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March 1, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Special Meeting

A. Call to Order
Description:  The Board President or his/her designee will call the meeting to order.
B. Roll Call
Description:  The Board President or his/her designee will call the roll of members.
C. Communications from the Public
Description:  Citizens wishing to address the Board of Trustees have so indicated by listing their name on the Communications from the Public sign-in sheet located on the table at the entrance to the boardroom if the meeting is done in person, or at the link provided on the published board agenda if conducted remotely. Those signing have given a brief indication of the topics to be addressed.
Comments to the Board of Trustees under this provision will be limited to three minutes.
The members of the Board of Trustees will listen to citizen presentations during this portion of a regularly scheduled meeting, but they will not comment or participate in a discussion of the topic. 
D. Action Items
D.1. Consider Approval of Application for Missed School Day Waiver from TEA
Description:  The Texas Education Agency has notified school districts of the availability of a Missed School Day Waiver that would allow for exemption of makeup for days missed during the week of February 15, 2021 through February 19, 2021, when Texas experienced a devastating winter storm.  Smithville ISD had a scheduled holiday on February 15th, but did close school from February 16th through February 19th due to weather issues and concern for staff and student safety.  The district intends to request a Missed School Day Waiver from TEA for the four days of school closure, which requires approval by the Board of Trustees.
D.2. Consider Approval of Resolution Regarding Wage Payments During Emergency School Closing for Bad Weather Event
Description:  During the week of February 15, 2021 through February 19, 2021, the state of Texas experienced an intense, damaging winter weather event.  Snow and icing, combined with power and water outages, forced closure of the majority of school districts in Texas, including Smithville ISD.  Smithville ISD had a school holiday on Monday, February 15th and was scheduled to return on Tuesday, February 16th. In the interest of safety for the students and staff, Smithville ISD remained closed. The District would like to request approval of the attached resolution.  The resolution would allow Smithville ISD employees to continue receiving wage payments during the closure, February 16th through February 19th, which is addressed in board policy DEA (Local). It would also allow provisions for premium pay for employees who were required to work during the emergency closure.
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D.3. Consider Approval of 2021-2022 District Calendar
Description:  Administrators designed four potential 2021-2022 school calendars that complied with standard state requirements and incorporated suggestions from campus principals and other district staff.  The calendars were presented to the district-site based committee for review, input and discussion. District staff were allowed to vote on the calendar of their choice, and the calendar that received the majority vote is being presented to the Board for approval.
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