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March 22, 2018 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order    (Mayor Medlin)
II. Pledge of Allegiance (Mayor Medlin)
III. Approval of the Agenda
IV. Consent Agenda    (Mayor Medlin)
IV.A. Consider March 13, 2018 BOC Minutes
Attachments: (1)
V. Public Comment    (Mayor Medlin)
V.A. Individuals wishing to address the Board are asked to provide their name and address for the record. 
VI. Old Business     (Mayor Medlin)
VI.A. Consider Naming Rights Proposal for land donated by Dale Parker (Matt Smith)
VI.B. Consider Equipment Purchase and Policy for Recording BOC Meetings (Ike Parker)
Attachments: (3)
VI.C. Consider Rules of Procedure for Public Comment Periods (Ike Parker)
VI.D. Consider Benson Police Department Pay Study and Salary Proposal (Chief Edwards and Matt Zapp)
Attachments: (2)
VI.E. Consider a recommendation from Staff to engage Rich and Associates to perform a parking study of the Downtown Business District. (Braston Newton)
Attachments: (1)
VII. New Business    (Mayor Medlin)
VII.A. Consider Proposal to establish and post speed limits in the Willa Chase subdivision. (Ike Parker)
Attachments: (1)
VII.A.1. Listing of Street names in the Willa Chase Subdivision 
VII.B. Discussion and establishment of the Board of Commissioners Council Priorities/Goals
Attachments: (1)
VII.B.1. Commissioners are asked to share their Top 5 Goals/ Priorities for the Community
VII.B.2. The Board is asked to establish and vote upon the 2018/2019 Town of Benson Priorities 
VII.C. Discussion related to anticipated capital purchases needed in the FY 19 Budget
VII.C.1. POLICE:  F-150 Truck ($29,000) and Dodge Charger ($28,500)
VII.C.2. WWTP-  F-250 truck with utility bed ($40,000)
VII.C.3. PW's/ ELEC-  A mini excavator and trailer ($75,000)
VII.C.4. ADMIN-  Lease a low mileage fleet vehicle for $250/month
VII.C.5. PARKS-  Convert tennis courts at Civic Center to Basketball Courts ($25,000)
VIII. Town Manager Report    (Matt Zapp)
IX. Town Attorney    (Isaac Parker)
IX.A. A report on the status of the water line easement for the alleyway south of Main Street. 
X. Board of Commissioners Report    (Commissioners)
XI. Mayor Report    (Mayor Medlin)
XII. Adjourn the Meeting  (Mayor Medlin)

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