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July 19, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Special Board Meeting

1. Call to order and establish quorum
Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
2. Comments from Public
Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
All persons who address the Board at this time must complete a registration form and turn in to the Board Secretary before the meeting begins.
3. Budget Workshop
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
4. Discuss and Consider Possible Action on HB 547 Regarding Home-School Participation in Extracurricular Activities
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
5. Review District Level Handbooks
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
6. Discuss and Consider TASB Policy Review Recommendations and Instructions Regarding (LOCAL) policies [see attached list].
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
BISD (LOCAL) Policies Included in TASB Review:
  • AE(LOCAL) Educational Philosophy
  • AF(LOCAL) Innovation Districts
  • BBB(LOCAL) Board Members: Elections
  • BDAA(LOCAL) Officers and Officials: Duties and Requirements of Board Officers
  • BED(LOCAL) Board Meetings: Public Participation
  • BQA(LOCAL) Planning and Decision Making Process: District-Level
  • BQB(LOCAL)  Planning and Decision Making Process: Campus-Level
  • CL(LOCAL) Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management
  • CLC(LOCAL) Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management: Traffic and Parking Controls
  • CRD(LOCAL) Insurance and Annuities Management: Health and Life Insurance
  • CV(LOCAL) Facilities Construction
  • DB(LOCAL) Employment Requirements and Restrictions
  • DCA(LOCAL) Employment Practices: Probationary Contracts
  • DCB(LOCAL) Employment Practices: Term Contracts
  • DEA(LOCAL) Compensation and Benefits: Compensation Plan
  • DEAB(LOCAL) Compensation Plan: Wage and Hour Laws
  • DED(LOCAL) Compensation and Benefits: Vacations and Holidays
  • DHE(LOCAL) Employee Standards of Conduct: Searches and Alcohol/Drug Testing
  • DL(LOCAL) Work Load
  • DNA(LOCAL) Performance Appraisal: Evaluation of Teachers
  • DP(LOCAL) Personnel Positions
  • EB(LOCAL) School Year
  • EI(LOCAL) Academic Achievement
  • EIA(LOCAL) Academic Achievement: Grading/Progress Reports to Parents
  • EIC(LOCAL) Academic Achievement: Class Ranking
  • EIE(LOCAL) Academic Achievement: Retention and Promotion
  • FD(LOCAL) Admissions
  • FEC(LOCAL) Attendance: Attendance for Credit
  • FFA(LOCAL) Student Welfare: Wellness and Health Services
  • FFAC(LOCAL) Wellness and Health Services: Medical Treatment
  • FFFA(LOCAL) Student Safety: Supervision of Students
  • FL(LOCAL) Student Records
  • FM(LOCAL) Student Activities
  • FMH(LOCAL) Student Activities: Commencement
  • FNAA(LOCAL) Student Expression: Distribution of Nonschool Literature
  • FNAB(LOCAL) Student Expression: Use of School Facilities for Nonschool Purposes
  • FNCA(LOCAL) Student Conduct: Dress Code
  • FO(LOCAL) Student Discipline
  • GKD(LOCAL) Community Relations: Nonschool Use of School Facilities
  • GKDA(LOCAL) Nonschool Use of School Facilities: Distribution of Nonschool Literature
  • GNC(LOCAL) Relation with Educational Entities: Colleges and Universites
  • GNE(LOCAL) Relations with Educational Entities: Education Accreditation Agencies
7. Discuss and Consider the 2021-2022 Breckenridge ISD Student Code of Conduct
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
8. Discuss and Consider Public Workers Compensation Program Interlocal Agreement
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
9. Discuss and Consider PCAT Proposal for Property, Casualty, Automobile, and Liability Insurance Coverage for 2021-2022
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
10. Discuss and Consider Approval of 2021-2022 BISD Compensation Plan and Salary Schedules
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
11. Personnel
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
11.A. BISD Personnel Report
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
11.B. Consider Contract Offerings to Certified and Licensed Personnel
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
12. Closed Session
Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
  • Consultation with Attorney (Tex. Gov’t Code §551.071)
  • Discussion of Personnel Matters (Tex. Gov’t Code §551.074)
  • Discussion of Security Measures (Tex. Gov’t Code §551.076)
  • Discussion of Real Property (Tex. Gov’t Code §551.072)
13. Adjournment
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
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