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October 6, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order/Roll Call
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Meeting ID: 837 9623 2044
Telephone Login
312 626 6799
II. Recognize Visitors and Invite Comments from the Public(1)
III. Approval of Agenda
IV. Board Governance, Rich Moore, Chair
IV.A. Presentation of  COVID-19 Community Advisory Panel "Return to School" Recommendations
IV.B. Transition to Blended (In-Person) Learning Mode
Attachments: (2)
IV.C. Designation of D90 IASB Resolutions Committee Representative
Attachments: (1)
V. Superintendent Report
V.A. Action Item
V.A.1. Board Affirmation for Transition to Blended Learning Model
Attachments: (1)
V.A.2. Policy 5:330 Waiver Request - Vacation Leave Expiration for 12 Month Employees, (Excluding Superintendent), from November 1 to February 1 
Attachments: (1)
V.A.3. Board Approval of Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Attachments: (1)
VI. Personnel Report
VI.A. Approval, Classified Personnel - A. Dehnart, P. Forsyth
VI.B. Approval, Retirement, Classified Personnel - A. Berens
VI.C. Approval, Resignation, Classified Personnel - L. Connelly, G. Pisani
VII. Adjournment
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