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March 28, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Call to Order
Description:  The Board President or his/her designee will call the meeting to order.
B. Roll Call
Description:  The Board President or his/her designee will call the roll of members.
C. Student Led Pledge of Allegiance
Description:  Students from the House of Curiosity at Smithville Elementary will lead the group virtually in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those students are:

Tyson Kristynik, Ruth Haney, Finley Welch, Rosillee Castillo, Cadence Morris, Naomi Helsley, Audrey Vasquez, Mason Fehlker, Madison Corbin, Dareld Morris, Mason Fowler, Ryan Ragland, Gideon Lusty, Lacee Bisland, and Kash Kellough

D. Board Recognitions
D.1. Character Education Speakers
Description:  Student guest speakers will be present at each board meeting to read a short essay on the Character Trait of the Month. The character trait for March is Virtue.

The Board will hear from Diana Besonis, a 2nd grade student in Mrs. Garbe's class, and Samuel Rodriguez, a1st grade student in Mrs. Hunsucker's class.
D.2. Tiger Award Recipient Recognition
Description:  Tiger Award recipients are nominated by peers.  Each campus and department will nominate a representative.  Final nominations will be voted on by a select committee.  Each campus and department will have an award winner that will be recognized at the board meeting every 9-weeks. 

Tiger Award winners:
Brown Primary - Kaleigh Gibson (Teacher)
Smithville Elementary - Crystal Saffel (Teacher)
Smithville Junior High - Christie Mick (Office Secretary/Receptionist)
Smithville High School - Lacey Schwanke (Teacher)
ISD - Joaquin Muna (Transportation)
E. Public Communications
Description:  Citizens wishing to address the Board of Trustees have so indicated by listing their name on the Communications from the Public sign-in sheet located on the table at the entrance to the boardroom if the meeting is done in person, or at the link provided on the published board agenda if conducted remotely. Those signing have given a brief indication of the topics to be addressed.
Comments to the Board of Trustees under this provision will be limited to three minutes.
The members of the Board of Trustees will listen to citizen presentations during this portion of a regularly scheduled meeting, but they will not comment or participate in a discussion of the topic. 
F. Consent Agenda
Description:  Board members routinely approve items on the consent agenda as a group.  These are routine agenda items.  Board members have the option to ask questions regarding any of the items listed under "consent agenda".
F.1. Minutes
Description:  State law requires that a record be kept in the form of official minutes on each meeting held by a governmental body and that these minutes be approved at the next regular meeting.
The minutes from the regular meeting held on February 28, 2022 are attached.
Attachments: (1)
F.2. Financial Statements
Description:  Monthly reporting of financial position in relation to the budget.  The Board is provided monthly financial statements.
Attachments: (3)
F.3. Investment Report
Description:  Meet legal reporting requirements for investments.
In order the meet legal reporting requirements for investments, the Board receives quarterly reports on District investments.
Attachments: (3)
F.4. State Aid Comparison - Budgeted vs. Earned
Description:  The Board has requested a monthly status report of earned state aid in relation to the budget.
Attachments: (1)
F.5. Earned vs. TEA Payments
Description:  The Board has requested a monthly status report of earned state aid in relation to the budget.
Attachments: (1)
F.6. Tax Collection Report
Description:  Attached is the Tax Assessor-Collector's Report.
Attachments: (1)
G. Information Items
G.1. Financial Report
Description:  The Chief Financial Officer, Jean Ann McCarthy, will review the financial disbursements for the previous month with the Board of Trustees.  No action is required.
Attachments: (1)
G.2. Superintendent's Report
Description:  The Superintendent will update the Board on important issues pertaining to the District.
G.3. SISD Instructional/Curriculum Program Highlight - High School Health Sciences Program
Description:  The Board will be presented with curriculum and program area highlights on a regular basis.  The purpose of each presentation is to keep the Board informed of the academic progress within the district and on campuses.

This month, the Board will hear from David Edwards, Director of Federal Programs, and Sophie Weinheimer, School Nurse, about the health programs currently being offered at the high school.
G.4. COVID-19 Update
Description:  David Edwards will present an update on COVID-19 as it pertains to instruction and mitigation plans for the district.
G.5. Tentative April Agenda Items
Description:  Tentative items to be included on the April regular agenda are:

a.  Financial Report  
b.  Superintendent’s Report  
c.  COVID-19 Update
d.  Review 2022-2023 High School Course Catalog
e.  Approval of Instructional Materials Allotment and Textbook Adoption
f.   Call for Special Meeting to Canvass School Board Election
g.  Possible Renewal of District of Innovation Status
h.  Resignations and Employment of Certified Personnel
i.  Consider and Take Action Regarding Certified Staff Contract   
H. Action Items
H.1. Consider Approval of Resolution Regarding Wage Payments During Emergency School Closing for Bad Weather Event
Description:  On February 3rd and February 4th, 2022, the state of Texas experienced an intense, damaging winter weather event.  Snow and icing, combined with power and water outages, forced closure of the majority of school districts in Texas, including Smithville ISD.  In the interest of safety for the students and staff, Smithville ISD closed school for students and staff on those two days. The District would like to request approval of the attached resolution.  The resolution would allow Smithville ISD employees to continue receiving wage payments during the closure, February 3rd and February 4th, which is addressed in board policy DEA (Local). 
SISD Administration recommends the passage of these payments to maintain morale and reduce turnover.

Attachments: (1)
H.2. New Interlocal Participation Agreement Between SISD and TASB Risk Management Fund
H.3. Personnel
H.3.a. Resignations of Certified Personnel
Description:  The Superintendent would like to inform the Board of the resignations of:

Mollie Gerus, teacher at Smithville Elementary School  
Deanne Holloway and Amanda McDaniel, teachers at Smithville Junior High School
Brian Kinsler, teacher/coach at Smithville Junior High School
Jacqueline Alvey, teacher at Smithville High School

No action is required.
H.3.b. Employment of Certified Personnel
Description:  According to Board Policy DC [Local], the Superintendent has the authority to make recommendations to the Board regarding the selection of all personnel.

The Superintendent is recommending employment of:
Dr. Bethany Logan - Curriculum Director
Degree - Doctor of Education from Texas A&M University
Certification - All Level Music (Grades PK-12), English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 4-8), Principal (Grades EC-12)
Years of Experience - 7 teaching, 13 administrative
H.3.c. Consider and Take Action Regarding Certified Staff Contract Renewals
Description:  The administrators of the district have submitted to the office of the superintendent their recommendations for contract renewal of existing certified staff members.  The Board of Trustees is the final hiring authority for certified contract employees for Smithville I.S.D. and will act upon the recommendations for renewal of certified staff as presented by the Superintendent.  According to Texas Government Code §573.062, employees affected by the nepotism laws would have to abstain from voting on the contract (or salary) of a spouse or family member if that action applies only to the individual and is not taken regarding a bona fide class or category of employees.  Therefore, according to code, we will need one motion for approval of faculty contracts.

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