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December 13, 2010 at 7:00 PM - REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Roll Call
IV. Establishment of Quorum
V. Approval of Agenda
VI. Introduction of Guests
VII. Public Comments
VIII. Consent Agenda
VIII.a. Minutes of the November 15, 2010, Policy and Communications Committee Meeting
VIII.b. Minutes of the November 15, 2010, Board of Education Meeting
VIII.c. Minutes of December 6, 2010, Finance-Facilities Committee and Closed Session Meetings
VIII.d. School Activity Accounts
VIII.e. Transportation Account
VIII.f. Bills
VIII.g. October 2010 Treasurer's Report
IX. Monthly Financial Report - Mr. Tanner
Updated cash flow projections for the three operating funds, education, operations and maintenance, and transportation, through November 30, 2010, will be presented.  A performance report on district investments, real estate tax collections, and impact fee collections for November will be reviewed.
X. Superintendent/Board Reports
X.a. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Gildea
X.b. Finance/Facility Committee - David Natzke, Sandy Bickley, Co-Chairs
X.c. Policy and Communications Committee, Teri Herchenbach, Chair
X.d. Beautification Committee, Jason Bonds, Chair
X.e. PTO Report, Sandy Bickley, Board Representative
X.f. Fremont Education Foundation - Jason Bonds, Board Representative
XI. Unfinished Business
XI.a. Adoption of the 2010 Tax Levy - Mr. Tanner
At last month’s board meeting, the board reviewed and approved the tentative levy. It is expected that the board will vote on adoption of the 2010 Tax Levy at tonight's meeting. 
XI.b. Recommendation to Approve Contractual Agreement with Website Management Service - Mrs. Herchenbach
The Policy and Communications Committee has been studying website management companies and the services they could provide.  It is expected that at tonight's meeting, the board will vote on contracting with a website management firm to manage the district's website.
XII. New Business
XII.a. Presentation of Revised and/or New Board Policies for a First Reading - Dr. Gildea
The following new and revised board policies will be presented for a first reading:  Board of Education- #2:220; Board of Education, #2:230; Board of Education. #2:260; Operational Services, #4:10;  Operational Services, #4:170, General Personnel, #5:10; General Personnel, #5:30; General Personnel, #5:120; Professional Personnel, #5:220; Professional Personnel, # 5:260, Students, #7:50; Students, #7:100; and Students, #7:310.  Policies have been reviewed by the board’s Policy and Communications Committee.  Policies will be presented at next month’s meeting for a second reading and recommended adoption. 
XII.b. Recommendation to Continue Day Porter Services - Mr. Moon
After a 90-day trial of day porter services, the buildings are cleaner, healthier, and better maintained.  Administration recommends continuing the service for the 2010-11 school year.  It is expected that the board will vote on approval at tonight's meeting.
XII.c. Recommendation to Approve Installation of Lighted Sign - Mr. Moon
As discussed at the Finance/Facilities Committee meeting, administration seeks board approval to install a lighted sign.  The major portion of the cost is being donated by vendors and other groups.  It is expected that the board will vote on approval at tonight's meeting.  
XIII. Personnel - Dr. Gildea
The administration will recommend the following personnel items for board approval:
Attachments: (1)
XIII.a. Approve an FMLA/maternity leave of absence for Cindy Jeffries from approximately January18, 2010, through approximately April 24, 2010.
XIII.b. Approve an FMLA/medical leave of absence for Donele Sizemore from January 3, 2011, through February 18, 2011.
XIV. Information Items
XV. Public Comments
XVI. Announcements
XVII. Adjournment
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