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January 10, 2022 at 3:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegance and Roll Call
II. Consent Agenda - Items on consent agenda to be voted on as a single item by the Board.  Board members may remove items from the consent agenda prior to vote. Items removed from the consent agenda will be discussed individually.
II.A. Approval of Minutes
II.A.1. Minutes of Regular Meeting of December 13, 2021
II.A.2. Minutes of Closed Session of December 13, 2021
III. Communications 
III.A. Letter of Recognition MiMTSS
IV. Hearing of Citizens Present
V. Reports of Committees
V.A. Personnel/Policy
VI. Reports, Recommendations of Superintendent and Information Items
VI.A. Reports
VI.A.1. Activities Calendar
VI.B. Recommendations of Superintendent
VI.B.1. Possible Employment of Staff
VI.B.1.a. Board Authorized Employment (New/Replacement)
VI.B.1.a.1) Kimberly Bryant - Transition Specialist - Agenda Report #1
VI.B.1.b. Superintendent Appointments
VI.B.1.b.1) Rebecca Vroegop - HRA School Liaison 
VI.B.1.b.2) Loretta Banish - Temp. Team Facilitator 
VI.C. Information Items
VI.C.1. School Board Recognition Month 
VII. Financial Matters
VII.A. Routine Bills
VII.B. 2021-2022 Budget Amendments 
VII.B.1. Amendment to General Appropriations Resolution for 2021-2022 - Agenda Report #2
VII.B.2. Amendment to Special Education Appropriations Resolution for 2021-2022- Agenda Report #3
VIII. New Business
VIII.A. General Administration
VIII.A.1. IRS Mileage Rate for 2022 - Agenda Report #4
VIII.B. Special Education
VIII.B.1. Board Policy Virtual Courses - Agenda Report #5
IX. Presentations & Administrative Reports
IX.A. What is the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)? Autumn Poole, Supervisor of Diagnostic Services and Compliance 
X. Closed Session for the Purpose of Collective Bargaining - Agenda Report #6
XI. Ratification of Negotiated Agreement Addendum with the Berrien County Intermediate Education Association (BCIEA) - Agenda Report #7
XII. Ratification of Negotiated Agreement Addendum with the Berrien County Paraprofessional Personnel Association (BCPPA) - Agenda Report #8
XIII. Adjournment

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