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September 10, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

         • For the purpose to discuss appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance or dismissal of specific employees of the District.
IV.A. Approval of Closed and Regular Minutes of 08-13-20
IV.B. Approval of Payables and Ratification of Payroll in the amount of $1,282,647.69
IV.B.1. Approval of Board Accounts Payable
IV.B.2. Approval of TRS Accounts Payable
IV.C. Approval of Township Treasurer's Reports
V.A. Technology Update - Amanda Pelsor
VII.A. None
VIII.A. None
IX.A. Approve the Release of Closed Session Minutes from January 2020 through June 2020
IX.B. Approve the Destruction of Closed Session Recordings from July 2018 through December 2018.
X.A. Press Plus Policy 105 - First Reading
X.A.1. 2:260 Uniform Grievance Procedure
X.A.1.a. * Question 1.  A district must prominently display its Title IX non-discrimination policies (this policy 2:260, Uniform Grievance Procedure, and policy 2:265, Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure) and contact information for its Title IX coordinator(s) on its website, if any, and in each handbook made available to students, applicants for employment parents/guardians, employees, and collective bargaining units. 34 C.F.R. §106.8(a) and (b). Notifications must state that nondiscrimination extends to employment, and that inquiries about the application of Title IX and its regulations may be referred to the district’s Title IX coordinator, to the U.S. Dept. of Education’s Assistant Secretary of Education, or both. 34 C.F.R. §106.8(b). See sample exhibit 2:250-E2, Immediately Available District Public Records and Web-Posted Reports and Records, available at PRESS Online by logging in at

Title IX regulations require districts to designate and authorize at least one employee to coordinate efforts to comply with Title IX and to refer to that employee as the Title IX Coordinator. 34 C.F.R. §106.8(a). Districts must identify the Title IX coordinator by name, office address, email address, and telephone number.   

The Nondiscrimination and Title IX Coordinator(s) need not be the same person. Does the District's Nondiscrimination Coordinator also serve as the Title IX Coordinator.

___ The Nondiscrimination Coordinator also serves as the District's Title IX Coordinator. (default)                                     
___ The Nondiscrimination Coordinator does not serve as the District's Title IX Coordinator. (IASB will list the District's Title IX Coordinator separately in policies 2:260, 5:10, 5:20, 7:20, and 7:180 and make any other necessary changes to these policies.)  The District's Title IX Coordinator's name, office address, email address, and telephone number are _______________________

X.A.2. 5:10 Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment
X.A.3. 5:100 Staff Development Program/Institute Day
X.A.4. 5:20 Workplace Harassment Prohibited
X.A.5. 5:330 Sick Days, Vacation, Holidays and Leaves
X.A.6. 7:10 Equal Educational Opportunities
X.A.6.a. Question 1.  Executive Order (EO) 2019-11, titled "Strengthening Our Commitment to Affirming and Inclusive Schools" established the Affirming and Inclusive Schools Task Force (Task Force) to identify strategies and best practices for ensuring welcoming, safe, supportive, and inclusive school environments for transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming students. The Task Force delivered a report that served as the basis for two non-regulatory guidance documents entitled Supporting Transgender, Nonbinary and Gender Nonconforming Students and Sample District Policy and Administrative Procedures at The Ill. State Board of Education (ISBE) hosts these documents on its website.

Does the Board want to incorporate ISBE’s Sample District Policy and Administrative Procedures policy recommendation into this policy?

___ No (default)
___ Yes (IASB will replace "gender identity" with "gender, gender identity (whether or not traditionally associated with the student’s sex assigned at birth), gender expression," add "or gender expression" to the first sentence under the Sex Equity subhead, and add the following sentence to that subhead: "Students shall be supported in a manner consistent with their gender identity. This will include, but not be limited to, use of restrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities that correspond with the student’s gender identity." In addition, the list of protected classifications in policy 7:20 will be amended to replace "gender identity" with "gender; gender identity (whether or not traditionally associated with the student’s sex assigned at birth);")
X.A.7. 7:180 Prevention of and Response to Bullying, Intimidation and Harassment
X.A.8. 7:185 Teen Dating Violence Prohibited
X.A.9. 7:20 Harassment of Students
X.A.10. 2:265 The IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure
X.A.10.a. * Question 1.  Does the District employ Assistant Principals?                                             
___ Yes (default)                                             
___ No (IASB will remove Assistant Building Principal references from the policy)                                
* Question 2.  Does the District employ a Dean of Students?                                              
___ Yes (default)                                             
___ No (IASB will remove Dean of Students references from the policy)                              
* Question 3.  34 C.F.R. §106.45(b)(1) lists the basic requirements for a grievance process. While live hearings are only required for postsecondary institutions, elementary and secondary schools may choose to offer them as part of their grievance process. Consult the board attorney if the board wants the district to use a live hearing in its grievance process.                                      
* Will the District use a live hearing during the grievance process?                                    
___ No (default)                                              
___ Yes (IASB will amend #5 by inserting the following after "receive training on": "any technology to be used at a live hearing and on")                                              
* Question 4.  34 C.F.R. §106.45(b)(1)(vii) requires the Title IX sexual harassment grievance process to state the standard of evidence it will use to determine responsibility of the respondent. The standard of evidence selected must be applied "consistently to formal complaints alleging Title IX sexual harassment regardless of whether the respondent is a student or an employee." 85 Fed. Reg. 30373.  This policy uses the preponderance of the evidence standard, not the clear and convincing evidence standard. Preponderance of evidence is a standard used in civil cases. It means "the greater weight of the evidence, not necessarily established by the greater number of witnesses testifying to a fact but by evidence that has the most convincing force." See Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th ed. 2019.  Preponderance of the evidence is the standard used in sample policy 2:260, Uniform Grievance Procedure. Clear and convincing is a higher standard, requiring more than preponderance of the evidence but less than proof beyond a reasonable doubt. It means "evidence indicating that the thing to be proved is highly probable or reasonably certain." See Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th ed. 2019.  Consult the board attorney regarding the appropriate standard for the district, as well as implications if a different standard is used in this policy than in 2:260, Uniform Grievance Procedure. Ensure the same standard of evidence is used in the district's implemented administrative procedure 2:265-AP2, Formal Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Grievance Process.                                     
* Which standard of proof has the Board adopted for policy 2:265?                                            
___ Preponderance of evidence (default)                                          
___ Clear and convincing evidence (IASB will replace "preponderance of" with "clear and convincing")    
XI.A. Hybrid Status
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