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June 15, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Roll Call
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Communications from the Superintendent
III.A. School Closure Update
III.B. East High Graduation Update
III.C. Motion to Approve the FY21 Consolidated Plan
IV. Motion to Approve the Following Consent Agenda, as Listed:
IV.A. Board of Education Meeting Minutes of June 1, 2020
IV.B. Executive Session Meeting Minutes of June 1, 2020
IV.C. Monthly Financial Reports, as listed:
IV.C.1. List of Bills
IV.C.2. Payroll Report
IV.C.3. April 2020 Financials
IV.D. Donations, as listed:
IV.D.1. $500 from Dick's Sporting Goods to Inspire and Enable Sports Participation at Cowherd Middle School
IV.D.2. Steel Drum Kit from Meemic Foundation to Simmons Middle School
Description:  Steel Drum Kit from Meemic Foundation to Simmons Middle School
IV.D.3. 400 Books from Jody Plywaczynski and Community Christian Church for Students at Brady School
V. Finance/Personnel Committee Meeting, Annette Johnson, Chair, met June 9, 2020
V.A. Informational Item:
V.A.1. Next Finance/Personnel Committee Meeting - Tuesday July 14, 2020  at 5:00 p.m.
V.A.2. Finance/Personnel Meeting Minutes of June 9, 2020
V.A.3. Budget Calendar for 2019/2020
V.A.4. Finance/Personnel Committee Meeting Dates for 2020/2021
V.A.5. Year End Bills
V.A.6. New Position
V.A.7. Finance/Personnel Committee Meeting Dates for 2020/2021
V.A.8. Review Revisions to the Following IASB PRESS Board Policies:
V.A.8.a. 4:50 (Operational Services - Payment Procedures)
V.A.8.b. 5:60 (General Personnel Expenses)
V.A.8.c. 5:60 E1 (Operational Services - Employee Expense Reimbursement Form)
V.A.8.d. 5:60 E2 (Expenses - Employee Estimated Expense Approval Form)
V.A.8.e. 7:90 (Students - Release During School Hours)
V.A.9. Review Revisions to the Following Board of Education Policies:
V.A.9.a. 5:20 (Workplace Harassment Prohibited)
V.A.9.b. 7:20 (Bullying and Harassment of Students Prohibited)
V.A.10. Review Procedure for Board Policy 4:180 AP-3 (Operational Services - Administrative Procedure - Grant Flexibility; Payment of Employee Salaries During a Pandemic)
V.B. New Business:
V.B.1. Policy 2:110 (Board of Education - Qualifications, Terms and Duties of Board Officers)
V.C. Action Items:
V.C.1. Motion to Approve the Certification for the Amount of the Treasurer's Surety Bond
V.C.2. Motion to Approve the Resolution to Appoint School District Treasurer
V.C.3. Motion to Approve the Resolution for Depositories
V.C.4. Motion to Award the Commercial Insurance Policies as Listed in the HUB Group Comprehensive Proposal
VI. Curriculum
VI.A. Informational Items:
VI.A.1. Next Regular Meeting - Monday, July 20, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. at the SSC
VI.B. Action Items: None
VII. Building & Grounds
VII.A. Informational Items:
VII.A.1. Next Regular Meeting - Monday, July 6th at 5:00 p.m. at the SSC
VII.B. Action Items:
VII.B.1. Motion to Approve Planes Commercial Services as Project Manager for the Move of Administrative Offices in East Aurora School District 131
VIII. Public Comments/Questions (20 Minutes)
VIII.A. Public Call Number:  425-436-6200     Access Code:  485-025
IX. Executive Session for the Purpose of Discussing Workman's Compensation, Property Acquisition and the Appointment, Employment and Dismissal of a Specific Employee
X. Action Resulting from Executive Session, if any
X.A. Motion to Approve the Personnel Report, as Listed:
X.A.1. Resignations
X.A.2. Appointments
X.A.3. Adjusted Appointments
X.A.4. Leaves
X.A.5. Retirements
X.A.6. Differentials
X.A.7. Department Staff Contracts
XI. Informational Items, if any:
XII. Adjournment
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