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April 5, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board of Education Meeting

1. Call to Order
1.A. Pledge of Allegiance - 
1.B. Roll Call & Public fundamental with Public comments
2. Superintendent Report - Mr. Angel Abdulahad
2.A. COVID-19 Update
2.B. Revisit Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan
3. Board of Education Action Items
3.A. Approval of Minutes from: February 9, 2021 and March 1, 2021 Regular Board of Education Meetings and January 26, 2021 and February 25, 2021 Special Board of Education Meetings.
3.B. Approval of Resolution for Bond Refunding
Description:  Attached is a copy of the Resolution & closing documents for our Bond Refunding for Board of Education Review, signature and approval.  After approval three copies are to be signed by the Secretary or President of the Board of Education and notarized and Fed Ex before the April 7, 2021 due date. (Please give us time to Fed Ex the signed and notarized documents.)
3.C. Approval of Bond Refunding Expenses
Description:  Attached is a copy of expenses to be incurred due to the District's participation in the Refunding of our Bonds.  As required and attached for your review and approval, an escrow payment in the amount of $150,000 to The Huntington National Bank, and an invoice from S&P Global for district rating services in the amount of $16,750.  These services were required during the Bond Refunding process.
3.D. Approval of Uninterruptible Power Supply Purchase
Description:  Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) protect the district's network infrastructure from surges in power as well as brownouts and total power outages.  With the UPS in place during a complete power outage the network equipment will remain powered for approximately 10 minutes.  While these devices won't continue to power the network for an extended period of time, it will allow the network to be protected against brief power outages which are experienced quite frequently in the district.
3.E. Approval of Catherine Vyse Contract Addendum
Description:  Superintendent Abdulahad is seeking approval for the attached contract addendum for Catherine Vyse, who on February 2, 2021 assumed the additional duties of the former District's Transportation Director.
3.F. Approval of Jamie Thiel Contract Addendum
Description:  Suerintendent Abdulahad is seeking approval for the attached contract addendum for Jamie Thiel, who on March 1, 2021 assumed the additional duties of the District's Website/Social Media Coordinator.
3.G. Expansion of Pre-approved Vendor List
Description:  Additional vendors for Pre- Approval is being requested for the accounts payable vendors listed below not currently on our pre-approved vendor list that need to continually be paid before our next Board of Education meeting. The vendors or areas of concern are as follows: Home Depot, Sam's Club, Legal Services, Mail Services - (Pitney Bowes, Fed Ex), Advance Auto, Tony's Ace Hardware
4. Human Resources
4.A. Personnel Report
Description:  Personnel report as presented: 
Catia Bailey-Sanders - Bus Driver (Re-hire) Transportation; Effective 03/09/2021
Tim Pace - Bus Driver (Re-hire) Transportation; Effective 03/15/2021
Devon Tocco - Teacher Madison High School; Effective 03/15/202

Erica Lee - Teacher Madison High School; Effective 03/12/2021
Tonya Bulock - Bus Driver Transportation; Effective 03/15/2021

5. Business Office
5.A. Check Register Approval
Description:  Expenditures for March 1st - 31st
5.B. 2nd Budget Amendment
Description:  2 nd Budget Amendment for the Board of Education’s review and
approval. We are asking for approval to use this proposed budget Amendment until our next amendment to the budget is presented to the Board of Education in June, 2021.
5.C. Preliminary Qualification of Bonds

Forthcoming, for Board of Education review and approval is the Application for Preliminary Qualification of Bonds presented to the Department of Treasury which is one of the first steps to being able to present our New Bond Proposal for vote during the August, 2021 Election.

6. Board items - Officers and Committee Reports
6.A. Committee Reports
6.A.1. GRC Report
6.A.2. Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Committee Report
6.A.3. Parks and Recreation Committee
7. Board Comments
8. Adjournment

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