-year minimum Board experience.  Board officers shall be elected by plurality vote of the members present and voting.  Board officers shall serve for a term of one year or until a successor is elected.  Officers may succeed themselves in office. However, an officer will be limited to two consecutive terms in any position.

For information purposes:

Grant Gutierrez - elected as President in May 2021 and has served one term
Candice Parsons - elected as Vice-President in November 2020 and is completing her second consecutive term.
Nancy Towry - elected as Secretary in November 2020 and is completing her second consecutive term.
G. Board Recognitions
G.1. Recognition of Student Achievements
Description:  Once again, our hats are off to the outstanding achievements of the students at Smithville I.S.D., as well as their instructors. 

We would like to recognize the following Smithville ISD State Level Competition Accomplishments:


Tyler Cyr-SkillsUSA State Champion in Plumbing, Tyler Cyr-SkillsUSA State Superior on Pecan Epoxy Table-Craig Bryan-SkillsUSA State Superior on Pecan Epoxy Table, Justin Shackelford-SkillsUSA State Superior on Pecan Epoxy Table, David Burch-SkillsUSA State Qualifier in Masonry, David Burch, SkillsUSA State Superior on Ammo Can Guitar.  Their instructor was Ryan Moerbe.

TIGER TRONS 5503 Robotics State Qualifying Team Members
Antonio Blasco, Philip Chiappetta, Kenneth Crawford, Pete Duran, Iain Ferrell, Matthew Ferrell (SJH) Ian Fettes, Elizabeth Holder, Michelle Holloway, Juan Johnson, Alice Steubing, and Ayla Witt.  Their Faculty Mentors were Mary Alice Castello and Abby Seidel.

Texas FFA Land Evaluation Career Development Team 
Lane Hofferek, Blain Stockton, Braden Gaertner, and Konner Namken. Their instructor was Rebecca Walla. 

Texas FFA Senior Chapter Conducting Leadership Development Team (State Semi-Finalists)
Madi Kinsey, Brianna Johnson, Lesly Acevedo, Steeley Earp, Lauren Hanslik, Blain Stockton, Garret Kuhn, and Cash Webster. Their instructor was Rebecca Walla. 

Smithville Junior High Future Problem Solvers
Lily Gardella, Future Problem Solving Scenario Performance  2nd in State. 
Emeline Gutierrez, Future Problem Solving Scenario Performance  3rd in State.
Caleb Magden, Future Problem Solving Scenario Writing  Honorable Mention in State.
Their instructors were Ronnie McKeown and Trish Hawkins.

Volleyball TGCA Academic All-State:
Brooke Otto, Hadlee Ladewig, Kinsey Goertz, Lauren Hanslik

Academic All State Girls Basketball
Rachel Frerich, Cierra Adkins, Hadlee Ladewig

Tiger Football 

Texas High School Coaches Association Academic All State
Camden Hippler- 2nd Team Academic All State, Garrett Kuhn- 2nd Team Academic All State, Tyler Cyr-2n Team Academic All State, Charles Hodge IV- Honorable Mention Academic All State

Texas Sports Writers Association All State Football Team
Charles Hodge- 1st Team Free Safety

Softball THSCA Academic All-State:
Abigail Kennon - 2nd Team 
Brooke Otto - 2nd Team 
Nikolette Schmidt - Honorable Mention  
Cierra Adkins - Honorable Mention 
Gabriela Leal - Honorable Mention 
Hadlee Ladewig - Honorable Mention

Boys Track THSCA Academic All-State:
Charles Hodge IV - Honorable Mention

Girls Track THSCA Academic All-State:
Nikolette Schmidt - Honorable Mention

Girls Powerlifting State Competitors
Paris O’Neal, Anyeli Jaramillo Romero, and Gabi Leal.  Their coach was Shane Savioe.

Track and Field
Nikolette Schimdt- State Qualifier- Pole Vault and 3rd place finisher in Pole Vault at the UIL State Track Meet

UIL Academic
Rachel Frerich, Camden Hippler - State CX Debate
Moksh Patel , Blain Stockton - State CX Debate Alternate
Chloe Callan - State Headline Writing 
Blain Stockton - State Informative Speaking 
Evyan Parnell - Editorial writing ,State Alternate
Carlee Edwards - Ready Writing, State Alternate
Their instructors were Natalie Frerich and Kim Hemphill

