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January 11, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Board of Education Meeting

1. Call to Order
1.A. Pledge of Allegiance - Ms. Scott
1.B. Roll Call & Public fundamental with Public comments
2. Public Swearing in of Newly appointed Board of Education Members: Crystal Beaver, Rebecca Chambliss, Mark Holcomb, and Cindy Holder
3. 2021 Election of Officers
3.A. Election of Temporary Chairperson
3.B. Election of Permanent Officers
4. Seating of New Board Members and Re-Elected Board Members
5. Board of Education Action Items
5.A. Designation of Depositories: BYLAW 154-A
5.B. Designation of authorized persons to sign checks, contracts, agreements and purchase orders: BYLAW 154-B
5.C. Establish Meeting Requirements: BYLAW 154-C
5.D. Safe Deposit Box: BYLAW 154-D
5.E. Charges for Request of Board Meetings: BYLAW 154-E
5.F. Study Sessions: BYLAW 154-F
5.G. Designation of administrators to assume specified responsibilities of the Treasurer and of the Secretary: BYLAW 154-G
5.H. Designate the Electronic Officer: BYLAW 154-H
5.I. Authorization of Legal Counsel
5.J. Authorization of Auditing Firm
5.K. Approval of Minutes from 12/07/2020 Regular Board Meeting
5.L. Approval of Minutes from 12/14/2020 Special Board Meeting
6. Superintendent Report - Mr. Angel Abdulahad
6.A. Presentation from PFM
6.B. COVID-19 Update
7. Revisit Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan
8. Human Resources
8.A. Recall of District Employees
8.B. Personnel Report
9. Business Office
9.A. Check Register Approval
10. Closed session under Section 8(h) of the Open Meetings Act to consider the written opinion of counsel.
11. Board items - Officers and Committee Reports
11.A. Annual Review of Committee Designees
11.A.1. Designation of Board Member to OCSBA Government Relations Committee
11.A.2. Designation of Board Member to OCSBA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
11.A.3. Designation of Board Member to Parks and Recreation Committee of Madison Heights
11.B. Board Comments
11.C. Adjournment

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