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July 14, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Opening of Meeting
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call
I.C. Approval of Agenda
I.D. Approval of Minutes
I.D.1. June 23, 2014 regular meeting
II. Superintendent's Report
III. Public Comment
This is the opportunity to address the Board.  Speakers are to confine their remarks to five minutes.  If a speaker requires more than five minutes, after all other persons who have requested to speak during this part of the meeting have spoken, that speaker will be allowed additional time.  The Superintendent or other district staff may comment to clear up or avoid significant misunderstandings.
IV. Consent Agenda
IV.A. Motion:  The Board of Education approve the consent agenda to include the following:
IV.A.1. Reduction of teaching staff as follows: .20 FTE Spanish, .40 FTE French, .20 FTE Elementary, .10 FTE Applied Technology
IV.A.2. .50 FTE unpaid parental leave of absence for high school teacher, Colleen Davenport for the 2014 – 2015 school year.  This is Ms. Davenport’s second year of a parental leave of absence.  Ms. Davenport will be entitled to return to her .50 FTE for the 2015-2016 school year
V. Presentations
V.A. Dean Transporation
V.B. Maintenance Facility - Towar Location
VI. Action Items
VI.A. Germany Trip
Motion:  The Board of Education approve the trip request by Mr. Filter, Ms. Sheldon and Ms. Bell to travel to Germany and Austria as presented.
VI.B. Document Camera Purchase
Motion:  The Board of Education approve the purchase of document cameras from MOSS in the amount of $50,369.00 to be paid from the Technology Bond funds.
VI.C. Telephone System Purchase
Motion:  The Board of Education approve a change order to the purchase of a Sicso VOIP telephony system from Data Strategy for an additional amount of $21,300.00.
VI.D. Beverage Contract
Motion:  The Board of Education authorize the Superintendent, or her designee, to execute the Beverage Provider Agreement subject to the approval of legal counsel, as presented.
VI.E. School Loan Revolving Fund
Motion:  The Board of Education adopt the Annual Loan/Repayment Activity Application Resolution as presented.
VI.F. Maintenance Building
Motion:  The Board of Education authorize the Director of Finance to seek bids for the construction of a maintenance building at the Towar site.
VII. Board Discussion
VII.A. MME Scores and ACT Scores
VIII. Committee Reports
VIII.A. Contract Methodology Committee
VIII.B. Academic Committee
VIII.C. Facilities Committee
VIII.D. Finance Committee
VIII.E. Intergovernmental Relations Committee
VIII.F. Personnel Committee
VIII.G. Policy Committee
VIII.H. Strategic Planning
VIII.I. Board Development
IX. Recognition
IX.A. WKAR Science Show
IX.B. Kids at Wharton
IX.C. Makela Rogers - Scholar of the Year
IX.D. Park Re- Imagine
IX.E. John Duley Retirement
X. Reports from Liaisons
XI. Announcements
XII. Adjournment
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