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January 25, 2016 at 6:30 PM - Board Meeting

III.A. Minutes
III.B. Accept Gifts and Donations
III.C. Finance Report
III.D. Treasurer's Report
III.E. First Reading of Policy 532, Use of Peace officers.
III.F. First reading of Policy 102, Equal Education Opportunity.
III.G. Approve Leave for Jenna Schlatter, Teacher,  from approx. March 11 through the remainder of the year.
III.H. Approve Leave for Susan Whalen, Teacher, for the second semester.
III.I. Approve to Hire Lynda True, Teacher, for Second Semester 
III.J. Approve Leave for Michael Pelofske, Teacher, from February 22nd through Monday March 14th.
III.K. Approve to hire Roxanne Tuma, District Administrative Assistant.
III.L. Accept resignation of Alyson McCann,Teacher, effective January 29th, 2006.
III.M. Approve to hire coaches and extra curricular advisors.
III.N. Approve to hire Lillian Conely, Accounts Payable/Payroll clerk.
III.O. Approve to hire Mary Corrigan, In-house substitute.
III.P. Approve to hire Patty Cracauer, Administrative Assistant.
III.Q. Approve to hire Susana Rubles, Custodian.
III.R. Approve to hire Clare Olson, Building Attendant.
III.S. Approve to hire Sarah Peterson, Scholar Zone Staff.
III.T. Approve to hire Daniel Rivera, Education Assistant.
III.U. Approve to Hire Aaron Beek as Long term sub for H. Reynolds
III.V. Approve lane change for Natalie Ferguson, Special Education Teacher.
III.W. Approve to increase hours for Kim Hyvarinen, Lunch program Coordinator, to 40 hours per week.
III.X. Increase Kelly O'Rourke, Reading Teacher, from .8 to 1.0.
III.Y. Increase Renae Williams, Music Teacher, from .8 to 1.0.
III.Z. Approve Leave for Gina Zelinka, Teacher, from March 4th through the end of the school year.
Description:  The School Board welcomes input from community members and staff. A "Citizen
Participation" time is available at the beginning of the meeting. Please adhere to the following
guidelines outlined in Policy 203.
• Input should be short (approx. 2 minutes or less)
• Comments should be germane to the agenda and respectful.
• Repetition should be avoided if possible; new input is best
• When the Business section of the meeting begins, citizen input should cease. Occasionally,
if a topic is controversial, the Board Chair may choose to allow more citizen input during that
particular agenda item. The Board Chair may also request input from the citizens if more
expertise or clarification is needed on a topic.
V.A. Board Chair
V.B. Executive Director
V.B.a. Annual Calendar
V.B.b. Membership
V.C. Standing Committee Report
V.C.a. Governance
V.C.b. Budget and Finance
V.C.c. Academic Excellence
V.D. Ad Hoc Committee Reports
V.D.a. Development
V.D.b. Human Resource
V.D.c. Climate
V.E. Student Board Member
VI.A. Resolution for Development of a Gender Inclusion Policy for Nova Classical Academy.
VI.B. Approve cancellation of cleaning contract with Cady.
VI.C. Second reading and approval of Nova Board Policy 524, Internet Acceptable Use.
VI.D. Second reading and approval of Nova Board Policy 500, Personal Electronic Devices.
VI.E. Third reading and approval of policy 609, Religion.
VI.F. Third reading and Approval of Policy 208, Development, Adoption, and Implementation of Policies.
VI.G. Third reading and approval of policy 214, Out of State Travel.
VI.H. Approve the over-enrollment of grade 9 to 88 for the 2016-2017 school year through the end of the current 2015-2016 school year on June 7, 2016.
VI.I. Approve the over-enrollment of grades 6 through 9 by two students per section through the first day of the 2016-2017 school year in accordance with Nova Classical Academy Policy 305 III C.
VI.J. Approve 2016-2017 School Calendar.
VI.K. Approve Local Literacy Plan.
VII.A. Approve to Post for Custodial 2 custodial positions.
VII.B. Approve Posting Part and Full Time HR Positions.
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