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August 13, 2020 at 2:00 PM - Quarterly Board of Regents Meeting

1. Logistical Agenda
2. General Motions
2.A. TSUS: Approval of Minutes May 2020
2.B. TSUS: Approval of Minutes June 2020
2.C. TSUS: Approval of Minutes July 2020
2.D. TSUS: Approval of Consent Agenda
2.E. TSUS: INFORMATIONAL: Calendar of Upcoming Board Meetings
3. Academic and Health Affairs
3.A. SHSU Modifying Undergraduate Admissions Criteria
3.B. SHSU: Degree Program Addition—Master of Science in Athletic Training
3.C. LIT: Addition of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Level I Certificate
3.D. LIT: Addition of Pipe Welding Level II Certificate
3.E. LIT: Addition of Residential HVAC Installation Certificate Level I
3.F. TSUS: INFORMATIONAL: Certified Enrollment Report Spring 2020
3.G. Academic and Health Affairs CONSENT Agenda
3.H. LU: CONSENT: Change the Name of the Office of Planning and Assessment to University Planning Assessment
3.I. LU: CONSENT: Changes to the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Degree Plan
3.J. LU: CONSENT: Merge Bachelor of Arts in Applied Science and Bachelor of General Studies degrees into Bachelor of (Arts or Science) in University Studies
3.K. LU: CONSENT: Modification of Existing Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Services
3.L. LU: CONSENT: Modification of the Online Master of Music in Music Education Degree Plan
3.M. LU: CONSENT: Name change for the Dan F. Smith Department of Chemical Engineering to include the area of Biomolecular Engineering
3.N. LU: CONSENT: Restructuring of the Bachelor of Business Administration-Management Information Systems curriculum with the addition of two tracks: Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics
3.O. LU: CONSENT: Restructuring the College of Business
3.P. SHSU: CONSENT: Degree Program Reinstatement, Designation Change, Title Change—Master of Arts in Teaching
3.Q. SHSU: CONSENT: Certificate Program, Addition—Undergraduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Equity and Inclusion
3.R. SHSU: CONSENT: Relocation—Graduate Certificate in Effective Online Instruction
3.S. LIT: CONSENT: Revision of Health Informatics Certificate
3.T. LIT: CONSENT: Revision of Health Information Associate of Applied Science
3.U. LIT: CONSENT: Revision of Medical Coding Specialist Certificate
3.V. LIT: CONSENT: Revision of Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology
3.W. LIT: CONSENT: Revision and Title Change of Welding Certificate to Structural Welding Level I Certificate
3.X. LSCO: CONSENT: Program Deletion - Physical Therapist Assistant Department
3.Y. TSUS: CONSENT: Curriculum Changes
3.Z. TSUS: CONSENT: Out-of-State/Out-of-Country Study Programs
4. Finance and Audit
4.A. TSUS: Operating Budgets for Fiscal Year 2021
4.B. TSUS: Fiscal Year 2021 Audit and Compliance Plan
4.C. Finance and Audit CONSENT Agenda
4.D. TSUS: CONSENT: Amendment to Investment Consultant Contract
4.E. TSUS: CONSENT: Quasi Endowment Reports
5. Planning and Construction
5.A. SHSU: Design Development Documents for Ron Mafrige Field House Renovation
5.B. TXST: Design Development Documents for the University Police Department Building
5.C. TSUS: INFORMATIONAL: Planning and Construction Report
5.D. Planning and Construction CONSENT Agenda
5.E. TSUS: CONSENT: Addition to 2020-2025 Capital Improvements Program
5.F. TSUS: CONSENT: Addition to 2021-2026 Capital Improvements Program
5.G. TSUS: CONSENT: Authorization of an Agreement for Program Management Services with Hill International
5.H. TSUS: CONSENT: Authorization of an Agreement for Program Management Services with MPM Ventures, LLC
6. Rules and Regulations
6.A. TSUS: CONSENT: Approval of Rules and Regulations
7. Government Relations
8. Contracts
8.A. SHSU: CONSENT: Agreement with Van Wagner Sports & Entertainment LLC
8.B. SHSU: CONSENT: Amendment #1 to Contract with AHI Facility Services, Inc. for Custodial Services to Include Sanitizing for COVID19
8.C. SHSU: CONSENT: Contract Amendment with Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC
8.D. SHSU: CONSENT: Contract between Sam Houston State University and Assessment Technologies Institute
8.E. TXST: CONSENT: Addendum to the Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc. Agreement
8.F. TXST: CONSENT: Contract with Collegiate Licensing Company for Athletic Licensing Services
8.G. TXST: CONSENT: Contract with Sun Coast Resources, Inc.
8.H. LSCO: CONSENT: Contract with IQS, Inc. for Purchase of Custodial Services
9. Personnel
9.A. TXST: Piper Professor
9.B. TSUS: Delegation of Authority to Determine Compensation for the Chancellor
9.C. TSUS: Delegation of Authority to Determine Compensation for the Chief Audit Executive
9.D. TSUS: CONSENT: Personnel
10. Miscellaneous
10.A. SHSU: Naming of the Tennis Complex
10.B. TSUS: Resolution Honoring Student Regent Katey McCall
10.C. TSUS: CONSENT: Gift Reports
11. Presidents' Report
12. Litigation Report
13. SAB Response

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