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June 14, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Communications
IV.  Public Comment
Description:  At this time, the President of the Board of Education will recognize visitors and ask if any citizen of the community is interested in speaking to members of the Board of Education. Time allowed will generally be limited to three minutes for each individual, unless waived by the President. All individuals who wish to address the Board of Education must sign up in advance. The President may limit the opportunity to address the Board in cases where a person has previously addressed the Board on the same or related subject. Issues brought to the Board prior to being channeled through the proper chain of command will be referred back to the appropriate level.
V. FOIA Requests 
Description:  None
VI. Consent Agenda
VI.1. Approval of Minutes
Description:  It is recommended that the minutes from the May 24, 2021, regular meeting be approved.
VI.2. Approval of Treasurer's Report
Description:  It is recommended that the Treasurer’s Report for May 2021 be approved subject to audit.
VI.3. Approval of Accounts Payable 
Description:  It is recommended that the Board of Education approve the payment of bills listed, received during the month of May 2021, to be paid during the month of May 2021, and quick pays during the month of June 2021.

Education                     113,421.27
Building                         43,502.12
Transportation               18,134.51
Capital Projects             13,662.00
Insurance                         1,541.67
Subtotal:                   $190,261.57                                                                    
Education  10                        0.00
Building (20)                          0.00
Transportation (40)               0.00
Capital Projects (60)         4110.80
Tort Immunity                        0.00
Subtotal:                         4110.80
TOTAL:                     $194,372.37
VI.4. Approval of Destruction of Audio Tapes from Executive Session
Description:  It is recommended the Board of Education approve the destruction of recordings from the Executive Session on June 17, 2019.
VI.5. Approval of Personnel Change
VI.5.a. Personnel - Certified - Employment

The following individuals have been offered employment for the 2021-22 school year, effective August 9, 2021:
Prophete Saint Fleur - Glenview Middle School Exploratory Cultures and Languages Teacher
Kellsie Gedye - Bowlesburg Grade 1
Grace Harvey - Glenview Grade 6 Social Studies
Brooke Anselmi - Elementary Technology Integration Specialist
Holly Allen - Glenview Grade 7 Language Arts
Garrin Jost - Bowlesburg Grade 4 
Sara Butcher - Wells Grade 3
Stephanie Stanley - Glenview Grade 6 Science
Elizabeth Schimmel - Glenview Grade 6 Language Arts

VI.5.b. Personnel - Classified - Employment

The following individuals have been offered employment:
Mia Nicholas, Bus Driver, effective August 11, 2021
Zineb Haimoud, French Parent Involvement Coordinator, effective June 1, 2021
Tika Gomez, Hillcrest Special Education Instructional Aide
BreAnn Boyle-Fortner, Glenview Special Education Instructional Aide
Rachel Pontillas, Glenview Special Education Instructional Aide
Demetrius Singleton, Glenview Special Education Instructional Aide
Susan Bartlett, Wells Special Education Instructional Aide

VI.5.c. Personnel - Licensed - Change in Work Hours

Jasmine Myers, School Psychologist, will change from a .5 FTE position to a .25 FTE position, effective August 9, 2021.

VI.5.d. Personnel - Licensed - Resignation
Description:  Lisa Gehring, Bowlesburg Grade 4 teacher, has submitted a letter of resignation, effective at the end of the 2021-2022 school year.
VI.5.e. Personnel - Classified - Resignation
Description:  Amy Shamsie has submitted a letter of resignation from her position as a kitchen manager at Wells Elementary, effective May 28, 2021.

Sarah Whipple has submitted a letter of resignation from her position as an Instructional Aide at Bowlesburg Elementary, effective June 10, 2021
VII. Other Financial Reports
Description:  Enclosed with the Agenda Information are the May 2021 Activity Fund Report, the Budget Summary Expense Report, and the Budget Summary Revenue Report for May 2021.
VIII. Committee Reports
VIII.1. United Education Foundation
VIII.2. Wellness Committee
VIII.3. BHASED Governing Board
VIII.4. Board Delegate to AFSCME
IX. New Business
Description:  1.  Adoption of Amended Budget for 2020-2021 School Year
2.  Resolution re: Permanent Transfer of $75,000 from the Working Cash Fund to the Transportation Fund and $150,090 to the Operations & Maintenance Fund
3.  Transfer of $150,090 from the Operations & Maintenance Fund to the Capital Projects Fund
4.  Possible approval of Streetlight Attachment Contract with MidAmerican Energy Company for the community Wi-Fi system hardware, pending review and revision.
X. Informational Items
Description:  1.  Golden Apple Fellow Sabbatical
XI. Unfinished Business
Description:  1.  Microcredentials in EMSD
2.  Early Childhood Center - potential contract with CTS
XII. Central Office Report
Description:  1.  Superintendent's Update
    a.  Glenview and Bowlesburg parking lot update
    b.  Gratitude

XIII. Adjournment
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