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February 28, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Call to Order
Description:  The Board President or his/her designee will call the meeting to order.
B. Roll Call
Description:  The Board President or his/her designee will call the roll of members.
C. Student Led Pledge of Allegiance
Description:  Students who are currently top point earners from the House of Virtue at Smithville Elementary will lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. They are:

Noeh Abascal - 3rd Grade
Whitney Pearcy - 3rd Grade
Anthony Fajardo - 3rd Grade
Caydence Hayden - 5th Grade
Josh Vinklarek - 4th Grade
Madilyn Johnson - 4th Grade
Brennan White - 4th Grade
Natalie Rivera - 5th Grade
Mason Ellington - 5th Grade
Connor Behrens - 2nd Grade
Ava Aguayo - 2nd Grade
Brooks Burns - 2nd Grade
Caston Rector - 1st Grade
Case Kristynik - 1st Grade
Kelly Vargas - 1st Grade

D. Public Communications
Description:  Citizens wishing to address the Board of Trustees have so indicated by listing their name on the Communications from the Public sign-in sheet located on the table at the entrance to the boardroom if the meeting is done in person, or at the link provided on the published board agenda if conducted remotely. Those signing have given a brief indication of the topics to be addressed.
Comments to the Board of Trustees under this provision will be limited to three minutes.
The members of the Board of Trustees will listen to citizen presentations during this portion of a regularly scheduled meeting, but they will not comment or participate in a discussion of the topic. 
E. Consent Agenda
Description:  Board members routinely approve items on the consent agenda as a group.  These are routine agenda items.  Board members have the option to ask questions regarding any of the items listed under "consent agenda".
E.1. Minutes
Description:  State law requires that a record be kept in the form of official minutes on each meeting held by a governmental body and that these minutes be approved at the next regular meeting.
Attached are the minutes from the January 24, 2022 regular board meeting.
Attachments: (1)
E.2. Financial Statements
Description:  Monthly reporting of financial position in relation to the budget.  The Board is provided monthly financial statements.
Attachments: (3)
E.3. Investment Report
Description:  Meet legal reporting requirements for investments.
In order the meet legal reporting requirements for investments, the Board receives quarterly reports on District investments.
Attachments: (3)
E.4. State Aid Comparison - Budgeted vs. Earned
Description:  The Board has requested a monthly status report of earned state aid in relation to the budget.
Attachments: (1)
E.5. Earned vs. TEA Payments
Description:  The Board has requested a monthly status report of earned state aid in relation to the budget.
Attachments: (1)
E.6. Tax Collection Report
Description:  Attached is the Tax Assessor-Collector's Report.
Attachments: (1)
F. Information Items
F.1. Financial Report
Description:  The Chief Financial Officer, Jean Ann McCarthy, will review the financial disbursements for the previous month with the Board of Trustees.  No action is required.
Attachments: (1)
F.2. Superintendent's Report
Description:  The Superintendent will update the Board on important issues pertaining to the District.
F.3. SISD Instructional/Curriculum Program Highlight - SJHS Project Lead the Way
Description:  The Board will be presented with curriculum and program area highlights on a regular basis.  The purpose of each presentation is to keep the Board informed of the academic progress within the district and on campuses.
F.4. St. David's Foundation Capital Grant
Description:  The St. David's Foundation has joined with the City of Smithville to pursue the expansion of workforce training facilities in Smithville.  Funds from the grant would support facilities renovation, repair, and restoration of facilities located near the existing Smithville High Schoo/Junior High School campus to provide additional classroom and outdoor training space in a community where transportation is a primary accessibility barrier.  The Smithville workforce Training Center (SWTC) will be subcontracted to do the work.  The grant term is 12 months.  Ms. Jill Strube, with the City of Smithville, will be present at the meeting to answer questions from the Board of Trustees.
F.5. COVID-19 Update
F.6. ESSER III Continuity of Services Update
Description:  Update the board on status of the use of funds from the ESSER III Grant and the Continuity of Services Plan.
F.7. Update on HVAC Concerns at Smithville High School
Description:  Zack Harris, Director of Maintenance, will be available to update the Board of Trustees regarding concerns about air quality at the high school campus and corrective measures being taken to address any issues.
F.8. Tentative March Agenda Items
Description:  Tentative items to be included on the March agenda are:

a.  Financial Report  
b.  Superintendent’s Report  
c.  COVID-19 Update
d.  Resignations and Employment of Certified Personnel
e.   Consider and Take Action Regarding Certified Staff Contract Renewal
G. Action Items
G.1. Consideration and Possible Approval of 2022-2023 School Calendar
Administrators designed two potential school calendars that complied with standard state requirements and incorporated suggestions from campus principals and other district staff.  The calendars were then presented to the district-site based committee for review and discussion.  One calendar, Draft A, was selected for approval by the Board of Trustees. 
Attachments: (1)
G.2. Personnel
G.2.a. Resignations of Certified Personnel
Description:  The Superintendent would like to inform the Board of the resignations of Susanne Scoggins, assistant principal at Smithville High School, Stephanie Prihoda, teacher/coach at Smithville High School, Richard Mullens, teacher/coach at Smithville Junior High, Elizabeth Allen, teacher at Smithville Junior High, Lauren Stagner, teacher at Smithville Elementary, David Edwards, Director of Federal Programs, and Ana Murray, District Communications Officer.

No action is required.
G.2.b. Employment of Certified Personnel
Description:  According to Board Policy DC [Local], the Superintendent has the authority to make recommendations to the Board regarding the selection of all personnel.
There is no employment to recommend at this time.
G.3. Closed Session - Deliberation Regarding Administrator Employment Contract Renewals/Extensions
G.3.a. Consideration/Action Regarding Administrator Employment Contract Renewals/Extensions
Board Policy DC Series addresses employment of personnel and contracts.  According to Board Policy DC [Local], the Superintendent has sole authority to make recommendations to the Board regarding the selection of contracted personnel.  Final authority for selection and employment of classroom teachers, principals, librarians, nurses, counselors, and other certified contractual personnel is retained by the Board.

The following administrators are currently on a two-year term contract and is in the first year of that contract.  The Superintendent recommends the following administrators for a one-year extension of her existing contract which will, in effect, give them a new two-year contract to expire June 30, 2024:
Stephanie Foster - Brown Primary and Smithville Elementary Principal
Jean Ann McCarthy - Chief Financial Officer

The following administrators are currently on a one-year term contract and are being recommended for a two-year term contract to expire on June 30, 2024:
Michael Caudill - Assistant Superintendent 

The following administrators are currently on a one-year term contract, and are being recommended for a one-year term contract to expire June 30, 2023:
Tucker Copeland - High School Principal
Amanda Gommert - Junior High Principal
Tammy Mayberry - Assistant Principal
Holly Brockman - Assistant Principal
Erin O’Rourke - Assistant Principal
Sarah Vinklarek - Assistant Principal
Whitney Brown - Special Programs Coordinator
Cyril Adkins - Athletic Director (dual term)

The following administrators are currently on a one-year probationary contract, and are being recommended for a one-year term contract to expire June 30, 2023:
Misty Vasquez - 504 Facilitator

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