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February 17, 2015 at 4:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Work Session-1:30-3:30 P.M.
1.1. Telephones
1.2. Daily Broadcast Messages- Mrs. Loraine Jenkins
1.3. Budget progress- Mrs. Cynthia J. Magee
1.4. Salem fire progress-Mrs. Cynthia J. Magee
1.5. Board Financial Report-Mrs. Sheryl Coker
1.6. Legislative report and other topics.-Dr. Mike Waldrop
2. Regular Session 4:00 P.M.
3. Call to Order-Pledge-Invocation
4. Adopt Agenda
5. Adopt Minutes of January 13, 2015 and January 20, 2015 and February 4, 2015
6. Public Comments (no action)
7. Are your Students learning and how do you know-Dr. Bradley Brumfield
8. Supt. Updates
8.1. Recognition of School Board Members
8.2. Recognition of teachers and teacher of the year- Mrs. Cynthia Magee and Dr. Bradley Brumfield
9. Approval of Financial  Statements
10. School Improvement Status Update
10.1. TPS- Mrs. Libby Mckenzie
10.2. DAC- Mr. Allen Dyess
11. Consent - Motion- Vote
11.1. Approval to make payment to Enterprise Restoration Services LLC.
Description:  Invoice #19138
Invoice #19143
Invoice #19144
11.2. Approval for Fund Raisers
Description:  THS Fastpitch Team - to sell Baked Chicken Plates
DAC- TEE-Shirts, Miss Dexter Pageant Tickets, Gift Basket Tickets, Family Pictures and Prom Tickets.
11.3. Approval to change name of Designated Agent
Description:  FEMA State -Local Disaster Agreement
11.4. Approval of Spring Sport Schedule
Description:  Salem-Archery, Fast pitch and Baseball
11.5. Approval of Substitute Teacher
Description:  Mrs. Sarah E. Duncan
11.6. Approval for Mileage Reimbursement Rate
Description:  Effective February 17, 2015
11.7. Copy of Public Record Policy
Description:  Approved January 20, 2015
11.8. Approve revision to Policy BDC Board Policy Adoption
Description:  Policy Maintenance/Rvision
11.9. Approval to accept donation
Description:  To Salem from Salvation Army
11.10. Approval of staff travel w/students
Description:  THS- FFA - Mr. Chess Jackson w/15 students to Starkville, MS
Career Center- Mrs. Lauren Blackwell, Mrs. Beth Cowart and Mrs. Andrea Bridgeman to McComb, MS
Academy- Mrs. Lani Jackson w/3-5 students to Washington, D.C.
11.11. Approval of position changes effective 07/01/2015
Description:  THS Mr. Osborne Holmes Jr., Head Football Coach,
JV/9th Grade Football 
Ass't Varsity Track
THS- Mr. Jason Johnson, Athletic Director
Full Time Wing Supervisor
11.12. Approval for substitute Food Service Assistant
Description:  Mrs. Angela Dunn
11.13. Enterprise Restoration Services LLC
Description:  Spec and Conract
11.14. Approval for Substitute  bus drivers
Description:  Mrs. Idella Holmes
Mrs. Darlene Beard
11.15. Approval for payment to SERVPRO
11.16. Approval to make adjustment in number of days on work schedule
Description:  THS Custodian-Mr. Calvin Hart
12. Financial Report
12.1. Pre-Approved Claims Docket #612722 To 612822
12.2. Regular Claims Docket # 32686 To 32808
13. Consider Executive Session
13.1. Student matter # 000-686-276
13.2. Personnel Matter
14. Adjourn
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