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March 2, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular

I. Roll Call
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. First Public Comments/Questions (20 Minutes)
IV. Communications from the Superintendent
IV.A. Student Board Member Report
IV.B. Community Relations Report
IV.C. Health Preparation Report
V. Board Comments
VI. Motion to Approve the Following Consent Agenda, as listed:
VI.A. Board of Education Meeting Minutes of February 18, 2020
VI.B. Executive Session Meeting Minutes of February 18, 2020
VI.C. Monthly Financial Reports, as listed:
VI.C.1. List of Bills
VI.D. Personnel Report, as listed:
VI.D.1. Resignations
VI.D.2. Appointments
VI.D.3. Adjusted Appointments
VI.D.4. Leaves
VI.D.5. Differentials
VI.E. Approve that the Executive Session Minutes from July 1, 2019 through December 16, 2019 Remain Closed from Public Inspection
VII. Finance/Personnel Committee, Annette Johnson, Chair
VII.A. Informational/Discussion Items:
VII.A.1. Meeting Schedule - Tuesday, March 10th at 5:00 p.m. at the SSC
VII.B. Action Items: 
VII.B.1. Motion to Approve the Revision to Board Policy 6:300 (Graduation Requirements)
VIII. Curriculum and Programs Committee, Kimberly Hatchett, Chair, met February 18th at 5:00 p.m. at the SSC
VIII.A. Informational/Discussion Items:
VIII.A.1. Meeting Schedule - Monday, March 16th at 5:00 p.m. at the SSC
VIII.A.2. Curriculum Committee Minutes of February 18, 2020
VIII.A.3. Brady SIP
VIII.A.4. Hermes SIP
VIII.A.5. Dual Language FY21 Schedules
VIII.A.6. IL Empower Lead Partner Proposals
VIII.A.7. Winter MAP Data Overview
VIII.A.8. FY20 Proposed Summer School Dates
VIII.A.9. Enrollment and Attendance
VIII.B. Action Items: 
VIII.B.1. Motion to Approve the IL Empower Lead Partner Proposal CEC in the Amount of $46,800
IX. Building & Grounds Committee, Bruce Schubert
IX.A. Informational/Discussion Items:
IX.A.1. Meeting Schedule - Monday, March 2, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. at the SSC
IX.B. Action Item:  None
X. Executive Session for the Purpose of Discussing Property Acquisition and the Appointment, Employment and Dismissal of a Specific Employee
XI. Action Resulting from Executive Session
XI.A. Motion to Approve the Suspension of Employee #8216
XII. Second Public Comments/Questions (20 Minutes)
XIII. Informational Items, if any:
XIV. Adjournment
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