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October 26, 2020 at 4:30 PM - Business Meeting

1. Business Meeting - Call to Order 4:30 pm
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
4. Agenda Review - Approval of Agenda
5. Consent Agenda Items -                                                              
Pursuant to Policies: EL-7: Treatment of Students, Parents and Community; EL-8: Staff Hiring and Treatment; EL-4: Communication and Counsel to the Board; GP-1; GP-2
5.1. Retirement Resignation
Attachments: (1)
5.2. Employment
Attachments: (1)
5.3. Substitute Teacher 2020-21
Attachments: (1)
5.4. Substitute Paraprofessional 2020-21
Attachments: (1)
6. Approval of Minutes
  Pursuant to Policies: EL-7; GP-1: Governance Commitment; GP-2
  • October 12, 2020 Board of Education Business Meeting
Attachments: (2)
7. Reports and Communications
Pursuant to Policies: EL-4; EL-7; EL-8; GP-1; GP-2; EL-9: Asset Protection; EL-11: Budgeting; EL-12: Financial Management and SSSD Strategic Plan
  • Update from the Programming Subcommittee of the Culture & Climate Task Force - Katherine Brunk, Graham Hackett and Meghan Hanson-Peters
  • COVID-19 and School Opening Phases Update - Superintendent Brad Meeks, Director of Finance and Operations Mark Rydberg, Director of Teaching & Learning Jay Hamric
Topics under COVID-19 Update
  1. SSHS Quarantine
  2. Subsitute Teachers/Paraprofessionals
  3. K-2 Survey Results & Reopening Discussion
  4. Edgenuity
  5. Second Semester Scheduled Options
  6. November Parent/Teacher Conference Adjustments
  7. November 23 & 24 - Thanksgiving Week
Reports and Communications Action: Acknowledge Receipt of Reports and Communications as presented by the Administration Team and the superintendent
8. Community Comments    5:30 pm Approximate Time                                             
Pursuant to Policies: GP-1: Governance Commitment; EL-7: Treatment of Students, Parents and Community; GP-15: Public Comment and Agenda Items at Board Meetings; GP-15-R: Regulations for Public Comment at Board Meetings. 

Board Chair will call for Community Comment(s) relating to items/issues not on the current agenda. The Board Chair will begin by reading this statement: "Any members of the public wishing to speak about issues not on the current agenda are requested to fill in the speaking log providing your name, address, and who you are representing."
  • Comments are limited to 3 minutes. If four or more people wish to address the board on a single topic, the board may allot 10 minutes for a collective view and no more than 15 minutes. 
  • Your comments must begin with stating your name and who you are representing.
  • No action shall be taken during this portion of the meeting. Any public comment requiring additional discussion or action by the Board must be placed on a future agenda.
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9. Action Item
Pursuant to Policy: GP-19: School Board Meetings
9.1. Consideration to Change the Board Meeting Schedule
Purpose: To consider a change to the board meeting schedule for the second meeting in November
10. Goverance Process Policy Review
Pursuant to Policies: GP-1; GP-2; GP-14: Developmetn and Revision of Board Policy
  • GP-11: Board Member Conflict of Interst - First Reading of Policy Revisions
Attachments: (2)
11. Board Member Updates/ Comments/Debrief  -                     
Pursuant to Policies: GP-1; GP-2; EL-4
  • Board Member Updates
  • Meeting Review
Attachments: (1)
12. Plan for Future Meetings                                    
  • Sleeping Giant Mascot/Colors Reveal - November 2
  • Boundary Planning Report - November 2
  • Discussion Regarding Communication to BOE by Non-English Speaking Families - November
  • District Boundary Approval - December 14 or January 11
  • Complaint Procedures, Education Support & Accountability Subcommittee Review - TBD
  • School Year Calendars Adoption 2021-22 & 2022-23 - TBD
  • Restorative Practices Update - TBD
  • Green Team Report - TBD
  • Emergency Safety Protocols - TBD
Plan for Future Workshops
  • Dare to Lead -  Book study - TBD
  • Board Policy Review- TBD
  • Graduate Profile discussion - TBD
  • Colorado Education Initiative - TBD
  • Effective Communication and Strategy for Boards - TBD
  • Effective Teaching in Every Classroom - TBD
13. Adjourn Business Meeting                                                  
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