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May 4, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

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1.) Due to the current federal and state emergency declarations and guidance about limiting person-to-person contact due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, by action of the school board of Le Sueur-Henderson School District, all future meetings of the Le Sueur-Henderson School Board will be conducted in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 13D.021-Meetings by Telephone or Other Electronic Means- until further notice.

2) Due to the health pandemic, the school board has determined that it is not feasible for at least one board member, the superintendent, or the school district's legal counsel to be physically present at the regular meeting location.  It is also not feasible for the public to attend at the regular meeting location due to the health pandemic. 

3) In accordance with Minnesota Statutes 13D.021, members of the public are not permitted to attend this meeting due to the current health pandemic.  Persons may monitor this meeting from a remote location by Zoom.

4) Public comment for school board meetings may be submitted as follows:
Description:  Due to the pandemic COVID-19 we are doing online meetings, therefore if anyone wishes to speak at the open forum please send name, address and comments to board chair, Brigid Tuck at:

Please send comments before 6:30 pm on Monday, May 4th. 
7.1. Donations & Grants Received
7.2. 2019-20 MRC All-Academic
7.3. 2019-20 One Act Play and Speech Letter Winners
7.4. Students of the Month- 
K- Jhonatan Morales 5- Marcus Berger 10- Macie Merrill
1- Emmalee Flores 6- Peyton Tellijohn  11- Dylan Feeney
2- Brody Maxwell  7- Rebecca Ikonitski        12- Charlie Tesch     
3- Emery Dohmen 8- Anna Berger 
4- Hailey McConnell 9- Melanie Smykalski
8.1. Committee Reports
8.1.1. Finance
Presenter:  Superintendent Johnson
8.1.2. Negotiations
Presenter:  Director Joe Roby
8.1.3. MVED
Presenter:  Director Erina Prom
8.1.4. Human Resource
Presenter:  Director Kelsey Schwartz
8.1.5. Policy 
Presenter:  Director Erina Prom
8.1.6. Facilities Steering 
Presenter:  Director Matt Hathaway
8.1.7. Community Ed Council 
Presenter:  Director Brigid Tuck
8.2. Superintendent Report
8.2.1. Strategic Plan Update
Presenter:  Superintendent Johnson
8.2.2. Update on 2020-21 Superintendent Goals 
Presenter:  Superintendent Johnson
9.1. District Office Consent Items
9.1.1. Approve minutes for Regular School Board Meeting on April 6, 2020.
9.2. Business Office Consent Items
9.2.1. Treasurer's Report - September 2019
9.2.2. Bills and Claims for September 2019 in the amount of $871,709.47 subject to annual audit
9.2.3. Treasurer's Report - October 2019
9.2.4. Bills and Claims for October 2019 in the amount of $617,666.42 subject to annual audit
9.2.5. Budget Analysis Year to Date
9.3. Personnel Consent Items
9.3.1. Hirings: MS/HS Vocal Music Teacher- Zachary Kubasta
9.3.2. Resignations:
9.3.3. Requests:
9.3.4. Retirements:
Description:  Per Policy 797 - Purchasing, Article 3 Payments, Section D. "individual purchases of more than five thousand dollars ($5,000) require prior school board approval."  Approval is recommended. 
10.1. Phones
10.2. Voc Tech Grant 
Presenter:  Superintendent Marlene Johnson
Recommendation is to purchase and upgrade the Voc Tech program with this piece of equipment. The money will be completely reimbursed.  This has also been approved by the finance committee. 
11.1. Recommendation to approve the remaining bill for transportation. 
12.1. Policies: 
12.1.1. Recommendation to approve third reading for policies 201, 202, 203.1, 534 and 902.
Description:  201- Legal Status of the School Board The Powers and Duties section does not have the same verbiage in the same format. Also, the cross references would need to be updated as we are now using MSBA policies as labels instead of “Le Sueur-Henderson Public Schools Policy” where appropriate.
Recommend using the format and verbiage from the MSBA policy for the section Powers
and Duties. This would then have the whole policy match the MSBA.

