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May 23, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Roll Call
IV. Establishment of Quorum
V. Approval of Agenda
VI. Introduction of Guests
VII. Public Comments
VIII. Consent Agenda
VIII.a. Minutes of the April 25, 2011, Board of Education Regular and Reorganizational Meetings
VIII.b. Minutes of May 9, 2011, Finance-Facilities Committee Meeting
VIII.c. Minutes of the May 10, 2011, Special Closed Session Meeting
VIII.d. School Activity Accounts
VIII.e. Transportation Account
VIII.f. Bills
VIII.g. April 2011 Treasurer's Report
IX. Presentation(s) from the Floor
IX.a. Good News - Ms. Motsenbocker, Mrs. Dahn, Ms. Bennett
X. Superintendent/Board Reports
X.a. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Gildea
X.b. Finance/Facility Committee - David Natzke, Sandy Bickley, Co-Chairs
X.c. Policy and Communications Committee, Teri Herchenbach, Chair
X.d. Handbook Committee - Glen Gustafson, Board Representative
X.e. Insurance Committee - Glen Gustafson, Board Representative
X.f. Beautification Committee, Jason Bonds, Chair
X.g. PTO Report, Sandy Bickley, Board Representative
X.h. Fremont Education Foundation - Jason Bonds, Board Representative
XI. Monthly Financial Report - Mr. Tanner
Updated cash flow projections for the three operating funds, education, operations and maintenance, and transportation, through April 30, 2011, will be presented.  A performance report on district investments, real estate tax collections, and impact fee collections for April will be reviewed.
XII. Unfinished Business
XII.a. Recommendation to Approve Roofing Contract - Mr. Tanner
As part of the previously approved Five Year Capital Outlay Plan, the entire Middle School and the Elementary School gymnasium barrel roof will be replaced this summer using FY12 funds.  Through an award process ensuring District compliance with all appropriate bid and labor laws, Garland/DBS, Inc. was selected for the work.  It is expected that the board will vote on approval at this meeting.
XII.b. Recommendation to Approve Lease-Purchase Agreement #2 with Apple Inc. - Mr. Tanner
 As part of the previously approved Five Year Capital Outlay Plan, the District continues to upgrade its information technology infrastructure, and place it on an affordable and sustainable cycle.  Lease #2 is a two-year contract that allows the District to replace student mobile devices (iPads and MacBooks), yet preserves the flexibility to modify the types of deployed mobile devices as market offerings evolve.  Lease authorization this evening will allow for spring delivery, summer imaging, and device deployment to the classroom in time for the next school year.  It is expected that the board will vote on approval at this meeting.
XIII. New Business
XIII.a. Assessment System Review and Recommendations, First Reading - Alena Laube, ECRA Group
An analysis of the assessments currently administered to students in District 79 and recommendations for the future will be presented for board review.
XIII.b. Recommendation to Appoint School Treasurer for 2011-12 School Year - Mr. Tanner
The administration will recommend for board approval reappointment of Alan J. Mongin as school treasurer for the next school year.  It is expected that the board will vote on approval at this meeting.
XIII.c. Recommendation to Approve FY12 Treasurer’s Bond Coverage - Mr. Tanner
Under the Illinois School Code, a school district is required to bond its treasurer each year.  Mr. Tanner will present the administration’s recommendation to accept the lowest, qualified quotation for FY12 Treasurer’s Bond coverage for board approval.  It is expected that the board will vote on approval at this meeting.
XIII.d. Recommendation to Add Staff Positions for 2011-2012 School Year - Dr. Gildea
The administration’s recommendation to add administrative and teaching staff positions for the 2011-2012 school year will be presented.  It is expected that the board will vote on approval at tonight’s meeting.
XIV. Personnel - Dr. Gildea
The administration will recommend the following personnel items for board approval:
XIV.a. Approve an FMLA/medical leave of absence for Rebecca Garcia, fifth grade teacher, beginning August 22, 2011, through to approximately November 18, 2011;
XIV.b. Accept the resignation of Mark Schaul, bus driver, effective May 5, 2011;
XIV.c. Hire Wayne Schuck as a full-time bus driver, effective May 9, 2011; 
XIV.d. Hire Kearstie Grenier as .5 Data/ELL/Assessment-Student Information Specialist, effective May 23, 2011;
XIV.e. Increase the duties of Pat McIntire from a .6 speech therapist to a .8 speech therapist, effective at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year.
XV. Information Items
XV.a. Presentation of Policy and Procedures Committee Reports for Board Review - Ms. Bennett, Mrs. Dahn, Mr. Ladenburger
XV.b. Report on Middle School Principal’s Coffee - Ms. Motsenbocker
XV.c. Technology Integration Plan Approved by ISBE - Dr. Gildea
XV.d. Fremont Awarded ISBE and Illinois Arts Council Grant - Dr. Gildea
XV.e. Board Member Committee Assignments for 2010-11 - Mrs. Bickley
XV.f. Calendar Items - President Bickley
XV.g. Correspondence
XVI. Public Comments
XVII. Announcements
XVIII. Adjournment
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