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October 23, 2017 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order and Roll Call
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Recognitions
III.a. Recognition of Student Bus Monitors
IV. Public Comments
V. Presentations
V.a. Audit and Annual Financial Report Presentation 
V.b. PARCC Results Presentation 
VI. Action to Approve Consent Agenda
VI.a. Minutes of Regular Open Session Meeting of September 25, 2017
VI.b. Minutes of Regular Closed Session Meeting of September 25, 2017
VI.c. Minutes of Special Open Session Meeting of September 23, 2017
VI.d. Minutes of Special Closed Session Meeting of September 23, 2017
VI.e. Minutes of Finance and Facilities Committee Meeting of October 02, 2017
VI.f. School Activity Accounts
VI.f.1. School Activity Accounts Ending September 30, 2017
VI.g. Transportation Accounts
VI.g.1. Transportation Accounts Ending September 30, 2017
VI.h. Bills for Payment
VI.i. Treasurer's Report Ending September 30, 2017
VI.j. Personnel Report
VII. Superintendent's Report
VIII. Board Reports
VIII.a. Finance and Facilities Committee Report
VIII.b. Policy and Communications Committee Report
VIII.c. Handbook Committee Report
VIII.d. Health and Wellness Committee Report
VIII.e. Insurance Committee Report
VIII.f. SEDOL Governing Board Report
VIII.g. PTO Report
VIII.h. Fremont Education Foundation Report
IX. Monthly Financial Report
IX.a. Statement of Expenditures by Fund Report
IX.b. Statement of Revenues by Fund Report
X. Old Business
X.a. None
XI. New Business
XI.a. Action to Accept Audit and Annual Financial Report 
XI.b. Action to Adopt Resolution for 2017 Tentative Tax Levy
XI.c. Action to Approve Selection of Architect of Record
XI.d. Action to Approve Lease Agreement Between the Board of Education and Roland Tekampe
XI.e. Action to Approve Purchase and Installation of LED Lighting Fixtures
XI.f. Action to Approve Board Agreements and Communication Expectations from Board Self Evaluation Workshop
XI.g. Action to Adopt Resolution Authorizing Participation in the Illinois School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus
XII. Informational Items
XII.a. None
XIII. Announcements
XIII.a. The next Regular Board of Education meeting is November 27, 2017.
XIV. Closed Session
The Board will enter closed session to review closed session minutes; discuss the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body; litigation, student disciplinary cases; and security procedures. 
XV. Board Returns to Open Session
XVI. Board Action on Closed Session Items
XVI.a. Action to Approve Settlement Agreement 
XVII. Adjournment
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