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August 8, 2022 at 3:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call
II. Consent Agenda - Items on consent agenda to be voted on as a single item by the Board.  Board members may remove items from the consent agenda prior to vote. Items removed from the consent agenda will be discussed individually.
II.A. Approval of Minutes
II.A.1. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 18, 2022
II.A.2. Minutes of the Organization Meeting of July 18, 2022
III. Communications 
III.A. Welcome Back Letter and Opening Day Agenda 
IV. Hearing of Citizens Present
V. Reports of Committees
V.A. Finance and Operations 
V.B. Personnel/Policy
V.C. MASB - Annual Leadership Conference - October 20-23, 2022, Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, Acme
V.D. Students Success 
VI. Reports, Recommendations of Superintendent and Information Items
VI.A. Reports
VI.A.1. Activities Calendar
VI.B. Recommendations of Superintendent
VI.B.1. Possible Employment of Staff
VI.B.1.a. Board Authorized Employment (New/Replacement)
VI.B.1.a.1) Molly Van De Wege - Teacher Consultant - LD - Agenda Report #1
VI.B.1.a.2) Erin Petersen - Teacher of the Autistically Impaired - Floating - Agenda Report #2
VI.B.1.a.3) Jayne Lamb - CTE 5th Year Early/Middle College Mentor - Agenda Report #3
VI.B.1.b. Superintendent Appointments
VI.B.1.b.1) Mollie Kurtz - Paraprofessional BLC 
VI.B.1.b.2) Rebecca Eaves - Paraprofessional - BLC 
VI.B.1.b.3) Maria Sanchez - Paraprofessional - BLC 
VI.B.1.b.4) Michelle Haygood - Paraprofessional - BLC 
VI.B.1.b.5) Hannah Jackson - Paraprofessional - BLC 
VI.B.1.b.6) Rhonda Thomas - BLC 
VI.B.1.b.7) Nicholas Cass - Custodian 
VI.C. Information Items
VI.C.1. Renewal of Contract with Lakeland Employee Assistance Services 
VI.C.2. MSBO - Troy Boone 
VII. Financial Matters
VII.A. Routine Bills
VIII. New Business
VIII.A. General Administration
VIII.A.1. Certification of Winter Taxes to be Levied for 2022-23 - General Fund - Agenda Report #4
VIII.A.2. Certification of Winter Taxes to be Levied for 2022-23 - Special Education Fund - Agenda Report #5
VIII.A.3. Selection of Delegate and Alternate for MASB Delegate Assembly, October 20, 2022- Agenda Report #6 
VIII.A.4. Approval of Board Professional Development Activities - MASB Annual Leadership Conference - October 20-23, 2022, Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, Acme - Agenda Report #7 
VIII.A.5. Adoption of Free and Reduced - Price Meals and Milk Prices for Berrien RESA for 2022-23 -  Agenda Report #8
VIII.A.6. Amendment of Transportation Contract for Off-Site Programs - Agenda Report #9
IX. Presentations & Administrative Reports
IX.A. Qmlativ Update - Sonya Schultz, Shared Services Supervisor, Kimberly Westfall, Finance Manager
X. Adjournment

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