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December 20, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Board of Education Meeting

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Registration of Guests
Approval of Agenda with Additional Items and Order of Priority
Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes of the November 15, 2021 meeting
Approval of Bills
Approval of Financial Statements
Public Participation in the MAISD Board of Education Meeting
Superintendent's Report
Strategic Plan
Special Education Millage Survey Update
Head Start Report
Financial Report
Education Update - Early On - Michelle Webb
Old Business
New Business
Approve the transfer of $2,000,000 from the Special Education Building and Equipment account to the Special Education Operations account for the 2021/22 year and set a target for the Special Education Operations Fund balance and future capital projects.
Approve the distribution of local districts' estimated share of $2,000,000 of Act 18 Special Education net available revenues. $1,000,000 is to be paid by the end of January, and $1,000,000 paid by the end of March.
Approval of a one-year contract renewal with Enviro-clean for cleaning services with a monthly amount not to exceed $42,500.
Approve the Public Sector Consultants contract for the Project Prevention Program in the amount of $21,000 from October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022.
Approve the 2021/2022 Spectrum Health Hospitals Nursing Agreement.
Amend the 2021-22 Early Childhood Center payscale to include a longevity payment for center-based employees to equal $2,400 for employees employed prior to 10-01-21 and $1,200 for employees employed prior to 02-01-22.  Payable to those staff members employed as of 06-15-2022.
Approve the Out-of-State Travel Request for the following:
Deanna Holman
Deeper Learning 2022 Conference
March 29-31, 2022
San Diego, CA
Seven (7) CTC Staff Members
Deeper Learning 2022 Conference
March 29-31, 2022
San Diego, CA
Approve the Employment of the Following Personnel:
Dawson Postema - CTC Construction Trades Paraprofessional - Effective 12/13/21
Cadence Chase - Human Resources Administrative Assistant - Effective 12/13/21
Robyn Fisher - Wesley School ASD Teacher - Effective 01/03/22
Jackie Kukal - Early Childhood Family Service Worker - Effective 01/03/22
Kaylynn Stout - Early Childhood Family Advocate - Effective 01/03/22
Rachel Kent - CTC Project Based Learning Position - Effective 01/03/22
Hailey Maycroft - Instructional Services Administrative Assistant - Effective 01/10/22
Approve the Following New Positions/Changes:
Ashley Bultema - Early Head Start Compliance Specialist
Amanda Perry - Lead GSRP/Head Start Teacher
Lakeshore Learning Center HUB Position - Moving from an Instructional Assistant role to a Professional role.
Approve New Salary Schedules/Changes as follows:
Move existing Maintenance Staff from Grade G to Grade H. This grade matches other similar skilled support staff in the organization. 
Acknowledge the Retirement/Resignation/Layoff/Separation of the following personnel:
Sharon Warren - Retirement - Effective 12/31/21
Dorothea Jackson - Retirement - Effective 12/31/21
Ray Reasonover - Retirement - Effective 12/31/21
Debra Kukulski - Retirement - Effective 12/31/21
Sarah Kempf - Resignation - Effective 12/31/21
Susan Rehm-Westhoff - Retirement - Effective 02/01/22
Patricia Meyers - Retirement - Effective 02/28/21
Waive the two-reading requirement under Bylaw 1301 and adopt the following Board Policies:
  • 2201 - Board Powers
  • 3119 - Experimental or Pilot Programs
  • 3129 - Temporary Head Start Vaccination and Mask Requirements
  • 4205 - Hiring and Background Checks
  • 4226 - Temporary COVID-19 Vaccination, Testing, and Face Covering
  • 4601 - General

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