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May 17, 2012 at 10:30 AM - Regular

I. Minutes
I.A. Regular April 19, 2012 Meeting Minutes
Description:  Motion to approve minutes of the regular April 19, 2012 meeting.
I.B. April 19, 2012 Closed Session Minutes
Description:  Motion to approve the April 19, 2012 Closed Session Minutes.
II. Public Comments
III. Correspondence
Attachments: (1)
IV. Recognition
IV.A. Student Recognition
IV.A.1. Stefana Mackay-Waubonsie Valley High School
Attachments: (1)
IV.B. Principal Recognition-Ed Susmilch-Technology Center of DuPage
V. President's Report
V.A. Board Member Reappointment Notification
V.B. Election of 2013 Organizational Year Board Officers and Appointment of Secretary and Treasurer
Description:  Motion to nominate Robert Rammer for Board President and Judith Minor for Board Vice President for the 2012-2013 organizational year, and appoint Roseanne E. Schreiber as Board Treasurer and Rima D. Black as Board Secretary for the 2012-13 organizational year.
VI. Information Report
VI.A. Cosmetology Update
VI.B. Netrix Technology Summary Report
VII. Financial Information
Description:  The Board acknowledges the receipt of the Statement of Cash & Investments and Revenue & Expenditure Reports for April 2012.
VII.A. Statement of Cash & Investments
VII.B. Revenue & Expenditure Reports
VII.B.1. Revenue
VII.B.2. Expenditure
VIII. Action Items - Consent Agenda
Description:  Motion to approve May 19, 2012 Consent Agenda Items A-H.
Attachments: (1)
VIII.A. Financial Reports
VIII.A.1. Treasurer's Report
VIII.A.2. Payment of Invoices
VIII.A.2.a. Imprest
VIII.A.2.b. Ratification
VIII.A.2.c. Approval
VIII.A.2.d. Payment of Bills
VIII.B. Textbooks and Workbooks for 2012-2013
VIII.C. Summer School 2012 Plan Proposal
VIII.D. Skills USA Overnight Field Trip Request
VIII.E. Personnel
VIII.E.1. Rehiring of Administration
VIII.E.2. Rehiring of Program Coordinators
VIII.E.3. Rehiring of Educational Support Personnel
VIII.E.4. Employee Status Change
VIII.E.4.a. Elwaine Hardtke Jr. - Construction Trades
VIII.E.5. Hiring Summer School Personnel
VIII.E.5.a. Cosmetology
VIII.E.5.b. Landscape Design & Management
VIII.E.6. Appointments-Certified
VIII.E.6.a. Culinary, Pastry Arts, and Hospitality Management
VIII.E.6.b. Early Childhood Education and Care
VIII.E.7. Resignations
VIII.F. Bid #12-101 Carpet/Flooring Modifications
VIII.G. Habitat For Humanity Facilities Use Agreement
VIII.H. Donations
IX. Action Items - Director's Recommendations
Attachments: (1)
IX.A. Program Name Change
IX.A.1. Landscape Design and Management
Description:  Motion to approve change of program name from Landscape, Design and Management to Horticulture/Power Equipment Technology effective for the 2013-2014 school year.
IX.A.2. Computer Information Systems
Description:  Motion to approve change of program name from Computer Information Systems to Computer Information Systems and Game Design, effective for the 2013-2014 school year.
IX.B. Deactivation of Graphic Communications Program
Description:  Motion to deactivate the Technology Center of DuPage Graphic Communications program for the 2012-2013 school year.
IX.C. Appointment of Technology Center of DuPage Principal
Description:  Motion to approve the employment contract between DuPage Area Occupational Education System and the Principal of the Technology Center of DuPage for a one year term commencing July 1, 2012, and ending June 30, 2013.
X. Committee Reports
X.A. Finance Committee, N. Wahl, Chair
X.B. Personnel Committee, T. Wierenga, Chair
X.B.1. DAOES Director's Evaluation
X.B.2. Board of Directors Self-Evaluation
X.C. Policy Committee
X.C.1. Policies on First Reading
Description:  Policies 2:250; 4:80; 5:90; 5:100; and 5:200.
Attachments: (1)
XI. Reports
XI.A. Discussion
XI.B. Information
XI.C. Leadership Team Reports
XI.C.1. Assistant Principal for Student Services
Attachments: (1)
XI.C.2. Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction
Attachments: (1)
XI.C.3. Principal
Attachments: (1)
XI.C.4. Director
Attachments: (1)
XII. New Business
XIII. Closed Session
Description:  Request a closed session for the purpose considering information regarding the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal, of specific employees, including hearing testimony on a complaint lodged against an employee to determine its validity.
XIV. Adjournment
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