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January 4, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Annual Organizational Meeting

1. Convene - 6:00 PM
Description:  Call to order, School Board Roll Call:
Aaron Casper, Debjyoti "DD" Dwivedy, Beth Fletcher, Kim Ross, Adam Seidel, Veronica Stoltz, Charles "C.J." Strehl
2. Pledge of Allegiance - 6:00 PM
3. Oath of Office for Newly Elected School Board Members - 6:03 PM
Description:  I Swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and of this State, and that I will discharge faithfully the duties of the office of School Board Member of Independent School District 272 to the best of my judgment and ability.
4. Agenda Review and Approval - 6:05 PM     (Action)
Description:  Approval of the Agenda for the January 4, 2021 Organizational Meeting of the School Board of Independent School District 272, Eden Prairie Schools.
MOTION _______ Seconded _______
5. Election of Officers - 6:05 PM
5.A. Election of School Board Chair
5.B. Election of School Board Vice Chair
5.C. Election of School Board Clerk
5.D. Election of School Board Treasurer
6. Required Board Action - Annual Organizational Meeting - 6:15 PM     (Action)
6.A. Approval of School Board Compensation
Description:  MOTION _______ Seconded _______
Attachments: (1)
6.B. Approval of School Board Meeting Calendar
6.B.1) School Board Meeting dates from January 2021 through June 2021
Description:  MOTION _______ Seconded ______
Attachments: (1)
6.B.2) School Board Meeting dates after July 1, 2021 to be determined at a future meeting
Description:  MOTION _______ Seconded _______
6.C. Resolution for Combined Polling Places for the General Elections for 2022 - Roll Call
Description:  MOTION _______ Seconded _______
Aaron Casper         Yes ___ No ___      Adam Seidel    Yes ___ No ___
Debjoyti Dwivedy  Yes ___ No ___    Veronica Stoltz  Yes ___ No ___
Beth Fletcher          Yes ___ No ___     Charles Strehl  Yes ___ No ___
Kim Ross                  Yes ___ No ___
6.D. Appointment of Intermediate District 287 Representative
Description:  MOTION _______ Seconded _______
7. Superintendent Consent Agenda - 6:25 PM     (Action)
Description:  Management items the School Board would not act upon in Policy Governance, but require School Board approval from outside entities. 
MOTION _______ Seconded _______
7.A. Annual District Organizational Items
7.A.1) Designate District Newspaper
7.A.2) Designate District Depository/Financial Institutions
7.A.3) Appointment of Money Wire Transfers
7.A.4) Authorization for Early Claims Payments
7.A.5) Designate District Legal Counsel
7.A.6) Appointment of School District Responsible Authority
7.A.7) Appointment of Deputy Clerk and Deputy Treasurer
7.A.8) Facsimile Signature Authorization
7.A.9) Authorization to Sign Contracts
7.A.10) Approval of Local Education Agency (LEA) Representative
7.A.11) Designation of Identified Official with Authority for the MDE External User Access Recertification System (IoWA)
8. Adjournment     (Action)
Description:  MOTION _________, Seconded _____________ to adjourn the January 4, 2021 Organizational Meeting of the Eden Prairie School Board at  _____PM.
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