Band - UIL State Solo and Ensemble Qualifiers
Chloe Callan, Abbey Frushay, Clare Johnson, and Kylie Tiner in Mixed Clarinet Quartet
Carina Berryann, Annabella Bryan, Chloe Callan, Melvin Evans, Abbey Frushay, Arabella Gutierrez, Chassity Navarrete, Alexa Obbale-Escareno and Aizik Trevino in Clarinet Choir
Emma Burch, Carlee Edwards, and Cody Kennon in Trumpet Trio
Crystal Lopez Digat, Alizay Maceo and Aiden Trevino in Euphonium/Baritone Trio
Iain Ferrell, Alyson Gray, Grace Hamilton, and Michelle Holloway in Horn Quartet
Dylan Bowling, Damien Cazares, Crystal Lopez Digat and Aiden Trevino in Tuba/Euphonium Quartet
Devany Flores, Amy Frushay, and Alexis Olivas in Flute Trio
Dylan Bowling, Emma Burch, Xavier Evans, Iain Ferrell and Kaitlyn Turner in Brass Quintet
Achilles Brian, Kylie Brown, Amber Cox, Ian Fettes, Jace Gola, Elexis Lawhon and Matthew Maldonado in Percussion Ensemble
Lacy Copeland, Devany Flores, Leslie Saldana-Garcia and Kyli Spencer as Flute Quartet
David Burch, Samantha Gurley, Trevor Persinger and Micah Southwell as Saxophone Quartet
Antonio Blasco, Kaleb Bowling, Sylvio Cambell-Evans, Michelle Holloway, Zachery Montgomery as Brass Quartet
Chandler Bone, Kati Curry-Russell, Luke Garner, Nicole Olivas, Ashton Snell and Brylee White as Percussion Ensemble
Tyneia Anerson-Lovings, Annabelle Enriquez, Amy Frysha, and Alice Steubing as Flute Quartet
Damien Cazares, Carlee Edwards, Alyson Gray, Cody Kennon, and Claire Layfield as Brass Quintet
Carina Berryann, Trinity Campion, Clare Johnson and Silvey Fait as BbClarinet Quartet
Rachell Barker, Anna Garner, Arabella Gutierrez, and Giovana Jaimes as Bb Clarinet Quartet
Their band directors were Wayne King, Cathy Sherrill and Diana King.

Wow!  Smithville ISD has very talented students and dedicated staff!!

We are proud of all of our students and the recognition they have earned for Smithville schools, and are pleased to take this opportunity to recognize them.
G.2. Character Education Speakers
Description:  Student guest speakers will be present at each board meeting to read a short essay on the Character Trait of the Month. 

The Board will hear from Bailey Goertz from Mrs. Ellis' class. Her essay topic is perseverance.   
G.3. Recognition of Outstanding Students for the Fourth Nine-Weeks
Description:  Each nine-weeks the middle school and high school faculties select an outstanding student from their respective campus.  Students are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 on such criteria as grades, honesty, enthusiasm, cooperation with teachers and their peers, class participation and leadership.

Chidinma Meremikwu, a seventh grader and Shelton Espinoza, an eighth grader, have been selected as the outstanding students for the fourth nine-weeks from Smithville Junior High. Chidinma is the daughter of Laquander Oliver, and Shelton is the son of Paul and Jenny Espinoza.  Two students have been selected as outstanding students from Smithville High School for the fourth nine-weeks.  They are Rachel Frerich, a senior, and Samuel Praditbatuga, a freshman.  Rachel is the daughter of Natalie Frerich and Samuel is the son of Adrianne and Michael Praditbatuga.
Our congratulations to all of these students!
G.4. Tiger Award Recipient Recognition
Description:  Tiger Award recipients are nominated by peers.  Each campus and department will nominate a representative.  Final nominations will be voted on by a select committee.  Each campus and department will have an award winner that will be recognized at the board meeting every 9-weeks. 

Tiger Award winners:
Brown Primary - Raven Behrens (Counselor)
Smithville Elementary - Ashley Cooper (Teacher)
Smithville Junior High - Jennifer Peterson (Librarian)
Smithville High School - Megan Hancock (Teacher)
ISD - Jim Dickson (Maintenance)
H. Public Communications
Description:  Citizens wishing to address the Board of Trustees have so indicated by listing their name on the Communications from the Public sign-in sheet located on the table at the entrance to the boardroom if the meeting is done in person, or at the link provided on the published board agenda if conducted remotely. Those signing have given a brief indication of the topics to be addressed.
Comments to the Board of Trustees under this provision will be limited to three minutes.
The members of the Board of Trustees will listen to citizen presentations during this portion of a regularly scheduled meeting, but they will not comment or participate in a discussion of the topic. 
I. Consent Agenda
Description:  Board members routinely approve items on the consent agenda as a group.  These are routine agenda items.  Board members have the option to ask questions regarding any of the items listed under "consent agenda".
I.1. Minutes
Description:  State law requires that a record be kept in the form of official minutes on each meeting held by a governmental body and that these minutes be approved at the next regular meeting.

