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February 22, 2022 at 5:30 PM - Board of Education Meeting

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Registration of Guests
Approval of Agenda with Additional Items and Order of Priority
Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes of the January 18, 2022 Regular Meeting and the Minutes of the February 1, 2022 Special Meeting.
Approval of Bills
Approval of Financial Statements
Public Participation in the MAISD Board of Education Meeting
Superintendent's Report
Head Start Report
Career  Tech Center - Goal Progress Review
Financial Report
Education Update - Juvenile Transition Center - Lisa Little
Old Business
New Business
Approve the purchase of a new serving line at Lakeshore Learning Center/Wesley Cafeteria from Merchandise Equipment & Supply in the amount of $36,752.68.
Approve the sale of our CTC construction trades house at 2497 Chestnut Trail to Collin and Alli VandenBosch in the amount of $320,000.  Also, authorize Mike Schluentz to process the sale and sign all closing documents.
Approve the contract from Heinemann to provide professional development training with Penny Kittle facilitating, in the amount of $16,800, and the contract with Kelly Gallagher to co-facilitate the Heinemann professional development series in the amount of $16,800.
Nominate and approve the appointment of Janet Brushman, as Representative at Large, to the MAISD Special Education Advisory Committee (SEPAC).
Approve 2022-23 Priority Enrollment Grids for Head Start & Early Head Start Programs.
Approve the Out-of-State Conference Requests for the following:
Jeff Bush, MCVA Principal
Digital Learning Annual Conference 2022 (DLAC)
February 7-9, 2022
Atlanta, GA
Rachel Zaragoza, Grants and Special Populations Coordinator
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
March 22-25, 2022
Pittsburgh, PA
Danielle Vossekuil, Math Consultant
Illustrative Mathematics Certified Facilitator Training
March 31-April 2, 2022
Baltimore, MD
Ashley Westerlund, Health Education Consultant
9th International Conference on Positive Behavior Support
April 13-16, 2022
San Diego, CA
Carrie Carlson, Math Consultant
US Math Recovery Council 2022 National Conference
April 25-28, 2022
Chicago, IL
Stephanie Dye & Stacie Hopkins-Schrumpf
Association of Positive Behavior Support Conference
April 13-16, 2022
San Diego, CA 
Approve the Employment of the Following Personnel:
Elizabeth Londo - Great Start Collaborative Parent Liaison - Effective 2/7/22
Susan Hornik - Digital Print Technician - Effective 2/14/22
Christopher Brown - Internet, Network, Security Technologies Instructor - Effective 2/22/22
Samantha Horn - Wesley School Instructional Assistant - Effective 03/14/22
Kim Smith - Wesley School Instructional Assistant - Effective 03/07/22
Approve the Following New Positions/Changes:
Caitlyn Kane - MCVA Success Coach 50% / IS Admin Assistant 50% - Effective 2/22/22
Sara Miller - Lakeshore Learning Center Instructional Assistant to a Lakeshore Learning Center Employees Association Position - Effective 2/22/22
Julie Steketee - Move from a Center-Based Occupational Therapist position to a MMSE Position
Kenadi Carpenter, Lakeshore Learning Center Instructional Assistant - Termination - Effective 01/19/22
Lisa Little - Move from Juvenile Transition Center Administrator to Lakeshore Learning Center Principal
Acknowledge the Retirement/Resignation/Layoff/Separation of the following personnel:
Victoria Swanson - Resignation - Effective 1/16/22
Jennifer Bogue-Courter - Resignation - Effective 1/26/22
Mary Deephouse - Retirement - Effective 1/31/22
Cheryl Latsch - Resignation - Effective 2/7/22
Robert Klanke - Resignation - Effective 2/16/22
Tim Brown - Retirement - Effective 2/28/22
Lisa Kordupel - Retirement - Effective 2/28/22
Patricia Meyers - Retirement - Effective 2/28/22

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