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May 4, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Governing Board Special Meeting Agenda

A. Opening of Meeting
A.1. Call to Order
A.2. Pledge of Allegiance
B. Public Comment
B.1. Flowing Wells School District welcomes public comment. As outlined in A.R.S. ยง38-431.02, no action will be taken on issues raised in Public Comments unless items are found on agenda below. Other than this, the response to public comments will be limited to directing staff to study the matter or scheduling the matter as a future agenda item.
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C. Consent Agenda
These items of Board business that are addressed routinely at every meeting are presented as a Consent Agenda. The Board may elect to take action on all items collectively in one motion or may individually consider any item(s) as separate agenda subjects for action.
C.1. Approval of Agenda for this Meeting, May 4, 2020
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C.2. Approval of Personnel Actions
C.2.a. Personnel Actions are submitted for approval.
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D. New Business
D.1. Recommend Approval of Athletic Compensation Rates
D.1.a. The District Administration recommends the approval of compensation rates for tournament directors.
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D.2. Recommend Confirmation/Approval of Compensation for Online Courses
D.2.a. The District Administration recommends the confirmation/approval of stipends for certified teachers of record supporting students in online courses offered in Flowing Wells. 
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E. Business and Finance
E.1. Recommend Approval to add Data Management, Inc. to the Sole Source Listing for FY 2019-2020
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F. Adjourn

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