Attached are the minutes from the April 18, 2022 regular board meeting.
Attachments: (1)
I.2. Financial Statements
Description:  Monthly reporting of financial position in relation to the budget.  The Board is provided monthly financial statements.
Attachments: (3)
I.3. Investment Report
Description:  Meet legal reporting requirements for investments.
In order the meet legal reporting requirements for investments, the Board receives quarterly reports on District investments.
Attachments: (3)
I.4. State Aid Comparison - Budgeted vs. Earned
Description:  The Board has requested a monthly status report of earned state aid in relation to the budget.
Attachments: (1)
I.5. Earned vs. TEA Payments
Description:  The Board has requested a monthly status report of earned state aid in relation to the budget.
Attachments: (1)
I.6. Tax Collection Report
Description:  Attached is the Tax Assessor-Collector's Report.
Attachments: (1)
J. Information Items
J.1. Financial Report
Description:  The Chief Financial Officer, Jean Ann McCarthy, will review the financial disbursements for the previous month with the Board of Trustees.  No action is required.
Attachments: (2)
J.2. Superintendent's Report
Description:  The Superintendent will update the Board on important issues pertaining to the District.
J.3. SISD Instructional/Curriculum Program Highlight: Brown Primary/Smithville Elementary Physical Education Program
Description:  The Board will be presented with curriculum and program area highlights on a regular basis.  The purpose of each presentation is to keep the Board informed of the academic progress within the district and on campuses.

The program highlight from this month is the P.E. program at Brown Primary and Smithville Elementary.  Coach Kadlecek and Coach Kristynik will be present at the meeting to highlight their program.
J.4. COVID-19 Update
J.5. Graduation Ceremony Procedures
Description:  High School Graduation will be held on Friday, May 27, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. at Tiger Stadium in Smithville, Texas.  The Board is invited as a group to participate in the ceremony.  Mr. Tucker Copeland, high school principal, will be present at the board meeting to go over the events of graduation night.

Attachments: (1)
J.6. Tentative June Agenda Items
Description:  Tentative items to be included on the June regular agenda:
a.  Financial Report

b.  Superintendent’s Report
c.  First Draft of the 2022-2023 District Budget
d.  Technology Report
e.   Schedule Board Meeting Dates for 2022-2023

f.  Board Self Evaluation
g   Personnel
K. Action Items
K.1. Consider Approval of 2022-2023 Salary Schedules
Description:  District administrators have been working on an updated salary schedule for teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and trades for the upcoming school year 2022-2023.  Salary schedules are necessary to calculate the 2022-2023 budget, and it has been Smithville I.S.D.'s practice to inform staff as early as possible of any changes to the salary schedules.  Salaries have to be set each year and have a major impact on the district budget, which must be adopted no later than August 31, 2022. 
Attachments: (2)
K.2. Approval of Expenditure in Excess of $50,000
Description:  The purpose of this agenda item is to authorize the purchase of needed technology upgrades and high school parking lot improvements.

Our first request is for district technology upgrades to multiple desktop computers.  This upgrade would replace 93 new desktop computers throughout the district due to age.  This request will cost $111,784.00.

Our second request is for district technology upgrades to add chromebooks throughout the district.  This request would replace old chromebooks, as well as provide extra chromebooks for our students.  This request will cost $142,075.00

The third request is for district technology upgrades at the high school campus.  We will be adding 40 interactive boards to the high school campus with all funds coming from our ESSER III ARP allotment.  This request will cost approximately $115,000.00

Our final request is for district maintenance improvements at the high school campus.  Zach Harris has reviewed and received various bids to make the necessary improvements to the high school parking lot during the summer months.  This request will cost $68,602.00

At this time, we would like to utilize the $171,600 that was received by Smithville ISD for the Chapter 313 Supplemental Payment, anticipated excess tax collections and ESSER III ARP funds to proceed with these projects.

