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June 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order    (Mayor Medlin)
II. Pledge of Allegiance (Mayor Medlin)
III. Approval of the Agenda
IV. Oath of Office
IV.A. Swearing in Nancy Crouse as Town Clerk
V. Consent Agenda    (Mayor Medlin)
V.A. Consider May 30, 2019 Minutes
Attachments: (1)
V.B. Consider approval of final Las Vegas expenditures
Attachments: (1)
V.C. Bank Signature Card Update
Attachments: (1)
V.D. Public Funds CD Update
Attachments: (1)
VI. Public Comment    (Mayor Medlin)
VI.A. Individuals wishing to address the Board are asked to provide their name and address for the record. 
VI.B. Introduction of new employees (Scott Tart)
VI.B.1. Matthew Card, Custodian
VI.B.2. Nancy Crouse, Administrative Assistant/Town Clerk
VI.B.3. Juanita McRae, Part Time Firefighter
VII. Department Reports
VII.A. Written Reports
VII.A.1. Cultural Arts
Attachments: (1)
VII.A.2. Parks & Recreation
Attachments: (1)
VII.A.3. Electric Department
Attachments: (1)
VII.A.4. Human Resources
Attachments: (1)
  • 6/7/2019 at 2:05 PM
VII.A.5. Public Works
Attachments: (1)
Attachments: (1)
VIII. Old Business     (Mayor Medlin)
VIII.A. Consider approval of the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget and Fee Schedule (Fred Nelson & Kim Pickett)
Attachments: (3)
VIII.B. Consider an agreement with Fleet Enterprise on leasing of Police Vehicles (Kenneth Edwards)
Attachments: (2)
IX. New Business    (Mayor Medlin)
IX.A. Consider advisory board appointments (Mayor Medlin)
IX.A.1. Museum Advisory Board (Resident)
IX.A.1.a. Pam B. Holland
Attachments: (1)
IX.A.2. Remaining Vacancies
IX.A.2.a. Museum -- 3
IX.A.2.b. Adjustments -- 1 alternate
IX.A.2.c. Parks and Rec -- 1 resident
IX.A.2.d. Historic Preservation -- 2 resident and 2 ETJ
IX.A.2.e. Library -- 1 resident
IX.A.2.f. Planning -- 1 ETJ
IX.A.2.g. Police -- 2 (District I and Disctrict III)
IX.B. Consider 5-year extension to Waste Industries Contract (Tim Robbins)
Attachments: (1)
IX.B.1. Maintain current pricing on contract until January 2021
IX.B.2. Weekly Trash Collection, bi-weekly Recycle & Yard Waste Collection
IX.C. Discussion in regards to Ordinance 51.23 Bulk Waste Collections: Limitations, Penalty & Enforcement (Tim Robbins)
Attachments: (1)
IX.C.1. Recent enforcement efforts by Town Staff
IX.C.2. Discussion on Yard Waste Facility
IX.D. Consider Glenn Core for secondary NCEMPA Board of Commissioners vacancy (Kim Pickett)
Attachments: (1)
IX.E. Consider approval of contractor on NAPA Stormwater Project (Tim Robbins)
Attachments: (1)
IX.E.1. Golden Leaf funded project
IX.F. Discuss asbestos abatement at Lee St Buildings (Kim Pickett & Frederick Nelson)
Attachments: (2)
IX.G. Consider Project Ordinances (Kim Pickett)
IX.G.1. I95 Widening Project
IX.G.1.a. Approved at the March 28,2019 meeting.  Town would fund $36,647.20 and DOT would reimburse $66,653.77.  Total project-$103,300.97
IX.G.2. Hurricane Florence Insurance Proceeds
Attachments: (1)
IX.G.3. FY 2019 Street Paving Project
Attachments: (1)
IX.H. Consider Budget Amendments (Kim Pickett)
IX.H.1. Budget Amendment #12 
Attachments: (1)
IX.H.1.a. Transfers funding to the I95 Widening Project
IX.H.2. Budget Amendment #13
Attachments: (1)
IX.H.2.a. Transfers funding to the Hurricane Florence Insurance Proceeds Project
IX.H.3. Budget Amendment #14
Attachments: (1)
IX.H.3.a. Transfer funding from FY 2019 budget into 2019 Street Paving Project
IX.H.4. Budget Amendment #15
Attachments: (1)
IX.I. Consider approval of NCDPS Viper Tower Contract (Fred Nelson)
Attachments: (1)
IX.I.1. Viper Tower at Town of Benson Wastewater Treatment Plant
IX.I.2. 10 Year Lease (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2029) with automatic renewal for additional two years on a ten year term
IX.J. Consider approval of reimbursement to Commissioner Neighbors for Advanced Leadership Course
Attachments: (1)
X. Town Manager Report  
X.A. Town related events and meeting reminders: 
X.A.1. June 10 - July 26 -- Library Summer Reading Program
X.A.2. June 14-15 -- 301 Endless Yard Sale
X.A.3. June 21-23: State Annual Singing Convention
X.A.4. July 4 -- All Non-Emergency Town Facilities Closed for Independence Day
X.A.5. July 4 -- Independence Day Celebration in the Grove
X.A.6. July 9 -- Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting 7 PM
X.A.7. July 19 -- Movie Night in the Grove
X.B. Chamber of Commerce Sponsored Events
X.B.1. June 13 -- Sundown in Downtown (Band of Oz)
X.B.2. July 11 -- Sundown in Downtown (5 Band NC)
XI. Town Attorney    (Isaac Parker)
XII. Board of Commissioners Report    (Commissioners)
XIII. Mayor Report    (Mayor Medlin)
XIV. Information Only
XV. Adjourn the Meeting  (Mayor Medlin)

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