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September 22, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Welcome.
2. Public Hearing on 2019-2020 Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) Report.
3. Pledges of Allegiance & District Call to Action.
4. Moment of Silence.
5. Board Meeting called to order.
6. Awards & Recognitions.
6.A. Recognition of employee service award recipients for 2019-2020.
7. Approval of Consent Agenda.
In order to promote efficient meetings, the Board may act upon more than one item by a single vote through the use of consent agenda. Consent items shall be items placed on the Agenda marked with an asterisk (*) for which no Board discussion is anticipated and for which the Superintendent recommends approval. Prior to the meeting, at the request of any member of the Board of Directors, any item on the consent agenda shall be removed and given individual consideration. Requests for individual consideration are made at least a half-hour prior to Board meetings and requests must be directed to either the Board President or the Superintendent.
8. Public Comments for Agenda Topics.
9. Public Audience for Non-Agenda Topics.
10. *Action: Review and act on the August 25 and September 3, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes.
11. Policy & Curriculum - Sylvia S. Lopez & Yolanda Kamel, Co-Chairs
11.A. *Report on student graduation plans.
11.B. *Action: Review and act on 2020-2021 appraisal calendar.
12. Buildings & Grounds - Rick Villarreal, DDS & Jaime Solis, Co-Chairs
12.A. Report on the following projects:
12.A.1. Mercedes Complex Electronic Marquee
12.A.2. Medical Professions Classroom Wing Addition
12.A.3. New Central Office Building Renovation
12.B. Action: Review and act on approving the ranking of proposals for the construction services for the following projects:
12.B.1. Edinburg Exterior Restroom project
12.B.2. Science Academy CATE Building Renovation project
13. Finance -  Ramon Montalvo, III & Israel G. Quintanilla, Co-Chairs
13.A. *Report on school district investments:
13.A.1. Investments owned by the district.
13.A.2. Investments held by Wilmington Trust for the South Texas ISD Public Facilities Corporation.
13.B. *Report on checks written since last report.
13.C. *Report on 2019-2020 fourth quarter student activity accounts.
13.D. *Action: Review and act on requisition #087587 Longhorn Bus Sales for the purchase of buses.
13.E. *Action: Review and act on the 2020-2021 General Fund, Budget Amendment #1.
13.F. *Action: Review and act on the following budget amendments to carry forward the 2019-2020 federal funds:
13.F.1. 204 (289) Title IV Part A, Budget Amendment #1
13.F.2. 211 Title I Part A, Budget Amendment #1
13.F.3. 212 Title I Part C, Budget Amendment #1
13.F.4. 224 IDEA B, Budget Amendment #1
13.F.5. 255 Title II Part A, Budget Amendment #1
13.F.6. 263 Title III Part A, Budget Amendment #1
13.F.7. 266 ESSER Grant, Budget Amendment #1
13.F.8. 410 Instructional Materials Allotment, Budget Amendment #1
13.G. Report on the following 2020-2021 Federal budgets:
13.G.1. 211 Title I Part A
13.G.2. 212 Title I Part C
13.G.3. 224 IDEA B
13.G.4. 244 Carl Perkins CTE
13.G.5. 255 Title II Part A
13.G.6. 263 Title III Part A
13.G.7. 289 Title IV Part A
13.G.8. 397 International Baccalaureate Incentive Award
13.H. Action: Review and act on the following payment applications:
13.H.1. Payment application #1 to Gomez, Mendez, Saenz Inc. for the Preparatory Academy Parking Lot Expansion project.
13.H.2. Payment application #2 to Gomez, Mendez, Saenz Inc. for the Edinburg Bus Barn/Maintenance Facility project.
13.H.3. Payment application #1 to D. Wilson Construction for the Edinburg Bus Barn/Maintenance Facility.
13.I. Action: Review and act on proposed calendar for South Texas ISD Audit.
13.J. Action: Review and act on the following donation(s):
13.J.1. $1,000 from Dr. Ricardo Ochoa for Health Professions
14. Superintendent's Report - Marco Antonio Lara, Jr., Ed.D.
14.A. *Campus Reports
14.A.1. Preparatory Academy - A. Castro
14.A.2. Rising Scholars Academy - C. Rodriguez
14.A.3. World Scholars - E. Garza
14.A.4. Medical Professions - H. Goette
14.A.5. Health Professions - M. Flores
14.A.6. Science Academy - I. Castillo, Ed.D.
14.A.7. Attendance Reports - J. Hembree
14.B. *Report on professional vacancies.
14.C. *Action: Review and act on appointing School Health Advisory Council Members.
14.D. Action: Review and act on request from Board Member Irma Perez Trevino for reimbursement of 2020 board approved travel.
14.E. *Action: Review and act on board members to attend the following:
14.E.1. STISD Day at the Capitol, February 9, 2021, Austin, TX
14.E.2. NSBA Annual Conference, April 10-12, 2021, New Orleans, LA
14.F. *Action: Review and act on approval of Board delegates to attend the NSBA's Advocacy Institute, January 24-26, 2021 in Washington, DC.
14.G. *Annual report on the Education Foundation of South Texas ISD.
14.H. Action: Review and act on request for additional district administrative professional and paraprofessional positions for the 2020-2021 school year and announcement of vacancies.
14.I. Action: Review and act on proposed Board's procedures on public comment and public audience.
14.J. Action: Review and act on Certification (Election Code 2.052) of unopposed status of candidates for election to the office of South Texas ISD School Board Director:
14.J.1. Sylvia S. Lopez - Cameron County Precinct 2
14.J.2. Irma Perez-Treviño - Cameron County Precinct 4
14.J.3. Israel G. Quintanilla - Willacy County Precinct 2
14.J.4. Hector Gonzales - Willacy County Precinct 3
14.K. Action: Review and act on Resolution declaring each unopposed candidate, as per certification, elected to the office of School Board Directors and authorize an issuance of a certificate of election (Election Code 2.053).
14.L. Superintendent's report on district activities August thru September.
15. *Correspondence.
EXECUTIVE SESSION: A closed or executive session as pursuant to the Texas Government Code Section, 551.071, 551.072, 551.074, 551.082, 551.084 and 551.001, the Board may go into Executive Session to discuss the following:
16.A. 551.074, 551.071 Personnel Matters and consultation with school attorney regarding Personnel Matters: Closed Meeting
16.A.1. Recommendation of professional staff for the 2020-2021 school year.
16.A.1.a. Teacher(s)
16.A.1.b. Nurse
16.A.1.c. Counselor
16.A.1.d. Principal
16.A.1.e. Chief Academic Officer
16.B. 551.072 Deliberation regarding real property; Closed Meeting
16.B.1. Report on the sale listing of 15.91 acres on Russell Lane in San Benito. 
17. OPEN SESSION: Action on any Item Deliberated in Closed Meeting
17.A. 551.074, 551.071 Personnel Matters and consultation with school attorney regarding Personnel Matters:
17.A.1. Action: Review and act on recommendation of professional staff for the 2020-2021 school year.
17.A.1.a. Teacher(s)
17.A.1.b. Nurse
17.A.1.c. Counselor
17.A.1.d. Principal
17.A.1.e. Chief Academic Officer
17.B. 551.072 Deliberation regarding real property.
17.B.1. Action: Review and act on the contract with realtor for the sale of 15.91 acres on Russell Lane in San Benito and authorize the Superintendent of Schools to sign the contract.
18. Adjournment.
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