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June 13, 2022 at 3:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call
II. Hearing of Citizens Present
III. Reports of Committees
III.A. Finance and Operations 
III.B. Personnel/Policy
III.C. Students Success 
IV. Reports, Recommendations of Superintendent and Information Items
IV.A. Reports
IV.A.1. Activities Calendar
IV.B. Recommendations of Superintendent
IV.B.1. Possible Employment of Staff
IV.B.1.a. Board Authorized Employment (New/Replacement)
IV.B.1.a.1) Cynthia Philip - CTE Work Based Learning & Industry Consultant - Agenda Report #1
IV.B.1.a.2) Jennifer Pepper - Speech Pathologist - Agenda Report #2
IV.B.1.a.3) Amy Dirlam - Technology & Innovation Consultant - Agenda Report #3
IV.B.1.b. Superintendent Appointments
IV.B.1.b.1) Tami Smith - Parent Educator 
IV.B.1.b.2) Sara Pope - Parent Educator 
IV.B.1.b.3) Mary Ann Graves - Parent Educator 
IV.B.1.b.4) Melissa Thornton - Parent Educator 
IV.B.1.b.5) Stephanie Vargo - Parent Educator 
IV.B.2. Salaries and Hourly Rates for 2022-2023 for Staff Not Covered by Master Agreements - Agenda Report #4
IV.B.3. Resolution to Comply with the Publicly Funded Health Insurance Contribution Act - PA 152 of 2011- Agenda Report #5
IV.C. Information Items
IV.C.1. Megan Klann - MSBO Certification 
V. Financial Matters
V.A. Routine Bills
V.B. Amendment to General Fund Appropriations Resolution for 2021-2022 - Agenda Report #6 
V.C. Amendment to Special Education Fund Appropriations Resolutions for 2021-2022 - Agenda Report #7
V.D. Approval of the 2022-2023 General Fund Operating Budget - Agenda Report #8 
V.E. Approval of the 2022-2023 Special Education Fund Operating Budget - Agenda Report #9
V.F. Certification of Summer Taxes to be Levied for 2022 - General Fund - Agenda Report #10
V.G. Certification of Summer Taxes to be Levied for 2022 - Special Education Fund - Agenda Report #11
VI. New Business
VI.A. General Administration
VI.A.1. Superintendent Evaluation and Contract - Agenda Report #12
VI.A.2. Approval of Office Calendar for 2022-2023 - Agenda Report #13
VI.A.3. Approval of Updated Five - Year Countywide Calendar for Winter and Spring Breaks - Agenda Report #14
VI.A.4. Approval of Math/Science Center Calendar for 2022-2023- Agenda Report #15
VI.A.5. Termination of contract with Enviro-Clean Custodial Services - Agenda Report #16
VII. Presentations & Administrative Reports
VII.A. CTE Survey Report, Chris Machiniak, Assistant Superintendent/CTE Director
VIII. Adjournment

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