K.3. Review and Approve 2022-2023 Student Dress Code
Description:  The student dress code is annually reviewed by the administration, campus site-based committees, and the district site-based committee.  The Board will need to formally adopt the dress codes for the district.  After review from the above-mentioned groups, and a vote from the District Site-Based Committee, attached are the student dress codes, with proposed revisions/additions, for the secondary school and the elementary schools of the district for 2022-2023.  
Attachments: (2)
K.4. Consider Custodial Contract Renewal
Description:  Our current agreement with IQS, Inc became effective June 15, 2019.  The agreement was for one year with four possible renewals each year thereafter by amendment upon approval of the Board of Trustees.  This request is the 3rd renewal request for this contract.   

Any renewal shall be an amount not to exceed the CPI rate of 2%, which amounts to an increase of $11,843 on our current fees. 

Per the terms of the custodial service agreement, it is the recommendation of administrative staff that the Board of Trustees renew the custodial contract with IQS, Inc for an additional year.
K.5. Consider Approval to Amend Signatures on Bank Depository
Description:  As a result of the reorganization of the Board of Trustees there will possibly be a change in officers.  The Board President and the Board Secretary must be authorized to sign on the District accounts at First National Bank, the District’s depository.
Attachments: (1)
K.6. Consider Appointment of Delegate to Represent Smithville ISD at the 2022 TASA/TASB Convention Delegate Assembly
The TASB Delegate Assembly is a crucial component of the Association’s governance structure.  Each active member (school board) of the Association is entitled to have a delegate and an alternate attend the Assembly and cast our district’s vote on action items coming before the Assembly.

The TASA/TASB Convention this year is September 22-25, 2022 and will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.  The 2021 Delegate Assembly will meet on Saturday, September 24th.
K.7. Distribution of Board Self-Evaluation Materials
Description:  The Board President will set a date for the completed Board Self-Assessment Instrument to be returned for tabulation. The instrument is included as an attachment in the packet for the Board’s convenience.  The Board will address its self-evaluation at the regular June meeting.
Attachments: (1)
K.8. Personnel
K.8.a. Resignations of Certified Personnel
Description:  The Superintendent would like to inform the Board of the resignations of: Stephanie Brant - teacher at Smithville Elementary, Haley Nunn - teacher at Smithville Junior High, and Sarah Carder-Gutierrez - teacher at Smithville High School.

No action is required.
K.8.b. Employment of Certified Personnel
Description:  According to Board Policy DC [Local], the Superintendent has the authority to make recommendations to the Board regarding the selection of all personnel.

Gail Deeley - Teacher
Degree - BA from Texas State University
Certification - Generalist Grades EC-4, Core Subjects Grades EC-6, Special Education Graces EC-12
Years of Experience - 16 years
Campus - Smithville Elementary School

Gary Krause - Teacher/Coach
Degree - BA from Concordia Lutheran College
Certification - Sec. Business Administration Grades 6-12, Sec. PE Grades 6-12
Years of Experience - 25 years
Campus - Smithville Junior High School

Kylee Friend - Teacher
Degree - BS from Texas State University
Certification - Alternative Certification for Special Education Grades EC-12
Years of Experience - 0 years
Campus - Smithville Junior High School

Claude Bassett - Teacher/Coach
Degree - Med from Brigham Young University
Certification - Health Grades EC-12, PE Grades EC-12, Social Studies Grades 8-12, ESL Supplemental Grades EC-12, Sec. History Grades 6-12
Years of Experience - 42 years (combined Texas and out-of-state)
Campus - Smithville High School

Justin Benvegnu - Teacher
Degree - BS from Sam Houston State University
Certification - Life Sciences Grades 7-12
Years of Experience - 8 years
Campus - Smithville High School

Michele Broadway - Teacher
Degree - BA from University of North Texas
Certification - Mathematics Grades 8-12, Mathematics Grades 4-8, All-Level Music Grades PK-12
Years of Experience - 32 years
Campus - Smithville High School

Lee Harstell - High School Assistant Principal
Degree - MS from Angelo State University
Certification - Principal as Instructional Leader Grades EC-12, Health Grades EC-12, Special Education Grades EC-12
Years of Experience - 14 years
Campus - Smithville High School

Erin Seale - School Nurse
Degree - BS in Nursing from University of Mary Hardin Baylor
Certification - Registered Nurse
Years of Experience - 4 years
Campus - Smithville High School

Lindsey Saunders - District Communications Officer
Degree - MBA from St. Edward's University
Certification - N/A
Years of Service - 15 years HR Administrative
Campus - Central Office

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