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August 25, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Governing Board Meeting

A. Opening of Meeting
A.1. Call to Order
A.2. Pledge of Allegiance
B. Superintendent’s Report
B.1. Update on District Events and Activities
B.1.a. Superintendent Dr. David Baker will provide an update on Flowing Wells School District Events and Activities.
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B.2. Student Enrollment on 10th Day
B.2.a. Superintendent Dr. David Baker will provide an informational report on student enrollment by district, school and grade level based on the 10th day of the 2020-2021 school year.
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C. Public Comments
Flowing Wells School District welcomes public comment. As outlined in A.R.S. §38-431.02, no action will be taken on issues raised in Public Comments unless items are found on agenda below. Other than this, the response to public comments will be limited to directing staff to study the matter or scheduling the matter as a future agenda item.
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D. Consent Agenda
These items of Board business that are addressed routinely at every meeting are presented as a Consent Agenda. The Board may elect to take action on all items collectively in one motion or may individually consider any item(s) as separate agenda subjects for action.
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D.1. Approval of Agenda for this meeting August 25, 2020
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D.2. Approval of Minutes of Governing Board Meetings
D.2.a. The following Governing Board meeting minutes are presented for Governing Board approval: August 11, 2020 (Open Session Minutes)
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D.3. District Vouchers
D.3.a. Sign vouchers for upcoming check batches #6316-6321 and approve vouchers #6295-6297, #6299, #6304-6307 and #2203.
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D.4. Approval of Requests for Use of District Facilities
D.4.a. None for this meeting.
D.5. Approval of Requests for Open Enrollment Students
D.5.a. None for this meeting.
D.6. Approval of Requests for Student Trips
D.6.a. None for this meeting.
D.7. Approval of Requests for Travel
D.7.a. Staff Travel Requests are submitted for approval.
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D.8. Approval of Personnel Actions
D.8.a. Personnel Actions are submitted for approval.
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D.9. Acceptance of Gifts and Donations
D.9.a. Recommend acceptance of gifts and donations in the amount of $89,465.46 for the period of June 1, 2020 through July 31, 2020.
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D.10. Review of District Financial Statements
D.10.a. Review of Student Activity Balance Sheets and Auxiliary Operations Year-to-Date Budget as of July 31, 2020
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E. Business and Finance
E.1. Recommend Approval of FY2021 School Facilities Board Capital Plan
E.1.a. The Arizona School Facilities Board (SFB) requires a capital plan to be submitted each year. The District is not requesting funds for new school construction from SFB.
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E.2. Recommend Approval of Soliant Health, LLC Contract for School Psychologists for FY2020-2021
E.2.a. It is recommended that the Governing Board approve Soliant Health, LLC contract for school psychologists utilizing Tempe Elementary School District's Cooperative SAVE Contract #21-02-25.
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E.3. Recommend Approval of Arizona School Risk Retention Trust, Inc. Endorsement No. 10
E.3.a. Recommend approval of the COVID liability Endorsement No. 10 through the Arizona School Risk Retention Trust, Inc. for FY 2020-2021.
F. Unfinished Business
F.1. Recommend Approval to Adopt Chemistry in the Community Textbook
F.1.a. The District Administration recommends adoption of Chemistry in the Community, published by the American Chemical Society, as a resource to be used in Chemistry and Honors Chemistry classes at Flowing Wells High School.
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G. New Business
G.1. Recommend Approval of District Science Specialist Position
G.1.a. The District Administration recommends approval of the position of District Science Specialist to replace one of the current District Professional Development Specialist positions. No new costs are associated with this change.
G.2. Recommend Approval to Participate in Arizona Bee Collaborative Program and Research
G.2.a. The District Administration recommends approval to participate in "The Arizona Bee Collaborative," which would engage Advanced Biotechnology students at Flowing Wells High School in authentic research related to native bees. Students also would have the option to participate in an evaluation to improve the program's effectiveness.
G.3. Recommend Approval of Flowing Wells COVID-19 Mitigation Planning Update
G.3.a. The District Administration recommends approval of minor changes in the Flowing Wells COVID-19 Mitigation Plan.
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G.4. Review of Policy Revisions
G.4.a. Proposed policy revisions are presented for review (no action to be taken at this meeting).
-Policy IHA - Basic Instructional Program
-Policy KB - Parental Involvement in Education 
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G.5. Preview of Boardbook Premier
G.5.a. Boardbook Classic has been retired and the software platform is transferred to Boardbook Premier. Superintendent Dr. David Baker and Ms. Jennifer Rodriguez, administrative assistant to the Governing Board, will preview the new format for the Governing Board. The transition should be complete by the September 8, 2020, Governing Board meeting.
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G.6. Recommend Approval and Confirmation of Continuing Certified/Support Staff Work Agreement Addendums
G.6.a. The Governing Board establishes certified/support staff work agreement addendums that are attached to employee work agreements, often at the time of hire.  The District Administration recommends the approved addendums continue in subsequent years when the employee remains in the position that the addendum was provided.  
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G.7. Overview and Discussion of Future Bond Projects
G.7.a. The District Administration will provide an overview of the remaining approved bond projects and discuss a possible construction timeline for individual projects and educational considerations in project designs.
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G.8. Recommend Approval of ASBA Delegate
G.8.a. The District Administration requests consideration and action to nominate an ASBA delegate and an ASBA alternative delegate to vote for Flowing Wells at the ASBA Delegate Assembly on October 17th.
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H. Adjourn

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