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July 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Roll Call
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. First Public Comments/Questions (20 Minutes)
III.A. East High School Auditorium - In Person Meeting - All Public Comments in Person Only- Room Capacity 50 - Public Call In Number Listen Only -    425-436-6200    Access Code:  485-025
IV. Communications from the Superintendent
IV.A. Motion to Approve the Two (2) Year SPARK Agreement in the Amount of $15,000 per Year
IV.B. Fall 2020 Re-Opening Update
IV.C. Motion to Approve the First Amendment to the Redevelopment Agreement for the Avalon Heights Development (Bardwell Community) 
V. Motion to Approve the Following Consent Agenda, as listed:
V.A. Board of Education Meeting Minutes of July 6, 2020
V.B. Executive Session Meeting Minutes of July 6, 2020
V.C. Monthly Financial Reports, as listed:
V.C.1. List of Bills
V.C.2. May 2020 Financials
V.C.3. Payroll Report
V.D. Personnel Report, as listed:
V.D.1. Resignations
V.D.2. Appointments
V.D.3. Adjusted Appointments
V.D.4. Retirements
V.D.5. Leaves
V.E. Donations, as listed:
V.E.1. $1,277.32 for O'Donnell School from Ginger Creek Community Church
V.F. Settlement of Workman's Compensation Claim #13F50G231524/Case #14WC10365
VI. Finance/Personnel Committee, Annette Johnson, Chair, met July 14, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. 
VI.A. Informational/Discussion Items:
VI.A.1. Next Finance Committee Meeting - Tuesday, August 11th at 5:00 p.m. at the SSC
VI.A.2. Finance/Personnel Committee Minutes of July 14, 2020
VI.A.3. Budget
VI.A.4. PPE/Temperature Kiosks
VI.A.5. Review Revisions to the Following IASB PRESS Policies:
VI.A.5.a. 2:220 (Board of Education Meeting Procedure)
VI.A.5.b. 2:220-E9 Exhibit (Requirements for No Physical Presence of Quorum and Participation by Audio or Video During Disaster Declaration)
VI.A.5.c. 4:180 (Pandemic, Preparedness; Management; and Recovery)
VI.A.5.d. 7:40 (Nonpublic School Students, Including Parochial and Home-Schooled Students
VI.A.5.e. 7:190 (Student Behavior)
VI.A.5.f. 7:340 (Student Records)
VI.A.5.g. 7:345 (Use of Educational Technologies; Student Data Privacy and Security)
VI.B. Action Items: 
VI.B.1. Motion to Approve the Proposal for Digital Multi-Funcion Copier Devices and Services to ImageTec as Presented
VI.B.2. Motion to Award the Bid for Waste Disposal and Recycling Services to Waste Management for the 20/21, 21/22 and 22/23 School Years
VI.B.3. Motion to Approve the Rate Increases Proposed by Preferred Meals and Sodexo for the 20/21 School Year
VI.B.4. Motion to Approve the Purchase of 500 Laptop Computers from CDW in the Amount of $182,500
VI.B.5. Motion to Approve Two (2) FLES/Exploratory and Two (2) ESL Middle School Teachers
VI.B.6. Motion to Approve Twenty Six (26) PK-12 Permanent Substitutes
VI.B.7. Motion to Approve Fifty One (51) Substitute Custodians
VI.B.8. Motion to Approve Seventy Nine (79) Noon Hour Personnel
VI.B.9. Motion to Approve Establishing an Imprest Account with a Maximum Monthly Limit of $15,000
VI.B.10. Motion to Approve the Revisions to the Following Board Policies:
VI.B.10.a. 2:20 (Powers and Duties of the Board of Education; Indemnification)
VI.B.10.b. 2:110 (Qualifications, Term, and Duties of Board Officers)
VII. Curriculum Committee, Kimberly Hatchett, Chair
VII.A. Informational/Discussion Items:
VII.A.1. Next Curriculum Committee Meeting - Monday, August 17th at 5:00 p.m. at the SSC
VII.B. Action Items:  None
VIII. Building & Grounds, Bruce Schubert, Chair 
VIII.A. Informational/Discussion Items:
VIII.A.1. Next Building & Grounds Committee Meeting - Monday, August 3rd at 5:00 p.m. at the SSC
VIII.B. Action Item:  
VIII.B.1. Motion to Approve the Following COVID Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Bids:
VIII.B.1.a. LNJ Capital in the Amount of $2,000 for Ear Band Disposable Safety Masks
VIII.B.1.b. Conscendo Aviatioin Investments in the Amount of $1,700 for FDA Approved Infrared Digital Thermometers
VIII.B.1.c. Performance Chemical in the Amount of $980 for Optical Free Face Shields
VIII.B.1.d. J&R Marketing DBA Brandrageous in the Amount of $1,252.40 for Desktop Shields
IX. Executive Session for the Purpose of Discussing Property Acquisition, Pending Litigation and the Appointment, Employment and Dismissal of a Specific Employee
X. Action Resulting from Executive Session
XI. Second Public Comments/Questions (20 Minutes)
XII. Informational Items, if any:
XIII. Adjournment
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