202- School Board Officers The verbiage in our current policy is different for section 2A.
The verbiage in our current policy goes into more detail. as suggested by MSBA for the
section on Organization.
The verbiage of the current policy is different under Section E regarding Superintendent.
For all purposes, it still is an MSBA policy with some additions. However, with policies,
sometimes less is more. I would recommend to move to total MSBA policy.

203.1 School Board Procedures-Rules of Order Under section 3A Section, there are 3 additional points written that MSBA does not include.
Under Rules of Order, the current policy under 3 B has additional language labeled N. O. P.

I recommend to edit out the extra language. I believe that MSBA captures the intent of this policy.
12.1.2. Recommendation to approve first and final readings for policies 620, 801, 807, 901, 903, 904, 905, and 907.
Description:  620- Change to MSBA Policy- Definition of weighted grades is a red line. 
Note:  Red lines for weighted grades have already been updated and verified. 1X C numbering change from V11 to 1X 

801-Equal Access to School Facilities
Policy is current with MSBA policy including redlines.

807- Health and Safety Policy Policy is current with MSBA.  Under IV we have added OSHA to our list where MSBA doesn’t.  This is acceptable. 

901- Community Education Policy is current with MSBA

903- Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites
All red lines have been added.This policy is current with MSBA

904- Distribution of Materials on School District Property By Nonschool Persons
Section IV B #6 changes the word “religious” to religion. Legal References has added, “denied 565 U.S. 1036”, 

905- AdvertisingSection III B red lines delete the words “on school district property or” as it is redundant with the wording “within 100 feet of a school….  This wording change is insignificant. This is referencing where advertising devices can be placed. 

907- Rewards
This policy is current with MSBA Policy.
12.1.3. Recommendation to approve the first reading for policies 802, 805 and 806
Description:  802- Disposition of Obsolete Equipment and Material
When discussing bids, our policy uses $100,000 instead of $175,000. That is ok. 
Section IV H  adds language about tablet devices and disposing of computers.  I recommend changing the district language to the language in MSBA except for the $100,000 portions. 
The MSBA language substantially reflects statutory requirements as of 2019. 

805- Waste Reduction and Recycling
Section V C has language various redlines regarding printing, cartridges and paper purchase.

806- Crisis Management Policy
Cross references have red lines to change the words “ No Child Left Behind” to “Every Student Succeeds Act”. 
Section V B references LSH policy 903 instead of MSBA policy 903. 
We have added words of school safety guide throughout along with crisis manual. We only have a crisis manual so I would suggest using only MSBA language here. 
12.2. Recommendation to approve a Construction Manager from RA Morton or Kraus Anderson. 
12.3. Recommendation to allow city to make our sidewalk trail width. 
Presenter:  Superintendent Marlene Johnson
Description:  Since the widening of the sidewalk would not conflict with any furture needs for facilities, I feel this would be a great community wide improvement.  I recommend to allow the city to widen the sidewalk to be a train.

The other option would be to leave it the sidewalk the same as it is now.  However, I feel our questions have been resolved and therefore there are no negatives to allowing the project to proceed. 
12.4. Recommendation to move the graduation date to July 18 if it is determined that only a virtual ceremony can take place on May 24. 
Presenter:  Superintendent Johnson
Description:  We are waiting for the Commissioner of Education and the Governor to make a decision regarding the safety of the students and community.  However, we are striving to plan for some type of in person graduation.  We would like to wait a bit longer to see if we can hold graduation in May as planned.  If in the near future we determine that we can't hold graduation in some form of "in person" we would like to have permission to move the graduation to July 18th.  If it becomes apparent that July also does not work out, we would implement a virtual graduation on that date. Mr. Thorstad has worked with and gathered input from the graduation committee, senior students, and parents and determined, if possible, to not have a virtual graduation. 
Description:  Please refer to the link on our website for the most current updates, as it's updated on a daily basis. 
14.1. Schedule of Upcoming Meetings
Description:  Topic: Le Sueur Henderson School Board meeting
Time: May 4, 2020 06:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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