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May 19, 2016 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Roll Call
IV. Additions to the Agenda
V. Presentations and Recognitions
V.A. Young Entrepreneurs
Presenter:  Dan Boggan, Glenn Stevens
V.B. Elsie Maille Award
Presenter:  Superintendent Caamal Canul
V.C. SodexoMagic Scholarship Gift
Presenter:  John White, Jody Taratuta - SodexoMagic
VI. Public Comment on Agenda Items
VII. Report from Superintendent
VIII. Routine Matters
VIII.A. Report from Committees
VIII.A.1. Appointment of Facilities Committee
Presenter:  Pres. Spadafore
IX. Action Items
IX.A. Consent Docket - The items listed below may be approved with one motion but any of the items may be questioned at any time.
Description:  RECOMMENDED MOTION: "that the items listed on the consent docket be approved as presented."
IX.A.1. Approval of 5.5.16 Regular Board Meeting Minutes and 5.12.16 ISS Minutes
IX.B. Treasurer's Report
RECOMMENDED MOTION: "that the Treasurer's Report as detailed in the attachments be received and the expenditures for April be approved."
IX.C. ISD Budget Resolution
RECOMMENDED MOTION: "that the Board of Education approve the Ingham Intermediate School District Budget Resolution as detailed in the attachment."
IX.D. Approval of Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) for Gardner Academy
RECOMMENDED MOTION: "that the Board of Education approve the BDA bid as detailed in the attachment."
IX.E. Approval of Bond Underwriter
RECOMMENDED MOTION: "that the Board of Education approve the Bond Underwriter as outlined in the attachment."
IX.F. Closed Session
RECOMMENDED MOTION: "that the Board of Education recess into Closed Session to discuss negotiations as is permitted under Sec. 8.(c) of the Open Meetings Act."
X. Discussion Items
Note - Items listed below are intended for discussion only, however, the Board of Education may take action on any items listed.
X.A. Lay-off of LSEA, LEA, and possible other Bargaining Groups
XI. Report from Secretary and Announcements
XII. Public Comment
XIII. Adjournment

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