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June 1, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular

I. Roll Call
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Public Comments/Questions (20 Minutes)
III.A. Public Call Number: 425-436-6200      Access Code:  485-025
IV. Communications from the Superintendent
IV.A. School Closure Update
IV.B. High School Graduation Update
IV.C. Electronic Board Packets - Board Book
V. Motion to Approve the Following Consent Agenda, as listed
V.A. Board of Education Meeting Minutes of May 18, 2020
V.B. Executive Session Meeting Minutes of May 18, 2020
V.C. Monthly Financial Reports, as listed
V.C.1. List of Bills
V.D. Board of Education Meeting Dates for the 20/21 School Year
VI. Finance/Personnel Committee, Annette Johnson Chair
VI.A. Informational:
VI.A.1. Next Finance/Personnel Committee Meeting - Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.
VI.B. Action:
VI.B.1. Motion to Adopt the 2019/2020 Amended Budget
VI.B.2. Motion to Approve the Resolution Transferring Funds from the Operations and Maintenance Fund to the Bond and Interest Fund of School District 131, Kane County, Illinois
VI.B.3. Motion to Approve the Revisions to the Following IASB PRESS Plus Board Policies:
VI.B.3.a. 6:135 (Instruction - Accelerated Placement Program)
VI.B.3.b. 7:70 (Students - Attendance and Truancy)
VI.B.3.c. 7:130 (Students - Student Rights and Responsibilities)
VI.B.3.d. 7:325 (Students - Student Fundraising Activities)
VI.B.3.e. 8:10 (Community Relations - Connections with the Community)
VI.B.3.f. 8:30 (Community Relations - Visitors to and Conduct on School Property)
VI.B.3.g. 8:80 (Community Relations - Gifts to the District)
VI.B.3.h. 8:110 (Community Relations - Public Suggestions and Concerns)
VII. Curriculum
VII.A. Informational/Discussion Items:
VII.A.1. Next Curriculum Committee Meeting - June 15, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. at the SSC. 
VII.A.2. Summer School
VII.A.2.a. Google Classroom
VII.A.2.b. Microsoft Teams
VII.A.3. Fall Back-up Planning
VII.A.4. School Improvement Report - Allen Elementary School
VII.A.5. Curriculum Committee Meeting Dates for the 20/21 School Year
VII.B. Action Items:  
VII.B.1. Motion to Approve the School Improvement Report for Allen Elementary School
VII.B.2. Motion to Approve the Purchase of Google Classroom Suite and Google Professional Development for a Total Amount of $59,100
VIII. Building & Grounds
VIII.A. Informational:
VIII.A.1. Next Building & Grounds Committee Meeting - July 6, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. at the School Service Center
VIII.A.2. Summer Construction General Update
VIII.A.3. Building & Grounds Committee Meeting dates for the 20/21 School Year
VIII.A.4. Cowherd School Cafeteria Wall
VIII.A.5. Renaming the Gonzales Child Service Center/Welcome Center to the Aries Jaybird Gonzales Child Center
VIII.A.6. Return to Work/School and Protective Equipment (PPE)
VIII.A.7. External Renovation of Hill Avenue Service Center
VIII.B. Action Items:  
VIII.B.1. Motion to Approve Hiring TEM Consulting for the District's Environmental Consulting Services
VIII.B.2. Motion to Approve the Adventures Program Furniture Bid to Lowery McDonnell Co. in the Amount of $22,600
IX. Executive Session for the Purpose of Discussing Safety and Security, Workman's Compensation and the Appointment, Employment and Dismissal of a Specific Employee
X. Action, Resulting from Executive Session, if any
X.A. Motion to Approve the Personnel Report, as Listed:
X.A.1. Resignations
X.A.2. Appointments
X.A.3. Adjusted Appointments
X.A.4. Leaves
X.A.5. Retirements
X.A.6. Recalls - Certified Staff
X.A.7. Adjusted Salaries
X.A.8. Dismissals
XI. Informational Items, if any
XI.A. FOIA Update
XII. Adjournment
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